[PS4] The Last of Us Part II $19 (RRP $55), [PSVR] Blood & Truth $15 (RRP $55) + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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Blood & Truth $15 (RRP $55)
PS4 VR shooting game, requires playstation VR equipment. Best price ever on camel camel camel.

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    It has dropped to as low as $14.99 during March this year

    JB is also selling it at $19 too (or 2 for $30)

  • Merged from [PS4, PSVR] Blood and Truth $15 (RRP $54) + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

    PS4 VR shooting game, requires playstation VR equipment. Best price ever on camel camel camel.

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      One of the best PSVR games, $15 is a steal!

    • Time to try this one properly. Thanks OP 👍🏻

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      The first one was great and didn't need a sequel, it's got nothing to do with gay characters, Ellie was gay in the first games expansion and it was a good story.

      I'm looking forward to the remake of the first one, I wasn't sold but after I saw this tech video, it makes sense.

      Now I just need a new Factions MP.

      • +1

        I more had an issue with the gameplay, rifles that had less ammo than they do in the real world, crashing issues on the skybridge and boat, the torture trauma put in the game for shiz and giggles when it's in reality trauma porn.

        The story was total garbage too, the only well written character was the trans character where they and their story fitted into the world, everything else just didn't gel.

        But even without that to all the legions of woke supporters, you can't be critical of a game that's that woke because then your a bigot, it really makes you feel for those in minorities that have suffered bigotry for a developer and publisher to use them for clout and a bulletproof shield where the game can't be viewed critically because it's stunning and brave.

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          The first game was a unique mix of pain and hope, it hit all the right notes to make you care about Ellie & Joel while terrified about the realistic likelihood they wouldn't make it.

          The second game didn't understand what motivated the person playing. I remember forums joking for years about the prospect of a second game, if it where made, being a basic revenge story. It would be just like most generic sequels that didn't understand the original, they actually went ahead and did it.

          I think a better sequel would have been a whole different story and characters in the same world.

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            @Jimbuscus: it's also had horrendous follow on effects.

            We've already covered using the LGBT+ community as a flak jacket towards any legitimate critisism but then we get to the tragedies such as bend studio and the likes where many games that did well were denied followups as well as new projects being nuked because of the clout that naughty dog built up as well as a remake of a game that had a modern version was viewed as a safe bet / cash in.

            A remake of a game made less than 10 years old, that's had a GOTY, a remaster, a ps5 patch and was still selling extremely well, yet they shafted the fans who wanted a new multiplayer version, and shafted gamers who wanted sequels or new stories from other properties.

            It's this kind of poor trend that gives us multiple releases and remasters of GTAV and Skyrim instead of new titles.

            • @typhoonadventure: It is believed that Factions MP current-gen is being made but unannounced as a standalone, Sony got away with some p2w in the first one and probably want to make sure this one gets as much attention as its own game as possible.

              It feels like writers are more and more using social classes in their stories as shield against possible criticism, something that was going to be more likely received as a sequel to a breakout success. I'm not sure if they did that on purpose, what is frustrating is that we actually have an example of it not being an issue for the fans who are genuinely critical already, from the original game.

              • -6

                @Jimbuscus: The neg votes i've now copped after the positive votes on the initial comments are proof.

                I have a friend who's very active in social politics, they've got their pronouns, they've got their personal preferences and they like representation.

                Ages ago they made a comment that it's one thing having the freedom to be you, it's another to make your entire personality based around it, attempted to nope out of that conversation as i've not really got anything to add there and division isn't great, but it shows how devisive that stuff can be even in the communities but they touched on something straight after that tied into it that really got me thinking.

                They went on about how the theres one narrative on the page, and explained it as, it's great to get representation, and it's great to destigma stuff, but you also get people and places taking advantage of that, they highlighted pride month and media as an example.

                Went on about how during pride month logo's change, every business and virtue signaller wants to tell you how full of pride they are, they want to tell you all the great things they've done to help.

                Then you look at their logos and actions in oppressive countries, business as usual, they're happy to callout people on twitter in the western world but not the middle east.

                Look at the media, so many brands full of pride, yet oddly silent in China and middle east even censoring their products.

                My friend called this shilling for the pink dollar, you can take "safe" moves in areas where you appear to be following the narrative and benefitting from it, then tow the line elsewhere.

