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30% off 500g Organic Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamias $22.40 Delivered (with Coupon) @ Nom Nuts

Discount valid for 24 hours only

These Style 4 Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamias are a bargain when using the 30% off coupon code* - A saving of $19.20 per kilo.

These are delicious premium quality organic Macadamia nuts that are sold directly from the farm they are grown on. A must try!

*Coupon is valid on all products listed on the website

Nimbin Organic Macadamia Nuts are:
  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Contain 100% Australian ingredients
  • Grown with no sprays, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers

We offer FREE delivery on all orders with no minimum spend.

About Us

Based in Nimbin, New South Wales our aim is to bring you the cleanest Macadamia nuts that can be grown. Our small-scale farm is half planted with around 1000 Macadamia trees and the other half is natural rain forest.

We do not believe in spraying, instead we try to support the beneficial insects who help keep the rest in control. We feed the soil with natural composts and minerals to balance the losses from each years crops.

Nothing artificial or industrial chemical based is used on the property. Our lifestyle follows the same theme, we eat clean and organic as much as possible. So naturally our farming methods follow suit.

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  • +5

    got these on the last deal (and more coming soon)
    can note they are good
    mainly halves but large halves and crunchy and fresh
    a little salty so works to get salted and un salted and mix!

    Hey rep any chance of more flavors?
    like chilli?

    • +6

      Hi djones, thanks for your nice feedback. We do have plans to add chilli flavoured Macadamias later in the year. We will let you know when that happens 🙂

      • thanks! definitely will purchase these regularly!

    • +1

      Good tip on the half and half - just bought 1 kg!

      • Thank you!

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    • Thanks, we will have those out to you soon.

  • +1

    What's the difference between style 1 and style 4?

    • It's the way in which the nuts are graded by size, if you click on the tab "style guide" you can visually see the difference.

  • +2

    Do you guys sell any "other' products from Nimbin too? If so, can you please chuck a 3fa in my order lol jk

    • +1

      Joking not joking

    • +12

      You'll have to pay a visit to Nimbin in person to sample those other delicacies.

      • Are you baked now

  • +1

    Are these better than Woolies ones which are at $40/kg (so slightly cheaper)?

    • +2

      In our slightly biased opinion, of course! These are about as fresh as they get. They get sent from our Macadamia farm direct to your door.

      • As fresh as they come? LOL, I ordered some and they were packed in December 2021.

    • i have purchased before and definitely fresher and larger, the ones from woolies are only half and smaller, these (style 4) are larger. i havent gotten sytle 1 (those are usually wholes)

    • No their maccademias is $51/kg after applying discount.
      The 500g is $25 after applying 30% discount so more expensive but i believe they are more premium.

  • +1

    Received my order from last week's deal yesterday and can vouch for the quality. Just purchased another pack, thanks OP.

    • Welcome! Thanks for your kind words.

  • Thanks I'll give it a go. Ordered :)

    • Thank you! Let us know what you think once you get them.

  • Are these nuts a good source of protein? I checked the nutritional info and 3000kj per 100g is quite a lot. Are there a type of nuts you sell that have great protein nutrition?

    • +5

      There is a nutritional tab right there. Not to mention google?

      At 9g per 100gm, it's okay for a nut. Nuts are always high in calories due to fat. Whether that's a lot or not is relative to your own goals and macros.

  • +4

    Just ordered them coz of the good feedback.
    Hopefully they should be nice. :)

    • We are confident you'll love them! 🙂

  • got 2, thx op

    • Thank you for supporting us 👊

  • +1

    Got some based on feedback above 😃

    • Enjoy!

  • Decided to give these a go too.

    Bought the 500g Raw (no salt), $19.60 delivered was too good to pass up

  • Would be interested if larger options. It works out a bit more cost effective from my normal online farm sellers standard price + shipping when buying a few kg.

  • Thanks, got a kilo.

    • Thank you!

  • Thanks grabbed Dry Roasted & Salted and looking forward to many more flavours to try out at a promotional price point :)

    • The discount code is active on all our products :)

  • +5

    Thanks I just grabbed a bag.Happy to support a farmer rather than a conglomerate.

    • Thank you!

  • Decided to give it a go. Hopefully they are decent!

    • We're pretty confident you'll love them!

  • Got a pack of honey Roasted and a pack of Dry Roasted from last promo. They were really fresh and crunchy. Very nice.
    Placed another order yesterday for more Honey Roasted, and was surprised to receive them today already.

