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[NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD] New York Strip Loin Pack $99 (Was $156) + Free Range Chicken Thighs (Worth $11) + Del @ Sutton Forest Meat



We have put together a great little pack with some nice new york steaks and plenty of easy meal options at this time of year.

Individual selling price $145


SAVE $46

Plus: Order this pack by midnight Thursday and we will throw in 500g free range chicken thighs valued $11 absolutely free !

What you get:

6 x 250g New York striploin steaks ( packed 2 per bag )

1 x 1.4kg whole free range chicken ( can be butterflied )

2 x 500g premium lean beef mince ( can be swapped to pork )

1 x 500g diced beef

2 x hindquarter lamb shanks (can be swapped for 600g chuck or gravy steak)

Supplied fresh

All steaks cryovaced to remain fresh for up to 21 days
We deliver to Melb/Sydney/Brisbane/ACT/Newcastle/Central Coast/Southern Highlands

Click HERE to view the New York Striploin pack



Free range whole chickens normally $19 each this week only $15 each - SAVE $4

Osso bucco 1kg normally $21pkg this week only $17.99pkg - SAVE $3

Beef short ribs normally $25pkg this week only $20pkg - SAVE $5

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  • +$12 delivery for me in Sydney

  • +9

    Like I said before, I used to get boxes from you when you actually had deals. I now just go to Meat Emporium in Alexandria.

    I just calculated what it would cost from Meat Emporium for the same box. I guess, the deal is pretty much you get a chicken on this, but with delivery cost, it all evens out.

    Oh and I'm not calculating their value everyday range. I was calculating their "our farm grass fed" range.

  • +1

    +$18 delivery to Melbourne

  • Is their meat organic / local / grass fed / hormone free?

    • +1

      And vegan?

      • +1

        Don’t forget gluten free

        • And make it a bull, as I'm lactose intolerant.

          We support the #MooToo Moovement

  • Whats the difference between a "New York Striploin" and a porterhouse?

          • +3

            @prhino: Argh my heckles, that is the single worst one of all! It's not a pie!

            • @WillisAU: thought you might like that :)

            • @WillisAU: 🎼When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza…
              That’s Amore🎵

          • +1

            @prhino: Oh dear lord.

            And lollies (or even sweets) as friggin candy now too.

            Damn aMeRiCaNs.. the slow train wreck

        • +1

          It's so they can charge more, it sounds fancy.

  • +3

    Oh no they’re back again. This is the meat equivalent to massage gun “deals”

  • +7

    Back from their ban?!

    Back again with the overpriced meat, break it down into everyday prices and this comes out as more expensive.
    And before you say "but the quality is better than in supermarkets" look at their previous posts…

    Gotta give it to them for their tenacity, even if the deals are as terrible as ever.


    Free range whole chickens normally $19 each this week only $15 each - SAVE $4

    The local butcher is cheaper, free range and you don't have to pay shipping.

  • i like the idea of good porterhouse at a good price , but the issue is the other stuff in the pack …..i can get the other stuff anywhere cheap ….. just want a killer deal on porterhouse ….. don’t want chicken or mince ….. and if the porterhouse costs $40kg well i can that anywhere ….

  • probably as bad as vic meats! - old beef they try to sell at a premium

  • Ordered on the 5th, delivered on the 15th (ten days)
    all chicken products best before 19th….

    huge thumbs down.

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