                We both had friends that work in the videogame industry and it was well known many companies suffer from toxic cultures, crunch etc.

                Naughty dog's Neil druckman was well known for belittling people, bullying people and being a douchebag, but he puts himself as 200% woke, and it's amazing, all his toxic behaviour doesn't matter because he made TLOU2.

                One particular story that did the rounds and later got verified was some QA testers that found a whole heap of bugs and issues that didn't get addressed and druckman personally abused them over it and even fired a few and then bragged about them being bigots.

                The people in question hadn't committed any bigotry, they questioned some design choices and made suggestions to fix things as well as pointing out technical issues, apparantly he couldn't handle that.

                I played the game a year after release, I wanted to go in blind ignoring all the controversy.

                Given how broken a year after release the skybridge and boat were with game breaking bugs and that they were well known and even pointed out in QA testing just showed where the priorities were with this game and development.

                Create a profile and a narrative, any critisism = you are a bigot.

                • +1

                  @typhoonadventure: For me I feel like, I'm a character like anyone else and I get to have depth that isn't centred around my gender or sexuality.

                  A well written gay character wouldn't be shoeboxed in to their stereotype and in TLOU1 that was Ellie.

                  Its disappointing that American social culture has made it stigmatic for pro-LGBTQ people who don't consider gender identity as central to a character.

                  • @Jimbuscus: 100%.

                    This is why the character i'm not naming here turned out to be the best written character in this game, their story fit into the world, they fit into the story.

                    The rest of it just didn't gel and felt so played up for shock value and playing to tropes.

                    Even if the game's story 100% gelled and it was a home run in every direction, it's like playing crysis remastered.

                    A game no one remembers for it's story or depth.

                    Played it's butchered remastering the other night, the original completely survived on it's technical advances for the time, flash forward over a decade and have a remaster for ps4, playing on ps5 that's built off a nerfed 360 port that removed a ton of the features.

                    So the game is standing on it's story, a poor port and a lot of mechanics that have been harmed by the dumbing down.

                    So from a technical point of view, compare TLOU2 to that, everyone shines on the story we've got a game which didn't have much depth in that department and one that tried to add so much depth but missed the mark.

                    Honestly feels like playing the two close enough in time, they both come out the same as having a shoddy story and technical issues that all this time later have not been addressed. Some fun to be had in either titles but we're looking at two middle of the road games in 2022.

                    Whack in crysis 2 the other night, a game that was absolutely shamed at the time for being a "console sellout". It's remaster isn't great, but the original game was fun and had a reasonable story with some depth. The remaster was built off the 360 version which wasn't a port, it was built to be a fun game and not a technical show, it's got it's bugs but it's had some love put into it, the story has its shock points in it which aren't played out to be trauma on the player or mind screwing with them to make them feel sick about their choices or score political points or cash out social credit.

                    It was a fun time, and it's sad that a bad remaster or a game that was shunned for console peasantry 10 years ago, is more fun and holds itself better together from a technical point of view than one of the biggest budget most critically acclaimed games on playstation.

                    Bonus points for the fact that unlike TLOU2… it's not depressing… as it was stated before TLOU had ups and downs, downright depressing sections but it had hope in a mix with despair.

                    Honestly for anyone who loved TLOU2, awesome but, to everyone else, it's a depressing pill that is shielded from any critisism by using an entire community for a flak jacket sadly :(

                • +1

                  @typhoonadventure: There's nothing wrong with gay or trans characters, I'm so over hating for the sake of hate, leave them be.

                  But you're right, why are they in the game? Was it purely pink dollar virtue signalling or for genuine reasons?

                  SPOILERS STOP STOP

                  why was the straight white male villainised and killed so brutally?

                  Add these characters, no issue at all
                  But stop making their entire character revolving around their sexuality or gender identity.

                  Honestly end of the day I think the primary hate for the game by far is the death of you know who. It wasn't necessary and the first game is entirely about that father figure in the game and their bond. WTF killing him off?especially like that.

                  Make it more tragic and have him lose a leg and she looks after him. Or something, but the direction of this game is very strange writing.

                  • +3

                    @hamwhisperer: In pretty much any critical view on the game, no one ever went after the sexualities.

                    The writing and technical issues.

                    It's just freaking sad that any critisism of this game goes back to strawman.

