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I paid full price for one of these chairs a while back & do not regret it. I sat in pretty much all the chairs available in Officeworks &...
29/03/2022 - 12:26
“Well made, cute and practical, perfect gift for men or women” Really…. marketing pen knifes as cute…. are you insane….
20/02/2022 - 01:09
I don’t make a habit of trusting the words of anyone who admits to committing credit card fraud in their first paragraph. Your post also...
12/02/2022 - 19:22
Certainly the Nvidia is useless as a Plex server at the moment - till they fix the software. That said I have no experience with the Apple...
11/02/2022 - 14:15
Quick heads up, the Nvidia Shield Plex server software is broken at the moment since Nvidia updated from Android 9 to 11. I bought a Shield...
11/02/2022 - 13:45
My family have used the same plastic chopsticks through the dishwasher hundreds of times & they look only slightly worn compared to new....
11/02/2022 - 10:32
As long as you get an invoice (you need a copy of this & usually a photo of the unboxed product clearly showing the serial for Samsung...
07/02/2022 - 16:04
I remember being utterly underwhelmed by the last Rainbow Six game I tried, has the series got any better in the last few games?
07/02/2022 - 15:44
I have sympathy for your daughter’s case. I was out walking & saw a young boy on a bike without looking cross an unflagged crossing (no...
05/02/2022 - 13:02
Tracking came through for AUD 13.57 (I ordered around 10:50 AM yesterday, for those who want to compare). Honestly was surprised the...
05/02/2022 - 11:50
Kogan: “PRESALE Ships on 1st March”
05/02/2022 - 11:40
Suggested thread re-title - Uber Eats First Order Code Not Working With New Sim, Same Phone, Need Help Gaming The System :(
04/02/2022 - 20:02
Thanks for the share Op. I got one which will come in handy for porting soon, after the free month. I think a few ozbargainers may have...
04/02/2022 - 12:49
Just had a nice latte (picked up) at my local & it’s showing in the cash rewards click history so fingers crossed it gets tracked. One...
04/02/2022 - 12:36
I hope so, but I kind of doubt it considering the worldwide demand at the moment. It’d be a lot harder to get “approval” for RAT’s...
01/02/2022 - 20:58
It was more a necessity thing, when you couldn’t actually find hand sanitiser anywhere & the local grocer (the only one with stock) was...
01/02/2022 - 20:55
Yep, nobody in the family wants to use my bootleg aloe vera (harvested from the plants outside) metho & lavender oil (to combat the metho...
01/02/2022 - 20:39
Has that 280GB data upgrade date been extended? I thought it was till the end of January…
01/02/2022 - 20:28
Think your being too nice here TA, although I do respect the customer service commitment.
01/02/2022 - 20:16
This seems very expensive for a tube of toothpaste, like I’d pay $2 usually. I have bought Whiteglow on half price sale for $3.50 in the...
01/02/2022 - 20:11
Meanwhile at Op’s house… “Excuse me sir, we believe you are possession of illegally obtained stamps” *Flip ID’s Postal Officers...
31/01/2022 - 22:36
Nice try
31/01/2022 - 21:54
31/01/2022 - 21:50
What am I? Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters.
31/01/2022 - 20:47
What do you mean? African or European swallow?
31/01/2022 - 20:40
You want Sauron & Sons, mithril blades on sale now; buy now & they’ll throw in a ring.
30/01/2022 - 21:48
Seems like good people. Certainly didn’t have too, but reached out with a thank you anyway. Must have been a bit of a wild ride for them...
30/01/2022 - 21:25
I believe you Op. I had that "ghosting" happen with an iPhone 6. My phone basically ended up calling one of job referees repeatedly at 3am...
27/01/2022 - 15:24