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ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT Phantom Gaming Graphics Card $899 + Delivery @ Scorptec


Could be wrong but I think this is a new low for the 6800 xt

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  • +2

    great price, good find

    • +2

      300W TDP. That's anything but low

      • -5

        Exactly. Will be interesting to see what excuses members use this time round to pump asrock on the same pedestal as other models.

    • -2

      pretty low power draw if mining on it - cooler wouldnt matter for that purpose

      • -2

        Perfect example thank you

  • -8

    As soon as the G7 implement price cap on Russian gas, the price of computer chips will drop by 50% from Oct as people cant even afford everyday living, they just give up on computer games.

    • +4

      Then another 50% drop when Russia stops sending fuel to Europe lmao

      Also you just created your account to make that comment, which makes the absurdity of it all so much funnier 😂

    • +1

      I would happily bet that if there is a 50% price drop, it won't be due to world economics.

  • +6

    God, I spent $1800 on this ToT

    • How long ago did you buy it?

      • +3

        Last year around Oct

    • Holy shit same here. Makes you want to puke. LOL

  • -2

    If I want to pull the pin now for the RX 6800 XT, I would pay the $100 extra to get the ASUS TUF version.

    • +6

      For an extra $100, you could have got the 6900xt TUF version

      • hi bro,where can I get a 6900xt for 999? I find the deal expired, the only deal I can find is 1099 .

        • +3

          “Could have”, past tense

        • +1

          Be patient. Prices are dropping weekly. It'll come back.

      • +1

        Love mine

        • I'm waiting for some components to arrive before putting mine together. Can't wait! 👊

        • Mine has mad coil whine. Far worse than 3 other cards I've had in the same setup. Kind of ruins it tbh

  • +11

    HODL for 4xxx my brothers

    • +19

      nvidia will delay them if they can't clear 3000 stock. Nvidia & retailers hodling like hard arses.

      When demand drops the appropriate thing used to be to lower price. They will probably not do that and instead extend this gens lifetime. Meeting demand is a phobia to corporations thesedays. They don't want to revert pricings to the pre cypto market. They got a taste of what desperate gamers will pay and are trying to reset the bar and make this the new normal. No more sub $400 gpu's

      • +4

        Well if you can use the shitty upcoming gtx 1630, that's the future sub 400 gpu

        • Currently could go a 6600 XT that will average 60 FPS in Ultra @ 1440p. On 1080p average 150 FPS medium, and 85 FPS on Ultra. https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/fNX8ww4w23JbtydSQWhMpW-970…

          • @chyawala: Yeah I was talking about upcoming gpu only, 6600 xt is the current gen.

        • What an embarrassment that card is. The RX 6400 and 6500 XT, bad cards in their own right, look fantastic when compared to the GTX 1630

      • +1

        Agreed and the fanboi's that hold Nvidia on a pedestal don't help.

      • +1

        nvidia will delay them if they can't clear 3000 stock

        They already have. Nvidia were ready for a August release, but it's been pushed back to October to try and clear all their Ampere cards miners are no longer buying. Given that the miners are also selling, it doesn't seem like it'll happen. But Ngreedia can't delay anymore because then AMD will get to launch RDNA3 first.

        Given the launch delay and 0 mining demand, the 4000 series should have plenty of available stock when it does finally release. Nvidia also knows this and wanted to reduce their 4N TSMC wafer orders, but TSMC told them no, they wouldn't cancel them lol. Payback for switching to Samsung I guess.

    • +3

      It'll just be another 3000 series launch. Paper launch for months.

      • +11

        Not according to the many ozbargainers holding a crystal ball. Apparently there will be plenty of stock on release and the price will be at a lower msrp. Hence the need to keep telling ppl to HODL…

        • +3

          Nobody really knows. But Nvidia reportedly did try to reduce their ordered components and were told they couldn't get out of the deal unless they found somebody else to buy them, and miners are reportedly rushing to sell their cards, so it could be the perfect storm for consumers.

      • +2

        I remember when people were telling each other not to buy the 2000series and wait for the 3000….hilarious

  • +3

    Sandwiched in between Lego 75327 and Lego 42127, for a moment I thought this is a Lego RX6800. :D

    • +2

      At least a non-functioning Lego GPU would only cost $250 or so.

  • sold mine for 600 for a mate

    • +7

      I did a wee this morning.

      • proof?

    • +1

      dudes really think I give a crap about downvotes, stay mad bozos.