                    As someone with PTSD and sadly talking about that in public still has a ridiculous stigma, I had storywise apart from it being a huge letdown and just puzzling choices more issues with the torture and mentally damaging moments in the game.

                    It's one thing to have something like saw where it plays into the story or forms a level of disbelief to a point where the audience disconnects.

                    That didn't happen in this game, it tries and successfully force you to do horrendous things and give the idea that you chose to do it when there was no choice, for no benefit to the story.

                    Many other moments in the game especially in the first half are again trauma porn where decisions are framed as survival only for the game to taunt you with it in the second half.

                    So people want to argue it needed to be done to add weight to the story, to give the feeling of loss or guilt. K… we've had games where this was done before, a great example was Spec Ops : the line, as well as games that have dealt with warcrimes.

                    They set the bar for how to handle this, where you give the player the shock, you make them feel the loss and guilt, accountability of actions to an extent but not to traumatize the player or land low blows on them.

                    People will go but GTAV?…. yeah I hear you, the torture scene in that was horrific but it was a means to an end and with all the other whacky stuff going on in there from a psychological point of view, it's done by a character established to be a fictional parody of a delusional psychopath which creates a disconnect, the player can also make choices in it and not perform the most heinous of torture, as well as linking to an outcome.

                    So it's not a perfect example, its a horrible scene but you can see its purpose.

                    TLOU2's torture and death was used as trauma porn.

                  • @hamwhisperer: Let me guess, you have lesbian friends so it’s okay when you speak like this hey.

                    • -2

                      @onlinepred: WTF are you talking about? Speak like what exactly?

                      If you found that post offensive you need urgent help.

                      • @hamwhisperer: @onlinepred

                        Nice job neging and there's nothing offensive in the slightest in my post.
                        Keep having a sook.

            • +1

              @typhoonadventure: bruh, why is it that every time tlou2 comes up on here you go all over the place with your crusade on LGBT trans social message part of this game?

              Me and my friends are fans of the original and but forntlou2 we have some mixed feelings mostly due to plot and pacing but atleast we can hold a conversation without bring the bullshit trans shit that some weirdos were mad about on the internet.

              Actually reading more of your comments below it seems like you have a screw lose or something. Maybe go join some politics debate club instead of talking about games.

        • -1

          I find Uncharted and TLOU to have the most boring, repetitive gameplay mechanics. They’re beautiful games, storytelling is great, etc. The gameplay just feels so mundane though.

      • +3

        It's got a lot to do with killing of characters that absolutely didn't need killing off, especially for the reasons they did it

        There's a reason this game is always discounted

          • +3

            @m0usju1c3: It is the 6th best selling PS4 game and the devs are happy with the sales, so whatever your made up theory is, it is bollocks.

            As for your bullshit DLC theory, please list all the expansions for PS4's top selling game, God of War. It had a few DLCs that were pre-order bonuses, but no later expansions or DLC content.

            • +1

              @FabMan: The reality is that Sony dropped the price of this game quite quickly since launch and on the market, it is being considered to be worth the same as Spiderman (2018).

              Sony has some real nerve to release The Last of Us remake on PS5 at full price. Then, most likely, we will get The Last of Us part 2's Factions. So, if you want the real fast SSD loading (for the Last of Us Part 2), it's likely Factions will need to be purchased. I understand Neil Druckmann is very proud of the Last of Us, but it is disappointing to know Naughty Dog is still tinkering with The Last of Us 1 and 2, rather than working on their first real PS5 title.

              • +1

                @netsurfer: None of that excuses making up bullshit, the sales weren't poor as it is currently the 6th best selling game of 3263 games.

            • @FabMan: Well I'm not theorising I'm just making a consensus considering all the things I mentioned in my comments, if you feel it's bollocks no problem, feel free to refute my claims directly.

              GoW is a separate case. Santa Monica Studio, unlike Naughty Dog, do not typically release DLC with their titles, the devs have even expressed that themselves directly before. Where as Naughty Dog often do release DLCs for their titles (Uncharted, Last of us).

              As for Ps4's top selling game, if you mean exclusive Sony, I believe that would be Spiderman.

              • +1

                @m0usju1c3: "Well I'm not theorising"

                You are making things up. Literally TLoU2 is the 6th best selling game of 3263 games released for the PS4, that is not poor sales. Your theory of DLC is just your made up theory and it doesn't change the sales numbers of the game.

