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Yep, had a look at the case for $85 & it’s definitely avant-garde… It looks like an expensive dust trap to me, I’d hate to try…
31/05/2024 - 10:48
Used TiffyWiggins Mine’s https://australianlifemagazine.com.au/?referred=d373eec22f#raf
24/05/2024 - 03:04
Starting the chain: remove the " " around the link, "https://rfer.al/uLrjPq_SbRQJU" Edit: too slow, please use the above from shaneb
01/05/2024 - 19:25
Punching down from ivory towers….
07/01/2024 - 13:03
I got You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!
12/12/2023 - 21:50
Imagine spending $65 on a shampoo & conditioner & considering it a bargain…
11/07/2023 - 17:01
Also, if your an existing/new Temu customer ShopBack is offering 10.5% Cashback today.
08/07/2023 - 13:34
You wore them for a whole day… Would you want to buy shoes someone else had returned after one day of wear? The store wouldn’t be able…
14/05/2023 - 17:11
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21/02/2023 - 17:42
If your doing that, it’s possibly too late…
21/02/2023 - 09:17
dscott85 was awarded a badge.
11/02/2023 - 14:25
Kind of ironic from the poster who has an AI write their responses...
11/02/2023 - 13:32
dscott85 was awarded a badge.
07/01/2023 - 00:25
“the sales guy said he just received an email confirming a price drop on the Model Y” - that’s a good line
06/01/2023 - 14:38
That’s an excellent price!
28/12/2022 - 11:16
“bobvegas on 26/07/2021 - 11:57 +19 NOTE that there have been users who bought PIA via Shopback in the past who have had their cashback's…
01/12/2022 - 12:29
Just curious, did you cancel auto-renewal on your VPN subscription. Reason I ask is because I’ve heard some others on OzBargain that did…
01/12/2022 - 12:07
“Buckets have a resealable lid” - bet those resealable lids see a lot of use, I’ll just have a handful & put them away…
29/11/2022 - 20:11
Owns a Mercedes CLA base price $61,000 & complains about paying a mechanic $100 for his time because he didn’t diagnose the problem with…
25/11/2022 - 01:04
Reminds me of a second hand car I nearly bought. I noted some minimal signs of rust on this car I was really taken by, dealer said it’s…
24/11/2022 - 23:29
The mechanic looked at your car - obviously he looked in areas accessible without removing a large number of parts, because removing parts…
24/11/2022 - 15:18
Van Gogh Grey Goo… Really, do I drink from this while eating a Monet burger & chips…
15/11/2022 - 17:05
Yep, like I saw Woolworths recently trying to sell some non-alcoholic Gin for $50 a pop, like it’s just water with some flavours added,…
15/10/2022 - 14:14
Just a heads up, digiDirect do list items for sale they don’t actually have in stock. Just be aware you may be kept waiting, as I was.
10/09/2022 - 20:30
Any chance for getting any of the chocolate varieties included in the flash sale? They are brilliant!
31/08/2022 - 14:49
Unfortunately Harris Farm don’t cover all of Melbourne. Hopefully another chain will open at some point, just check your postcode before…
31/08/2022 - 14:38
Thanks for the post Op. I was looking for a gift & I think this will make for a lovely surprise.
16/08/2022 - 13:16
Have had a tp-link deco m5 3 piece mesh for the last 6 months, night & day experience when compared to the old wireless router (supplied by…
12/08/2022 - 20:38
How do you pour a glass from a 6L bottle of Shiraz without making a mess, is there some trick to it? Or just steady hands?
06/08/2022 - 15:37