    • Good stuff! Thanks for your support.

    • Is it correct that honey roasted comes down to $25.90 after discount? They are more expensive than the dry roasted I thi k as some say they got them for 19.97

      • That's correct each product is priced differently the discount is 30%

  • +1

    This price is nuts.

  • Thanks OP cant wait to try them

    • Enjoy!

  • Ordered 1Kg. Thanks OP.

    • They will be out to you very soon.

  • Ordered using the 1/2 raw and 1/2 salted roasted suggestion.

    • +1

      Nice combo!

  • Thank you OP. I just ordered 1Kg.

    • Enjoy!

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 500g raw.

    • Cheers!

  • Style 1 out of stock, I'm too late :(

    • The coupon is valid site wide if you wanted to try another flavour.

  • just got OzBargained while ordering.

    Both out of stock which is good for you guys!

    • Yes, its been a pretty overwhelming day of orders, thanks for all your support!

      The coupon is still valid site wide and we have updated the deal to display Honey Roasted as they are our best seller.

      • OK thanks… ordered the raw macadamias. How do you roast it at home?

        I find the Honey Roasted too rich for myself.

  • Just wondering what's the advantage of creating an account on your website?
    It's a choice during the checkout but I see no reason to create one for my first purchase.

    • You don't need to if you don't want to. It's there for those people that order often and wish for their details to be remembered.

      • Thanks!
        Lucky the salted ones got sold out, I actually like honey roasted more :)

        • Winner 👌

  • Just bought some! Hope these are good! Ready to be impressed

    • Let us know what you think once you try them!

  • +4

    Wanted the dry roasted style 1 but out of stock. Any chance of getting this when it is in stock with the 30%. Don't want the other flavours. Thanks.

    • Yep seconding this. Not looking to roast at home and not a fan of honey.

      I'll wait for another deal since deez nutz are sold out

  • I cant help but feel 'nom nom nuts' would be a better name.

    • +4

      Nom = Nimbin Organic Macadamias

      • .. They seasoned with the devils lettuce? Id buy then.

  • The roasted unsalted macadamia nuts are sold out. :(

  • Just a note that the pay through PayPal is inordinately difficult (tries to establish a new PayPal account??) but can be done. Thanks to OP and (depending on quality) farm. Pity about OOS on certain varieties.

    • +2

      Worked the same as any other PayPal payment for me. Recognised my device, auto logged in and one click to purchase.

  • Thanks OP, can't wait to try this

    • Thank you! Enjoy.

  • +1

    Just ordered 1kg of the honey roasted OP. Cant wait to try them

    • Awesome. We will have those out to you very soon.

  • +1

    Would really prefer the salt roasted ones- hopefully you’ll be in stock again and can give the same promo !

    • We often post deals on ozbargain, keep an eye out!

  • Bought 2, have tried the Costco Korean brand ones and love it, I'll see how this compares

    • We're sure they will exceed your expectations!

  • Does it have no use of sugar? Many products in the market say honey-roasted but they use sugar too. It will be great if you can confirm, OP.

    • We only use raw organic cane sugar.

      The reason all honey Macadamias contain sugar is to help evenly coat them during the processing stage.

      • -2

        …though raw cane sugar is often marketed as a healthy alternative to regular sugar, there's no real difference between them. In fact, both are identical in terms of chemical composition and made up of sucrose, a molecule formed by units of simple sugars, such as glucose and fructose - google.com

  • -1

    Very tempting. Can it be delivered to Aus Post Parcel Lockers?

    • -4

      It’s best to use your own credit card

    • +1

      Yes that's not an issue.

      • Great, thanks. I just ordered 3×0.5 kg.

  • few options sold out, would you restock soon?

    • Within 2-3 weeks at this stage.

  • Dry Roaster (unsalted) is out-of-stock now.

  • Anyone tried the Macadamia oil?

    Did anyone buy that?

    • I've tried macadamia oil before,
      of a different brand, and for cooking.

      It works well for some meats,
      but has a different 'burn rate' to olive oil,
      and costs more than olive oil.

  • Can you do delayed shipment? I’m out of the country for 2.5 weeks

    • Please just put that in the order note box.

  • Are you supposed to get confirmation email? Got one from PayPal, but nothing from the company itself.

    • Please check your spam folder.

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