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Free Veggie Growing Video Classes (Sign up for Access) @ Aussie Gardener


Brian and Kaylene have set an ambitious goal of teaching 100,000 families how to grow their own food at home and they are doing it for FREE!

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    Nice, thanks.

    You are using the Google ID URL.

    Weblink is https://aussiegardener.com.au/pages/free-veggie-growing-clas...

  • Alas the only area I can grow anything falls into full shade almost half the year… :(

    • Remove tree.

      Apply fruit tree.

      • Not sure if Council allows.

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    grow your own videos, they taste better

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    plant seed in soil, water it regularly, then eat - don't over think it
    let kids plant strawberries, lettuce
    let the rest of us plant whatever we want :-)

    • Have you ever tried that?

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        Taught kids in a primary school to plant veggie gardens. That's basically what they did.

    • I ripped out some grass in the backyard of a flat I was renting, added nothing, and grew the best tasting beans and zucchini. Then I bought compost, fertilizer, and got some styrofoam boxes to grow lettuce… and it immediately grew tall stalks (went to seed) and tasted disgusting with a thick milky sap inside.

      • This is correct, so the fertiliser caused the lettuce to flower and seed.

        Why would you harvest and eat a vegetable such as lettuce after it has seeded? It will not taste very good at all like you experienced. This is what you would expect.

        • Um… "and it immediately grew tall stalks"… i.e. There was no time for any lettuce to grow. And everywhere I read said to water and fertilise regularly after planting.

          So my post was in reply to sian72 who said: "plant seed in soil, water it regularly, then eat - don't over think it"… Not overthink it is right… I put all that effort in and got stalks and sour sap. I put no effort in (after ripping out the grass) and got huge delicious zucchini and beans for weeks.

          • @Faulty P xel: Zucchini and beans are different to leafy greens.

            There are many different fertilizers available, you probably used a bloom type rather than a grow nutrient.

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    Looks like the sort of stuff that you can get for free on Youtube, but with a requirement to sign up to a mailing list.

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      it has a community of green thumbs to ask and share info

      • Fair enough. Maybe it is worth it for some people.

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        just what I need, I have a dreadful looking peace lily I'd like to find out if I can resuscitate

        • Repot it with quality potting mix unless it doesn't need it, trim dead leaves, stop overwatering (just a little bit once a fortnight) and keep it out of direct sunlight in a shady nook. Should look after itself!

  • I want to know which soil checker is actually useful and correct. I'd like to check my various raised bed for whatever it's lacking and add it ahead of planting- vs. ending up with blossom-end-rot.

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      Your plants will tell you what they are lacking by their leaves, then you can lookup and learn from your plants, and add lacking nutrient etc.

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    Id rather they teach us indoor farming tech, something along the line of space buckets

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