40% off 6-Litre Bottle of McLaren Vale Over The Top Shiraz 2017 $246/bottle Delivered (RRP $410) @ Bec Hardy Wines


95 points James Halliday, 95 Wine Orbit, 95 Winstate Magazine
Served on-board Finnair Business Class.
Gift boxed 6 Litre bottle of Pertaringa Over The Top McLaren Vale Shiraz 2017 produced by 5* Halliday & Top 100, sixth generation vigneron, Bec Hardy.

Once these are gone, they are gone!

Tasting Notes
Winemaker: Shane Harris, Winestate Magazine Winemaker of the Year 2014, 2016 & 2020.

Nose: The nose offers a rich bouquet of plums and cherries with a modicom of pepper and spice.

Palate: The palate is big, rich and seductive with the berry fruit and chocolate following through, complemented by a long-lingering finish and fine tannins.

CELLAR: 15+ Years

Closure: Cork.

Packaged in wooden gift box.

Save 40% on each bottle. Just $246 per bottle delivered when using the code 6LITRE. (RRP $410).

Shipping costs:
Free Australia-wide on all orders.

All wines dispatched within 5 working days from our McLaren Vale warehouse. Tracking info provided.

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  • just curious, after opening the bottle, how soon should it be consumed?

    • +1

      Great question. Like any bottle of wine, it should really be consumed within 2 to 3 days or else the wine becomes oxidised.
      These are great formats for aging ( the larger the bottle) the better the aging potential for the wine. And they're great formats for collectors or large parties and get togethers.
      Hope that helps.
      Cheers! RD :-)

      • +5

        2-3 days? I thought this was a challenge?

      • have you seen any nitrogen systems in the consumer space?

        our venue had "Big Bottle" then later "The House" branded 6lt in a dispenser unit. the Shiraz and Sauv Blanc both in the same unit. white side chilled. both poured with nitrogen gas to dispense. because it used the inert gas there was no spoilage even if it took weeks to sell each bottle.

        • You’d need a fair amount of gas given the size of the bottle. They will still spoil over time. I was at another McLaren Vale cellar door yesterday who were using Coravin. One wine was oxidized. The purpose of these really is the big party, special occasion, gift or collectors cellar piece. Cheers! RD

  • +3

    Finnair hostie pouring a glass from a 6 litre bottle .. I'd like to see that .. 🤔😨😂 .. !!

    • +1

      hahaha. In turbulence…..particularly tricky.
      Seriously, they, of course, have the 750ml version :-)

    • +1

      And empty bottles used as a flotation device in the event of water landing

      • Bahahaha. :-)))

    • +23

      Morning @gamemaster. Happy to explain, though I won't be able to do it justive entirely here. :-)
      The Hardy family have been making wine for 170 years and across six generations and started what is still today one of the world's largest wine brands. Wine production and distribution is what we do. More than happy to walk you through distribution startegy if you want to give me a call on 0433 166 181.
      Specifically, on this deal, these large formats were made in volume for distributors in China. We all know what occured there. We're simly righting stock levels by knocking the excess out at a discount. Hence my comment once they are gone, they are gone.
      You'll notice that virtually all the other deals are export labels, not our core domestic labels.
      Please feel very welcome to be in touch at the phone if you'd like to chat further. Have a great weekend. Cheers! RD :-)

      • -3

        Not entirely true as your "domestic labels" like pertaringa undercover are regularly offered on the likes of vinomofo for 50% off

        • +7

          Again, not as entirely black and white as you suggest. As I said, not a topic I can do justice to here but I am more than happy to take a call if you are genuinely interested. Cheers RD :-)

      • +5

        I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the offer to phone you for more details about the wine industry!

        • +9

          Thanks. It's a complex topic - not one that can be done justice to here (especially when I'm in the kitchen prepping for dinner for ten people this evening!). Always happy to chat to folk about wine stuff! Cheers! RD :-)

      • +1

        Hope you're reading this all you retailers and online stores trying to come up with a witty and annoying justification/response for a customer's genuine comment.

        PR done right.

        • +5

          Thanks, that's really kind of you to take the time to post. Just a Mum and Dad trying to do the best by our family, team and customers. Bec and I pride ourselves being as accessible to people as we can - plus love talking about wine! Have a great weekend. Richard :-)

      • +2

        As a true OzBargainer, I calculate this to be $30.75 per 750ml. I note it's $33 per 750ml full retail price. So while it may be a slight discount it's also much less convenient for storage and consumption.

