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Free Cheeseburger, Large Fries or Small Sundae on Your Birthday Month @ McDonald's via MyMacca's App


Choice of Free Cheeseburger or Large Fries or Small Sundae on Your Birthday Month
This can found in the Rewards and deals tab.

Note: The MyMacca's app was recently updated to reward users birthdays. If you signed up to the app before August 2022 you will need to input your birthday into the app to receive birthday rewards. Head to the "Rewards & Deals" tab to input your birthday.

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    Sundae isn't an option at my Maccas. The machine is only in operation one day a year.

    • +3

      Yes, when the stars are aligned.

    • must be a national issue - mine too. Wonder if the machines are actually down or they just dont like too many order via the app.

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        One conspiracy theory says that the major shareholders of McDonald's are also shareholders of the company that provides and services the ice cream machines, so the whole system has an incentive to let the machines constantly break down instead of replacing them with more reliable ones, because it helps those shareholders get richer.

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          Wouldn’t they make more money actually selling sundaes…

          • +1

            @smartazz104: nah cause it cost 500 for the machine to be repaired, the machine technician can be there within 30 mins when called and literally takes 5 mins to 'repair' it.

            thats 35 mins of downtime.

            assuming maccas makes 90% profit on their sunday, thats 0.9 * $4.

            assuming they can sell 2 sundaes a min at max rate, the max they can make in 35 mins is $4 * 0.9 35 2 = $252.

            maccas can make $252 if they sell at theoretical max rate of 2 per min for 35 min.

            Or they can call the repair technician, he charges $500, he gets $80, the shareholders for repair company keep $420.

            So $420 >$252 (at max rate, max possible profit, will likely be much lower)

      • Maybe someone who works there can confirm.

        I have always assumed the machines require a very long time to clean, which just isn't worth the money they make

        • +1

          Takes a long time to clean and it's a daily task approximately 2 hours to do shake and sundaes

    • What a horrible thought for your birthday!

      YUK YUK YUK !

  • Happy bday, OP! I hope you can claim this more than once.

    • Thanks :)

    • Multiple accounts

    • I did actually claim twice on this tbh. 2 consecutive months dont tell maccas!

  • +1

    Small Sundae - so generous :-/

    • They know its winter so they were looking after you in case the large sundae made you sick

  • +4

    Awesome , i now have 12 accounts

    • and that works? wow! Nice

      • +12

        365 accounts is better. On a leap year, enjoy a day of healthy eating

        • +2

          Your liver thanks you on that leap year.

  • +4

    Was available end of june in my app. I set my birthday for July in all 10 accounts just incase it wouldn't add an offer for the current month.

    Best of all if you use this with a percentage off offer (if lucky enough to get that and not hash browns). It takes that percentage off the price of the free items menu price.

    So if its a 25% off voucher, you save an extra dollar by adding the cheeseburger to your order. Does the same when claiming food on points.

    • I set my birthday for July in all 10 accounts

      Now you gotta wait a whole year to be rewarded again. You should have spaced them out so you can at least claim a reward once a month

      • +1

        Just need to create more accounts to cover rest of year😉

      • Just move the full stop in my emails across another spot and get new accounts.

        Nah 10 is enough. Though it was only to increase chances of a decent deal when i wanted to use them. 90% of my offers are coffee and/or hash browns.

        Though its awesome when you get weekly deals like $6 big mac and cheeseburger meal and can have it multiple times throughout the week.

    • +5

      When I placed an order that also had a free item using my points I noticed that you didn't earn any points for the entire transaction - so OzBargainers be warned - if you are redeeming points do that in a separate transaction so you still earn points on the stuff you pay for!

      • Thank you for the tip :)

      • I missed that when claiming my points. Thanks for the heads up

  • +2

    Hmm doesn't match hungry Jack's free whopper…

    • +2

      Yes, better deal but only valid for 2 days.

      • +3

        2 days before, on the day and 1 day after, unless something's changed this year

  • Let me fire up my one of many accounts.

  • +1

    Do you need to show your photo id when you claim it? I don't always carry my licence with me, when I go out to eat (and don't need to drive)

    • +1

      If from NSW, then you can add your D/L in the service NSW app

    • +1

      I claimed it last month via drive through and no one checked

  • So if you claim it through drive through then you can’t make an excuse to not show your license, otherwise you’ll be driving without your license? 😅

    • +2

      I didn't believe that when I read it. After research, found WA is the exception and it is not required to be carried.

      • +1

        Yeah it's not an issue here at all. Been pulled over a few times and I only gave police my proof of age card and they didn't complain about that

        • +1

          I'm from WA. We just spent a few months driving around the Eastern states recently. I didn't even take my drivers licence with me. It never occured to me that was an offence until reading this thread.

      • Also in some states, they can give you a fine for every open bottle of alcohol in your car…if you decide to take a sip when you pick up your ozbargain alcohol purchases. 🤯

  • -3

    Awesome, I got $1 large chips! Thanks OP

  • If I put in this month, will I still get the reward?

    • No idea. The Reward becomes available on 1st of the month and stays till end of that month. Not sure if adding mid-month would give you the reward.

      • Ok thanks. If that’s the case, I would say the answer is likely no.

        • +2

          it's a no, my bd is in this month, just input the bd just now and nothing…

      • +1

        can confirm, i input it last month
        & the answer is still no D:

  • Got this a few weeks ago. Was pretty weak sauce compared to $15 from Nando's and a whopper at hungry jacks.

    Shame Subway removed their free sub.

    • The deal on its own isn't that great, but between accumulating points and the other offers you get I feel Maccas ends up giving you the most for the least. Though that's with cheating and having multiple accounts to increase the odds of decent rewards. With just one account i would probably rarely go there. My original account never seems to have a decent deal.

  • They'll run this for a couple of months and remove it no doubt, so good luck to those that have a birthday real or set to the next few months.

  • Doesn't work when I put July or August. I guess I need to put September and wait?

    • Pretty sure at the start of the month, they apply it to people with their birthday that month. So if you added it for August now, I don't think you will get it. September is the safest bet.

  • Where do you where your birthdate? I can't see it in my account details?

    • +1

      go to your rewards/deals tab and scroll down until you see it

      • Ah, thank you!

  • Hadn't used Macca's app for last couple weeks…

    Now, on sign in, it's asking to verify my email, on every one of the email log in's.

    That's a new thing. Maybe since app auto updated?

  • Got the deal, but couldn't claim because I was isolating with COVID :(
    I wish there was a way to claim deals and get them delivered

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