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Carman's Nut/Muesli/Protein Bars $3.25 / $3.45 ($2.93 / $3.11 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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  • +1

    aldi ones so much better

    • Which one ? aldi's hillcrest brand has so many of them which one you recommend ?

      • yep, hillcrest. They're ocassionally on special too

        I prefer the premium nut bars and the choc chip oat bars, but recently tried the muesli bars and they were pretty good too.

    • I normally get Aldi ones but getting these to mix it up.

  • +8

    I swear muesli bars are half the size as when I was a kid.

    • +6

      I think the same thing but then have doubts and just wonder whether it’s my hand that’s bigger.

      • +1

        Yeah i was thinking that too. I got bigger. Hahahaha.

    • +4

      If you think Carmen’s is small, wait till you see uncle Toby’s bars

    • +2

      Yep, and there used to be 8 in a pack.

  • +2

    Lol protein bars are having more sugar than the nut bars.

    • +1

      I just don't trust bars without health star ratings anymore

      • +5

        Health star rating isn't a great system either. Frozen chips have 4.5 health stars, while some healthy things have less. It puts too much weight on some factors

        • +9

          Agreed. You are better off learning how to read the nutritional information panel and ingredients list on the packet.

  • I survived a day on a pack of these bars! Highly recommend!

  • Always wanted to know are these bars healthy snacks? Some have 4 stars health rating and the sugars were like 30%! Coke only has like 11%?

    • -2

      Coke has only 11%? You might want to look into that fact.

      • 10.6% sugar to be exact

        • -1


  • Espresso bars are good

  • Seems like one of the best marketing gimmicks.

    A "healthy" snack with most full of sugar?

    Beyond ridiculous.

    • that's what I'm questioning, are they really healthy with that amount of sugar

  • Thanks bought 6 of each cookie and cream and yoghurt!

  • Cheers. Does anyone know how to add multiple S&S to cart without having to individually set them up? It's super tedious to set them all up individually then cancel them all.

    • +4

      I believe you just need to add the single items to the cart. And then during checkout when you select a payment type, check the little 10% S&S chekbox on each item in your cart. That will convert them all to S&S and apply the discount to the cart.

      • Thanks for the reply, I'll give that a shot next time!

  • they should just do what every other bar does and put artifical sweeteners. not sure why they dont

  • $3.45 at Coles now

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