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Panasonic H-X09GC Leica DG Summilux 9mm f/1.7 Ultra-Wide Angle Lens $671.66 (Was $829) Delivered @ Camera Warehouse


Very specific focal length but it looks like a popular lens for people with Micro Four Thirds cameras like Panasonic GH5/GH6/G100/G95/GX9

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    I guess this is good if you're into astrophotography. I have the slower Olympus 9-18mm f4-5.6.

    Might wanna say in description this is a MFT lens, as Panasonic now also makes full frame.

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      It's f1.7 covering an MFT sensor, so it's not collecting much light. An f1.4 on FF would be collecting significantly more.

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        No one cares. If you're mft you buy mft, if you're ff you buy ff. Leave the comparisons.

        • I care enough to take a few minutes to help people.

          • @[Deactivated]: Format wars don't help anyone. They just stroke the egos of the selfish few.

            If Ozbarginers ask for buying advice, by all means provide it.

            But don't start and inflame unsolicited debates on FF vs every other format.

            Photography needs more inclusion and respect. Make love, not format wars.

            • @Neon Pavlova: I just provided some science, in a polite manner and I was one railed against.

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        f1.7 on MFT is the same light as f1.7 of FF but the depth of field on MFT is f3.4 FF equivalent.

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          No, there's an equivalence conversion to be done to calculate the extra light you're missing from the much larger imaging circle of the FF lens.

          You'll get more dof with mft, but a lot less light. There's no issue here, just some people will incorrectly think an f1.7 lens on mft will collect as much light as an f1.7 lens on a larger sensor, which it won't.

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            @[Deactivated]: Are you implying that a f1.7 mft lens is going to be used on a FF sensor? Absolutely absurd,

            f1.7 is the equivalent light level as f1.7 on FF lenses. A f0.95 lens for Mft will collect more light than a f1.7 ff lens.
            If you use a f0.95 ff lens with a speedbooster to mft then you will get even more light than f0.95.

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              @Skele-Cr: No, I'm saying using a f1.7 lens on an FF sensored body will collect more light than an f1.7 lens on a tiny mft sensored body.

              It's physics, a bigger light bucket collects more light, which in turn leads to a brighter exposure and/or more signal to noise etc.

              The only good thing about MFT is the overall size of the system, you could argue for the weight savings etc. but I was replying becuase soemone mentioned this would be good for Astro and gave information about it's (lack of) low light efficacy.

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                @[Deactivated]: If you are talking about absolute light sure, but light/sqmm is the same. So it doesn't matter, f1.7 is f1.7 is f1.7.
                At that point, the low light depends on the sensor performance and how big each pixel is.

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                  @Skele-Cr: Ah, but I wasn't, go back through my posts, read them carefully abs you'll see you're slandering a guy who never claimed that was the case.

                  The screenshots of the back and fourth made some professional photographers laugh though.

                  Now let's calm down and enjoy what's left of the weekend 👍

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        Why is this even a comparison? F stops don't mean much without knowing the focal length. Ultimately the bigger the pupil size, the more light you should get.

        • I use MFT for astro… :) its excellent mate….

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        @Bobsac The f number is a measurement of light intensity. It was specifically designed to be independent of sensor size.

        Therefore there's no equivalence conversion as you're trying to suggest. Understanding that it's a crop sensor camera is sufficient.

        • this correct…

          F1.7 is still f1.7

          only bokeh/DoF is different

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            @echocae: He's probably off telling some medium format photogs that their f2.8 lens isn't really f2.8 because they don't shoot full frame!

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              @wishing well: hahahah i bet u… hahaha

              I think he got confused the F-ratio with Crop calculation

        • So let's just nail this down, you're saying that a full frame camera with an f1.7 lens will capture as much light as an MFT camera with f1.7 lens?

          Simple yes or no answer will suffice.

          Hint, it's a trap.

          • @[Deactivated]: For your argument to be coherent the logic that underpins it needs to uniformly apply to the t-number (transmission), and that's where it all starts to fall apart.

            • @wishing well: How do?

              Transmission for two f1.7 lenses will vary by half a stop at the absolute most, most 'fast' lens designs (if you consider f1.7 fast, which I did in 1980, but don't now) will have lower T stop numbers than f stop numbers (some slowish lenses have T stop ratings almost identical to the f stop) but I'd expect two different f1.7 lenses to have transmission of T2-T2.2, very close indeed.

              Now, if the MFT was suddenly more efficient than the FF design, which would be a phenomenal outlying oddity, the imaging circle is so much smaller that it isn't transmitting anywhere near the amount of light. The lens is a bucket, the more light that enters into it and out the back, the brighter it is and since the much smaller MFT lens has such a significant disadvantage, any magic design advantage that improves transmission is far, far outweighed by the overwhelming size difference.

              Manufacturing/selling optics for over 30 years gives me a slight advantage and whilst I'm all for helping newbies avoid misinformation, I'm done here.

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                @[Deactivated]: "lens is a bucket, the more light that enters into it and out the back, the brighter it is"

                You're arguing that it's raining more heavily next door because their yard is bigger. It's a fallacy.

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            @[Deactivated]: https://youtu.be/bGPe0ldGnQU



            is all nothing to do with Lens….

            infact MFT is better on usable ISO than FF

    • I recently picked up the Samyang 12mm f2 (APS-C) specifically for astro for a hike later this yr in NT. That's also a good budget option (paid $240 for a mint used). Looks like this one is comparable in equiv focal-length and aperture wise, and when everything is taken into account (AF, brand, etc. ) this is really good value.

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    I don't think think lens has even arrived in Australia yet, must be expecting stock soon. I'm surprised they're discounting them already. It's a pretty good price compared to other offerings within the system.

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    Have been dreaming of a tiny pancake ultra wide for the MFT system for years. We got the 7.5, 9, and 10mm from Laowa, but tbh don't mind the extra distortion, slightly less sharp corners for a very fast, AF lens with electrical connection which makes it just a little bit more useable. Great find OP… I'll be trying to get a pricematch at my local camera store for this.

  • f1.7 on mft still f1.7 on any system (110/ 1"/ FF / MF / APSC / Large Format)

    only the Bokeh/DoF look is differ due to crop factor… but the light gathering power still f1.7

  • Just note, I ordered from these guys about a month ago and have yet to receive any products. I have sent a few emails with zero response from them now and the latest productreview review has had the same issue.

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      have you called them? they have a physical store

      • Yeah, made the call and did receive a response finally. Absolutely smashed as they put it, but to not reply to emails is a bit lame.

        • That's great. I am thinking of ordering this lens for my EM1 mk1.

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