        More importantly though, if 6L is $410 RRP ($51.25/bottle) why on earth is it so much more per litre than a 750ml bottle? Shouldn't it be cheaper to buy a larger quantity?

        • +19

          Interesting analysis. Full RRP is $40 for current release which is 2019 (accept you might find a retailer listing at less than $40). Museum release 2017 would attract a slightly higher price at $47.
          Cost of prodction on larger formats produced on a smaller scale is considerably higher. The glass alone is considerably higher than a pro-rata 750ml bottle, again because they are manufactured on such a smaller scale.
          Cork costs a lot more than pro-rata 750ml and each bottle has to be hand filled as they can't go down a bottling line.
          Packaging on this includes includes a wooden presentation box and hand waxing. These are collectors pieces, gifts, curios, fun party pieces. If you;re looking strictly on a per ml basis, then yes, perhaps buy eight bottles.
          Happy to have a chat on 0433 166 181 if you'd like to know more.
          Have a great weekend.

          • +2

            @RD ADL: Hey Richard,

            Honestly super interesting information, thanks for the info.

  • One for the road?

    • only one? :-)

    • Save a lot of petrol as you won’t get anywhere with a couple of litres in you.

      • +1

        if u break the seal u will be next to toilet all night long

        • +1

          I’ve tried drinking in the toilet but it introduces a rich bouquet of crapulence

    • just need a 6 litre glass to pour one for the road

  • +2

    do u have a brown paper bag big enough for this bottle

  • Once I’m done with the two 6 packs of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/717103
    I’ll give you a bell later tonight.

    • ah ha. Nice one. It might be a competition for the most p*ssed. You or me ;-)
      Speak later!
      Cheers! RD :-)

  • +3

    My wife will kill me if I buy this. What are the physical dimensions approx?

    • Very roughly 45cm high and 15cm wide.
      Cheers! RD :-)

    • +1

      Not sure if you can hide this one without the wife noticing. :)

  • Sounds about the right dimensions to me.

  • +2

    I hope this has a quality cork enclosure, it could be a while before it gets opened….

    Actually it'll get opened soon at my wake after my wife kills me.

    • ah ha. These will age for 15 years so no owrries over the cork quality :-)

  • +4

    Take one to a BYO restaurant and save on corkage.

    • ha ha. If only, they normally charge at 8x 750ml bottle. Great for parties, celebrations, social media and impressing your mates for sure! :-)

  • -1

    Absolutely as stated above, definitely a talking piece of any party 🎉
    It looks absolutely fantastic in a cellar, the more the merrier!
    It also makes a ridiculously good gift!

    Basically the same price as many 3L magnums on the market.

    Can't go wrong 🍷🍷🍷

    • +1

      Thanks @Adelv. Ask the people who bought up all the 3Ls! Some went wrong not getting in quick enough hahaha. SOmeone bought TWELVE of the 3L recently. Once these have gone, they are gone. Cheers! RD :-)

  • The 3L looks like it was even better value now :(

    • Sadly, the cost base on the 6L is somewhat higher comparatively to the 6L and 3L.
      Cheers RD :-)

  • +1

    Got 2 of these 6L and a 3L for display and they look great together
    Sadly I missed the kast 3L deal so personally haven't tried this as I can't finish it myself and kennards doesn't let me hire friend.

    • Thanks Wayne - enjoy when you get to open them!
      They'll be singing now and will go for a good few years yet. Interestingly, just bottled the 2021 vintage (no large formats from this vintage) just this week. It'll hang around in bottle for a little time now before release.
      Enjoy the weekend! Drink well.
      RD :-)

  • Hi OP, is the closure natural cork or diam? If natural cork, where is it sourced from?

    Apologies for the pedantry, but if I buy this I expect it's going to sit around for at least 10 years…

    • Hi. good question. Both the hand selected natural cork and the Diam30 closure that we use for large formats will suit long-term againg. From memory, the closure on these is hand selected cork. With a wax cover. I recently drank the last of our 2002 1.5L bottles and it still had a few years left in it. Hope that helps. Cheers RD.

