50% off Staunch Koala Freak 2.0 Pre Workout $39.97 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with 2 Qty/ SYD C&C) @ SHN


For a very limited time only! 50% off one of our best selling preworkouts by Staunch.

Koala Freak 2.0 was $79.95 now $39.97 Expiry 10/2022

Free Shipping deal exclusive to Oz Bargin.

Purchase 2 and get free shipping, use code: Koala2

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  • +1

    Are they dropping Calum and subsequently the prices?

  • +2

    Only one flavour available; Strawberry Pina Koala

    • hahaha that's brilliant :D

  • +9

    Can't make it any cheaper seeing as it was the same price 5 months ago with the same expiry? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/683821

  • Expiration date?

  • What's the ingredients? Don't see them listed anywhere?

  • Good luck getting to sleep after taking this stuff

    • That is like saying don't drink coffee before going to bed, duh, it is just caffeine.

      • Well you know what they say; coffee before bed and you'll be laying there in dread. Bed before coffee and you'll dream of toffee.

      • Depends how much coffee you drink, still has a 6h half life.. if people down heaps of it it may not have much of an effect. Screen time and other stims before bed could be just as bad I guess.

        Wouldn't your insulin crash harder after the initial boost from this stuff pre-workout? Probably better just having a good source of low GI carbs during the day and prior to workout, and high GI foods straight after and protein. Something said for getting good sleep and rest as well for your energy levels.

      • Nah, im not saying just before bed, just generally that day. The only time i can take this and have a chance of falling a sleep that night is first thing in the morning. Any later and im staring at the ceiling until 3am

        • I'm guessing you don't regularly take pre or drink coffee? I take a pre once or twice a week after 6pm and sleep like a baby. If my partner has a coffee after 12 she struggles to sleep.

          This pre has 360mg (I think) of caffeine. Overkill for sensitive people. I'm guessing the rest of the dosages are garbage, website was too messy when I checked last night I couldn't find the nutritional info.

  • I have to search other website just for check supplement facts.

    My caffeine intake from expresso shot + this = i will overdose.

    IMO this product just caffeine powder. if you are not a coffee drinker, this product may work for you but if just have a cup of coffee your caffeine intake will be over

    • +2

      Coffee drinker or not, this will work for you. It has 360mg of caffeine. However….

      I've tried plenty of different pre workout supplements. The highest dose being 350mg of caffeine. While the high and focus is amazing , the crash hits harder. Definitely likes to get the metabolism going sometimes too.

      The constant muscle twitching and heart palpitations was wasn't worth it. My sleep wasn't the best at the time, so that doesn't help.

      My body got used to so much caffeine that i didn't feel that pre workout doing much. So I stopped caffeine intake for 6 months. At the same time I decided to not listen to any audio while training. I didn't want to rely on anything to get me through a workout. You could imagine the slump I felt.

      Now I train early mornings and taking a pre workout/nootropic + caffeine free pump supplement. One scoop only, which has 50mg. It's no hard hitting rush, but I'm feeling much better on it. Keeps me going without the crash and I no longer rely or think that I can't train without a tonne load of pre workout.

      In the last couple of months, I've taken an extra scoop twice, on leg day. 100mg in total. So if you go crazy in the gym, something like this is useful on the days you've got nothing left in the tank and it's leg day for example.

      Best to avoid the high dosage either way.

      • +2

        I agree. Ive been taking pre-workout everyday for the past 2 years, and my heart is defiantly feeling twitchy.

  • Rather than using it before a gym session, would this give a good pick-me up before another activity like tennis? Or would the high not last the 3+ hours needed?

    • It'll pick you up alright. But then throw you over a bridge and come crashing down.

      I would recommend looking into something with less caffeine.

      • Thank you! I've also considered smelling salts for late in a match…but that might be taking it a bit too far

      • Would be better to keep your heart rate low and burn less energy for endurance sports I would have thought.

  • Prices almost as low as Callum's mental health nice!

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