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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 5600 OEM Tray Version $251.10 Delivered @ Metrocomau eBay


$251.10 for CPU only
$265.50 with Wraith Cooler
$287.10 with Wraith Prism RGB Cooler

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  • Is this the best single core price performance ever?

    • Look up Intel Core i5-12400F, normally $249. But Intel motheboard may cost more, haven't looked it up in a while.

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        Just checked, mobos are steep for LGA 1700

  • OEM (OEM, or original equipment manufacturer), Does buying OEM or not matters?

    • CPU only, not in retail box so no heatsink,

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      No box and 2 years warranty (instead of 3)

      • what is the price difference?

        also what box they send it in then?

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          There’s a good price for a retail version here for $269.10

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          Price is usually cheaper by a few tens, then the box is just generic.

          I bought a OEM 10850k at a severely reduced price and it was mint.

          So far had no issues, only difference is generic packaging and no cooler

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      Aliexpress is not comparable.
      You wait ~1 month for an item(s) that have more chance of getting damaged during shipping.
      There's also the possibility an item is DOA - Have fun lodging that RA…

      Also I wouldn't recommend the 5500 to anyone. Do some research on it.

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    Just for clarity, it looks like all versions in this deal are OEM (no retail box, 2 year warranty), and they just pack in the fan too if you buy that version.

    Honestly though, if a CPU lasts for 2 years, it'll last for (at least) 3. Pretty much any other PC component it would suck to have the warranty reduced from 3 to 2 years, but CPU it's very unlikely to make a difference (they either fail quick, or last for ages)

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