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Aizzr Pets Dog Leash $9.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Aizzr via Amazon AU

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This is one of the cheapest dog leashes you can find on Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    This is $9.99 and thus not the cheapest leash on Amazon.
    It also has 0 reviews.
    Are you the seller by any chance?

    • -1

      I am not related to this. I just got mine for $9.

  • +2

    This is the cheapest dog leash you can find on Amazon AU

    Try eBay….

  • +3

    What if I give you my dog and you give me $9? Then I don't need the lead.

    • +1

      Sometimes your genius… It's almost frightening

  • +2

    Say no to Ozspamazon.

  • Regular price

    • -5

      That's not a reason to neg the deal. As if it's still cheaper than anywhere else then it's still an (Oz)bargain!!
      As stated in the Ozbargain guidelines, there's only 3 reasons listed, not one is "regular price".
      Though Ozbargain voting guidelines do state "The deal is not the cheapest available".
      But in this case you did not state that the deal is cheaper elsewhere.

      • +1

        So rrp is a bargain if not cheaper elsewhere?

        Cheaper similar dog leads elsewhere…


        • -2

          The idea of these comments section is to assist other readers.
          Just hitting the neg button and stating "Regular price" doesn't help anyone.
          Why just neg the deal then withhold information on where else you can get it cheaper.
          Here's another voting guideline requested by Ozbargain, when negging a deal "Ideally, mention store,
          URL and price include shipping (if applicable)".
          If you supply this info then you're actually helping people, rather than negging for no good reason
          then trying to find another deal to complain about. I only say that as 6 of your last 10 votes were negative.
          BTW thanks for negging my previous comment, it wasn't unexpected.

  • +4

    Cheapest dog lead in K-Mart is about 3 dollars.

  • +7

    This is the cheapest dog leash you can find on Amazon AU.

    Cheapest except these I found in under 30s


    $3.42 (with 30% off coupon,)


    Don't make stuff up and tick the associated box if you are.

  • This isn't even on special. How is this a bargain?

  • +3

    Camel only has tracking on this as far back as today. Plus a Google cache search brings up nothing. So it appears this product was only just listed on Amazon today.
    Seems a coincidence it was posted on Ozbargain today as well.

    Sorry rep but will have to neg as there are cheaper dog leads available elsewhere as mentioned above.
    Kmart link.

  • 🧐"Get it before it's gone." sounds like something someone selling a product might say 🤔

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