Rapoo MT750S Multi-Mode 3200dpi Wireless Mouse $39.99 Delivered @ LH-RAPOO-US-DirectStore Amazon AU


On sale is this multi-mode wireless mouse that can be switched between Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz Wireless dongle connectivity making it suitable for both your computer and mobile devices. It has 4 DPI levels (600/1200/1600/3200), two programmable buttons on the side, a horizontal scroll wheel and a 800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Ships from Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Look like Logitech master MX 3

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      My thoughts from an earlier OzB thread on this device.

      The Rapoo is not a bad $40 mouse. In terms of what it doesn't do as well as the Logitech MX Master series, it is lighter in weight, has poorer build quality with cheap plastics, the flow is inaccurate (in that, it seems to pull up sooner than it should when moving), the back/fwd buttons are cheap and have a different unsatisfactory click compared to the main buttons & their positioning isn't ideal, no free scrolling & the BT disconnects itself randomly sometimes. On the plus side, I actually didn't mind the feel of Rapoo's scroll wheel.

      Compared to the MX series… They are like chalk and cheese.

      • On the plus side, if you've got big hands, it's this, the MX Master series. Cause every other wireless mouse is tiny.

    • It's a pretty shameless rip-off

    • It's a copycat.

    • It’s a “homage”

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    If only this had the turbo scroll..

  • This was recently 1$ cheaper

    • Yeah. It would seem like I had promotional credit applying so I thought it was less. Oh well :/

      • What he meant was this was $38.99/$39 recently a few days ago and in Jan this year.

        • Yeah obviously

          • @Clear: Are you using this? Would you buy it again based on your current use?

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    How do you pronounce the brand?

  • Just FYI for anyone interested, there's a version of this with generic Qi wireless charging. MT750pro.

  • I'm using a MT750 (purchased this when I was in Hong Kong). This is a really good mouse for office. What's new in the S version?

    • how do remap the buttons of this mouse?

  • Bought this sometime back, went straight to the bin.

  • Has anyone been able to get their software to work? I bought the MT550 that was posted a few days ago, but can't get it to pair with the software at all.

    Works and feels ok otherwise, but I really want to change the dpi settings and remap buttons

    • I think it only works if you use the dongle. Not on BT

      • Hmm I am using the dongle, tried bluetooth also, but it just fails at pairing with an error.

        • Sorry just noticed you're talking M550 not 750.
          Can't comment.

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      The dpi setting can be changed without software using the top button (behind the wheel). You will notice the mouse sensitivity difference - although not able to tell what it changes to. Havent tried software as its work laptop and I dont trust chinese software enough to risk my job over it.

      • Oh yeah i know about that. I'd just rather use the same dpi all the time, and remap the button cause i keep accidentally hitting it while gaming :)

  • Is there any mouse that does not need the USB plug? I mean, connects directly through BT to the PC? The one by Apple does, but I hate the magic mouse

    • This one has Bluetooth and will connect to your PC via Bluetooth if it has it.

    • Heaps of them, this one included. Just search for a Bluetooth mouse.

      • Yeah, found the last deal here was in May. Apparently not commonly on sale…https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699637

  • Any OzB captain with review based on actual usage experience? Is this anyway comparable to the MX 3?

    • Hit the related products link and there's a few mentions in the comments of each post.

    • Buy it, if no good return it.

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      I shared my thoughts above. I bought, tried and returned the Rapoo and bought another MX Master series instead. They aren't comparable.

      • Same here, returned it. I found the sensor didn't work very well on my Doona or pillow. I use my mouse as a HTPC remote.

        Build quality is good though.

    • The second to top post in this thread is a pretty decent summary.
      It's comparable in size and somewhat in capability, but nowhere near in terms of build quality.
      I have the non S version (from just prior MX Master 2 release) and the Bluetooth became very flaky within maybe 3 months.
      As a result, I solely use it with the dongle these days. But that's gotta be getting close to 5 years usage as my work mouse.

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    Can you unbind/rebind the dpi switch button, or is it stuck on that function on the hardware level? Would be handy if you keep on accidentally hitting it or prefer to utilise it with some other function.

  • Got mine today. But it's the 750L. I can't see any difference.

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