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Coleman Northstar 10 Person Darkroom Tent with LED $629.10 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas) @ Tentworld eBay


This was popular last time I posted and this time it’s $10 cheaper. Located on Tentworld eBay and use SNSHOGA for $60 off PLRANGE1 for $69.90 off. This makes it $639 which is a great price for this highly rated tent $629.10 which looks to be an all time low.

Free delivery to selected areas (SYD, MEL, BNE, ADL metro areas).

The Coleman Instant Up 10P Northstar Tent Ground Mesh Footprint is also cheaper through their eBay store for $99.90.


  • External Dimensions: 600cm L x 230cm W
  • Tent Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 33.5kg
  • Packed Dimensions: 125cm L x 30cm W x 30cm
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 10 adults
  • Comfort Rating: Up to 6 adults + living space
  • Material: 75D / 185D ripstop polyester
  • Waterproof Rating: 3000mm
  • Floor: 420D polyoxford PVC
  • Frame: Steel (4 awning poles included), Instant Up Hub

The Coleman Instant Up Northstar 10P DarkRoom Lighted Tent is covered by the Coleman 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Coleman Instant Up 10 Person Camping Tent Gold Series is also on sale for $469.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +4

    great tent but keep in mind its 33kg when its packed.

    • +15

      Assume it weighs 33kg when it's unpacked as well.

      • Not if you lose a few bits. Also the bag…

  • +2

    I fail to see how this fits 10 people, but it would serve as a great method to preserving warmth amongst the manliest of men.

    • +2

      I have the 6P but realistically it fits 6 people only when you're all in sleeping bags with no room between each other. Same with this. The reality is that if you're going to spend some time in it, it'll fit 2 people per room for 6 people all up.

    • +2

      it's just a weird unit of measurement tents seem to use. will you cram 10 people in? most likely not. but it gives you an easy visual of how much floor space you have

      • Have you tried maxing out a elevator!
        I think everyone needs to be 40kg's

    • +4

      Your message is clearly a cleverly disguised invite. Check your Inbox.

      • Put me down for the Village People Fan Reunion Campout.

        Still seven more tickets available…

    • +3

      I can't imagine sharing a tent with 9 others let alone 3. The grunts, coughs, rustling etc would drive me insane, not to mention the inevitable fart that is released.

      • I caught a glimpse of a show last week, World's Toughest Prisons, and there were ten or so men spooning, not in a fun way, and that was their sleeping position because the cell was so crowded.

    • It's like how a one bedroom apartment actually can fit 10 people.

  • +1

    I assume this tent, given it’s called Darkroom, blocks light from entering through the fabric. If so it would be good for those camps in summer when you need to get your baby/kids to bed at their usual time an hour or two before sunset when it’s still really light. We had trouble with this and they bounced off the walls for two hours before going to sleep. Not fun.

    • Yes they will block out all the light BUT it will get warm during summer. The blackout fabric is thick and traps heat.

      • Huh? It keeps radiant heat out without losing ventilation, which is available at ground level, which is cooler there.

    • Yeah it's really good for young kids, though as @Cyphar says it does get pretty warm once the sun comes up. There is decent ventilation around the base, but we ended up buying a couple of USB chargeable fans to hang from the ceiling

      • Tents that don't block sun/uv get much, much hotter and as soon as the sun rises - but then you would generally take the fly off or open more flaps for ventilation.

  • +12

    Just in time for all the impending evictions by greedy landlords in the middle of a rental crisis!

    • +1

      Interest rate increases, rent goes up. House prices are ridiculously high thus more competion, rent goes up. Rental prices in area are down, rent goes up. But as we've been told if people don't like renting, buy.

  • +4

    is this the new achievable Australian dream?

  • https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/mount-gambier/mount...

    Businesses are reporting a surge in tent and campervan sales across South Australia as teens and young families are unable to find a home to live in.

  • +4

    And right as the building industry is collapsing.

  • was down to $549 with ebay voucher 2 months ago, i hesitated now ill wait again.

    • +1

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that low. I know this is currently $469 though

    • Are you sure it was the dark room with lighting?

    • That's the Gold Series (10p).

  • +1

    $80 postage to Perth…

    • +1

      All the more reason to organise your next camping trip in Wilsonton, Australia…

  • +2

    I have this tent and here's a review I wrote about it in 2018 when I bought it-
    This is one of the best good value for money vs features tent I could find. Bought it after reading up every review I could find online. I used it two night for the Australia day weekend. Some of the best features I can vouch for-
    The tent is super easy to put up. Easiest and quickest setup is a 2 person job taking a realistic 15-20 minutes from opening the bag to fully pegging down the fly. Very uncomplicated to pack up as well. It easily fits in the supplied canvas bag along with the fly. Its heavy at about 30 kilos but that's because the floor canvas is thick and durable. I would pack/carry the awning poles and pegs separately after first use to keep the weight down and prevent any tears to the fabric. The supplied pegs (60 pegs or so) are suitable but are highly susceptible to bending if hammered in with too much force or into hard soil/rock. Makes sense to get at least 10 heavier pegs for the primary anchor points. I got 20 plastic 300mm sand pegs that are a boon if you are pitching on soft soil. The fly is light and built well with multiple awning setup options. I particularly like the colors used, it gives off a rugged look. The collapsible metal/fiber poles are strong and sturdy providing a stable load bearing frame to the entire setup. Overall the fabrics, zips, stitches and seals look well made and durable.

    The dark room feature is really awesome. It keeps the tent cooler in daylight and warm at night. You will require internal lights if used with the fly closed. The 2 rooms on either side of the tent are air sealed if you need it to be so. The middle section is not air sealed since the inner roof is just a see through net. So if you plan to sleep in that section then u need to beware of cold/windy nights.

    Some tips-
    A practice run or watching videos of how to put up the tent goes a long way to speed things up/ avoiding mistakes
    The fly has one front facing side thats meant to go over the side of the tent you chose to enter/exit/setup the awnings. So orient the fly accordingly before you drape it over the frame.
    I spray insect repellent before packing away the tent just in case some creepy crawlies are left behind.
    Unzip all the zippers in the inner shell before packing down the tent. This helps prevent damage to the zipper teeth when the tent is tightly rolled away for storage. You dont have to do this with the fly because it packs away fairly loosely so there is no tension on the zips.

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