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20% off All Liquor (Max Discount $50) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $250 Order) @ Coles Online (Excludes NT, QLD, TAS)


Get 20% off Liquor at Coles Online! Max Discount $50.

Some great deals:

Happy Shopping.

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  • $20 off $250 spend - promo code VALUE20.

    • Do they stack?

      • Not sure. Just saw this in an article -

        All online customers receive $20 off when they spend $250, free delivery on all orders over $250

        In addition to the exclusive savings, customers who spend more than $250 in one transaction will receive an additional $20 off their shop by using the code VALUE20 at the checkout.

        • Yep it stacks but you have to spend $300. It takes the $50 off first.

      • They do stack

        • Just checked myself. See above comment

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            @King Steuart: Thanks, bet me by about 3 seconds lol

            Edit: Add $320 to your card and you'll pay $250 and get free delivery too

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    Not worth it considering they are jacking up their fuel prices.

    • Looking for the voters to change their opinion next time they fuel up at coles express for 90 bucks for half a tank.

      • No clue what this deal has with Coles petrol prices. Take advantage of the deal and go fill up at your local independent servo?

  • I added two bottles to my cart and now no alcohol is showing up anymore? Can’t search it and any liquor link I click is dead… weird…

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      Change to a Coles location which sells alcohol. These usually have a first choice or liquorland beside them

      • Ah yes, I must have somehow changed my location. Thanks!

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      I consider $40 a great price.

      But maybe $44.80 is closer to best price in 2022 🤷‍♂️

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        Don't let them think you're ok with that

    • Yep, its a great price. Lowest I have ever seen this for is $50 from Amazon a few weeks ago.

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    Winton Road Shiraz $20 down from $40

    For those that think this looks like good quality/value; $20 is the regular price seemingly always on 50% discount, and it is not a $40 shiraz and I wouldn't rank it a $20 one either (YMMV). It's nicely designed and comes boxed, but I'd avoid it as a gift because anyone deserves to receive a much nicer wine.

    • That’s a shame, the box is nice. Same with Cab Sav?

      • Ya

  • Heineken 500ml at $49 is pretty good

  • The 19 crimes range is pretty good for $9.60….the Jose Cuervo comes down to $37.60, and Absolut Vanilla Vodka comes down to $35.20, I bought some combos of these to get cart to exactly $300 and the final bill (inc delivery) was $230. Just in case that helps someone. Oh, and the Finlandia plain Vodka comes down to $30.40.

  • any expiry date for this deal

    • August 2

  • Thanks Op. $309.65 checked out @ $239.65

  • Cheers indeed!

    Check your Flybuys offers before you order too. I had a 1000 points for a $50 spend at Coles and 1000 points for a $30 spend on liquor at Coles online (each worth $5), so grabbed a litre of Absolut and a $10 6-pack of beer to keep me over the $50 minimum spend. With delivery and a bag, it came to $49.75 once the Flybuys points are factored in…

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    Just placed my order and am very happy!

    Everything I bought I cross checked with Dan's prices and Dan's was cheaper by about 5 cents, so Coles worked out a lot better after the 20% off. I got 1L of Bailey's, 10x Chandon Brut (wedding incoming) and $6.25 worth of groceries, which ended up totalling $310.85 worth. However, after I used the following promo codes, CHEERS20, VALUE20, NEXTSHOP10, and CLICK10, then it came down to $220.85. Also I had $49.85 worth of flybuys points which I redeemed thanks to flypay.

    Also I had some offers on my flybuys account, and got 30x flybuys points for my first online order (worth $31.62). I signed up to a free trial of Coles Plus and scored 10x points on liquor too (worth $10.54). The shop also counted towards my four consecutive $50 shops for 10,000 points, so essentially another 2,500 points (worth $12.50).

    So in total after counting promos and flybuys offers, I got $310.85 worth of alcohol/groceries for $166.19. Not bad at all, very happy. Thanks OP!

    Unfortunately was unable to get free delivery as I used the CLICK10 code, so needed to be click and collect.

    TLDR - Add $310+ to your cart and USE CHEERS20, VALUE20, NEXTSHOP10, and CLICK10, to get 20%, $20, $10, and $10 off your next C&C order, respectively

    • NEXTSHOP10 and CLICK10 didn't work for me unfortunately ($316 of liquor in cart). Would have made it much better. $20 better, in fact!

      • Ah damn, possibly targeted. I know CLICK10 was for your first click and collect order, and I think you have to have placed an order in the past to use NEXTSHOP10

  • If you’re in SA, don’t brother ordering the $40 Makers Marks, please. Thank you 😂

    • Makers Mark and the TDF makes for a lovely evening 😆

  • Glad to learn that a few OBs have had good experiences with Coles. Mine wasn't so impressive. Ordered a slab of 'non-exotic' beer (last night) for 6:00pm pickup tonight. Sitting in the car park, got an email at 6:06pm - "Your order has been cancelled". No reason given. After half an hour of faffin' about on the phone, they finally come up with "none in stock". Ya couldn't have let me know a tad earlier?

    Cheers for that Coles!

    Good value, but painful to deal with.

  • I ended up buying 4 bottles of whisky but they only had 1.. Refund hasn't come through yet but if they think I'm paying full price for it, they're in for a shock

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