    • +2

      Yeah I did similar. Wasn’t expecting the cards value to tank this much though.

      • +1

        yep, didn't expect it either. but im still neutral. bought 3080 for 1139. sold for 2000. bought 6800xt for 1900.

  • +7

    I paid $1700 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • +13

      Because you didn't HODL!!! :)

      Feel for you bud. No one should be ripped off.

  • +4

    Feel like this price is overdue, with how much 6900xts have been going for. But still, a solid price for the card.

  • OOS

  • +1

    Where can I find a 999 dollars 6900xt?

    • +1

      Back in time a couple of weeks ago. Cheapest is 1099 atm.

  • +5

    Don't feel bad if you paid 1700 for it and you really needed that type of performance.
    Just ask yourself if it was worth it and in the future set your price point and wait. You've got the money, they need to earn it. I would argue that we can wait longer than NVIDIA or AMD. They have to sell and make money for their shareholders otherwise they are in big trouble.
    I want 6800xt performance for under 500aud and I won't pay a single penny more, it's just a hobby for me and there are no games right now / next 6 month that I want to play and need that performance.

    • And if next gen equivalent is $600, you might be waiting a few years until the next gen is released and stock is being run out.

      This card was released 18 mo ago.

  • Somehow the higher end cards always seem costlier than they should be. From 6600xt to 6800xt, the performance benefit is around 60% and the cost increase is 125%.

    • +2

      thats pretty normal, $ per frame is always lower on low end cards, you pay the premium for higher end

  • i would get 3070 over this any time

    • +6

      I wouldn't. Sold my 2080 for a 6900xt

  • Maybe I shouldn't ask here, but I'm feeling adventurous. 😀

    I have a 1080 on my PC/Hackintosh rig but I'd like a little more compatibility on the Hackintosh side and a little more power wouldn't hurt. If I have a Intel i7 6700k on a ASUS Z170 Deluxe would the 6800XT be a waste of money?

    I hate the fan sounds on my Gigabyte G1 when in Hackintosh mode because they can't be controlled like they can on the PC side. That would be enough reason for me to upgrade!

    • -1

      Wait for the 4080, 4070 and 7700 XT to launch in a few months from now. The 6800 XT is two year old tech still being sold for close to MSRP, you'd only consider buying it if you were absolutely desperate.

      • You could be waiting 6 months for those models to be released…. And there might not be any stock

        • It'll be 4 months maximum for the 4080, 4070 and 7700XT should be November. The 4090 is also 3 months away, but that'll likely be too dear.

          And there might not be any stock

          No chance of this happening, the release has already been pushed back 3 months and Nvidia is trying to cancel wafer orders (but TSMC won't let them).

          There could be scalping initially, simply because the 4080 will be ~60% stronger than the 3080, and launch around the same price 3080s are selling for currently, but miners won't be buying the cards, so the scalpers won't make much flipping them.

          • @iseeyou1312: Miners will be buying the next gen cards.

            • @00000000: Nope, Nvidia will not be selling FHR cards to the general public ever again. Even if mining becomes decently profitable, they won't be the target audience of Lovelace.
              Also, Lovelace is having its bandwidth reduced and increasing the amount of L2/L3 cache (similar to RNDA2), so they'll be very poor mining cards anyway, even at FHR.

          • @iseeyou1312: 4080 same price as 3080, based on what?
            Everyone else is speculating, you have some inside source?

            • -1

              @beeze: $699 USD to AUD including GST is $1,120. Most 3080s are still $1300+

              The 4080 will likely be $799 USD, which is $1280 AUD including GST.

              They're still selling 3080s above their MSRP, despite being two years old and having millions of inventory they can't sell lol.

              • +3

                @iseeyou1312: lol iseeyou1312 is like an Ozbargain clone of MLID, spurting our rumours like they are facts.

                • @Osiris: I mean pricing isn't confirmed and won't be until the week before release, but they're reasonable guesses on what the market will tolerate. Even if Ngreedia sets an insane MSRP like $899 USD, it's only slightly more expensive than current ~$1300 3080 prices, which had a launch MSRP of $1139.
                  But Ngreedia can't be too greedy for a change, with AMD breathing down their neck and Ngreedia ordering way too many wafers from TSMC.
                  They no longer have a monopoly on GPU sales and AMD can price RDNA3 independently of Nvidia.

  • +2

    Sold my broken 1070 for $400 and got a 6600xt for $600 6 months ago lol.
    I'll hold for next gen, but this is a great good price.

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