  • Ordered! How could I not get a Methuselah to go with the 2 x doubles I ordered last deal.

    Any chance on a deal on some of your Pinot Noir? Always seems to sell out before I can grab more.

    • +1

      Thanks @guesty! Sadly not enough of it these days. Our friends in Taiwan are lapping it up in biblical proportions! Cheers! RD :-)

  • That's a lot of friends I need to find

    • 15-20 friends required for sensible drinking :-))

    • Can I be your friend?  🤣

  • +2

    How do you pour a glass from a 6L bottle of Shiraz without making a mess, is there some trick to it? Or just steady hands?

    • +2

      You can do it for the first three liters ;-)
      Decanting into a magnum decanter or into a jug will help. Cheers! RD.

  • +1

    This is probably the most lucrative deal I've been sucked into from Ozbargains but with a big friends weekend away coming up this will go down a treat.

  • +1

    Who doesn't want to see this being poured? Either properly or a complete fail (as long as there is backup wine)

  • yolo!!

  • So what’s the best way to store this bottle ?

    • As with any other wine under cork, laid down in a cool, dark place with minimal temperature variation. Cheers RD :-)

  • Thanks OP - picked up one as a gift, plus a couple of other things.

    Large format bottles can be a great gift on a significant birthday, to be enjoyed at the following significant birthday. We gave my dad a Salmanazar (9L bottle, or approvimately a dozen standard bottles) for his 40th and enjoyed it at his 50th.

    A lot of decanter necks aren't great for such large bottles. We poured into a wide-necked glass jug initially, and then kept two decanters topped up through the night for filling glasses.

    • You’re right. The old Pyrex job can do the same job! Cheers! RD :-)

  • +1

    Have one of these and maybe looking to double up. Being under cork do they have to be laid down as to not dry the cork out or does the seal prevent this?

    • Hi PcHappy. Anything under cork always need laying down. If I can help further please let me know. Cheers RD :-)

  • Thanks for this deal, pretty happy with the price considering the complimentary express shipping on a 6L bottle. Great gift for the old man!

    • THanks @Sir Flabo. Great idea as a gift for Father's Day! Cheers! RD :-)

  • I can recommend argon gas (eg Winesave) for times when 6L or even 750mL is too much for a single sitting. I've had bottles very drinkable a month after opening when using this, ymmv.

    • +1

      Trying to think of a time when 750 ml is too much for a single sitting. Nah, I got nothing.

      • Aye. I’m a bottle a night man too :-))

    • Fair play. I’m not a big believer/fan in the argon gas gadgets. With that said I’m thinking I wouldn’t recommend it on a 3 litre bottle or bigger. Good on you though for having a crack and sharing your greater level of experience with it. Thanks mate. Cheers! RD :-)

  • Wouldn't it be easier to get a couple of casks?

    • Ha ha. Find me cask wine of this quality at cask wine prices and I’m in! Cheers! RD :-)

      • I just wish Wolfblass would put Yellow Label Cab Sav in casks. There are some of us that are allergic to Shiraz.

        • Ah. Kindred spirits. I’m a Cab man really too.
          Gee whizz what does Shiraz do to you? :-)

          • @RD ADL: Massive perspiration, dizziness (after half a glass), and nausea.

  • So is this wine something to open from 2017+15 years and later?

    Meaning I have to wait until 2032 for it to taste alright??

    Oh, the website says drink now until 2029?

    • +1

      It’ll drink well from the time of bottling for fifteen plus years. I was drinking a 2002 (20 years old) not so long back and it had a few years left. Like any wine a guide to aging is just that - a guide. Afterall some people don’t even enjoy aged wines. Hope that helps. Cheers! RD :-)

  • +1

    I just ordered 8 bottles…..I have to find somewhere to put them now :(

    • Haha. Love your work! Cheers! RD :-)

  • Technically just 1x corkage fee at a restaurant right ;)

    • ah ha. where it would really work is the (often) Asian restuarants that charge like $2.5-$3pp corkage!

  • How would one go about opening one of these? is a special corkscrew required?

    • +1

      No special corkscrew is required a standard waiters friend will do. :-)

      • Lol that was a quick response, thanks.

        • +1

          Yes, throwing it down with rain outside so took the opportunity to do some computer work! RD :-)

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