                "As for Ps4's top selling game, if you mean exclusive Sony, I believe that would be Spiderman."

                It doesn't it matter if it is an exclusive or not, we are talking about sales of games for the PS4. If you remove non-exclusives it makes the TLoU2 the second best selling PS4 game, so take your belief out of it and use reported sales number.

                The reported top selling PS4 game is God of War and that got to the top before its PC sales even started. The second best selling is Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is third and it got it's position before going to the PC. Forth is Spider-Man, soon to be released for PC. TLoU2 has the same reported sales numbers as Horizon Zero Dawn, slightly more than Ghost of Tsushima, 5 times more than Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS4, and 10 times more than the best selling FIFA game on the PS4.

                • @FabMan: It's bargain bin trash and it has been since a month after launch.

                  Make peace with it and stop trying to act like the game is a masterpiece.

                  • @typhoonadventure: I haven't promoted the game itself, I just dislike people making up bullshit to support their theories, please try improving your comprehension skills.

                    • @FabMan: It's been on clearance since not long after it's launch.

                      That's a fact, no one has made that up.

                      • @typhoonadventure: I'm not disputing that, I was referring to the conversation I was having with someone else, it was related to that. Again, please, improve your comprehension skills before continuing to post, you just look foolish and that you have some petty agenda to push.

                      • @typhoonadventure: God of War (2018) was available at $29 at roughly 6 months after its release and $15 after 18 months, so I suppose you think God of War is bargain bin trash too. I suspect Sony and Naughty Dog were expecting higher sales than what they got, but it doesn't mean the sales they actually got were poor though, most things aren't binary, there are stages between great and poor.

                        I've not played the game, I own it but it isn't high on my list of games to play next. I'm not defending the game, I just think people can criticize the game or anything without resorting to making making up bullshit to support their beliefs.

                        • @FabMan: God of war had numerous print runs, it took until after the 5th reprint run for them to put it on a budget listing where it went with playstation hits/best of/ essentials branding.

                          In other words, the game sold really well and consistantly. It also held a decent value for it's opening window and a good period after that before discounting cycles.

                          The last of us has had numerous re-print runs, first off it had copies fly off the shelf, I dont have the exact numbers here but there are about 20 reprint revisions on this system alone, from where sony cut down on the original black label release where instead of it having a book it was just he disc and a controller card, followed by a platinum release, theres also an essentials and a platinum re-issue, other countries had various other re-issues of it.

                          It also had a game of the year edition which came with the expansion and dlc for multiplayer, same deal again, original black label release, numerous reprints of it and it got a new budget release version.

                          The last of us remastered also did really well, same again, it got it's initial black label release on ps4, and then a playstation hits budget label re-issue.

                          So lets take that in for a second, AAA games normally get HUGE amounts of copies printed, if they sell out, sell really well or more importantly consistantly keep selling, they keep doing print runs and they also do a new edition release which can be a GOTY, or a budget label. God of war had numerous print runs, it didn't have the DLC or expansions for a goty but it got numerous print runs and a budget re-issue.

                          The last of us got it all.

                          The last of us 2 was forecast by sony to surpass the entire initial print run of the last of us. They claim a ton of copies sold (they don't divulge if that includes physical and digital, or whether its copies shipped to retailers but not confirmed as sold).

                          The game had a ton of pre-orders cancelled when the leaks came out of the plot, they had a lot of copies also traded in, it became one of the most traded in titles, my local EB games within a week had heaps of pre-owned copies.

                          A lot of companies don't release sales numbers and a lot of times they can be tricky with it, in one of the game groups i'm in we've had some people who work in the industry and one of the things from publishers is that sony don't make as much money off physicals as they used to, they will still do reprints on games that sell heaps of units or even just sell consistantly enough to keep the gears turning along.

                          They also like the idea of doing budget re-issues (think the playstation hits) but they're more focussing on digital sales these days, so the bar for how many copies a game has sold and they believe can still sell is a bit higher than it used to be on playstation hits re-issues.

                          TLOU remastered and GOW were barely a year old before they got a budget re-issue.

                          We're now this far along and stores are STILL trying to clear the initial release copies of the last of us 2.

                          It really says it there, it keeps coming accross as they just made too many copies, they've got all the positive reviews in the world, yet it doesn't appear that they've had to do many runs of it.

                          I still stand by the comment as does the info that it's bargain bin.

                          • @typhoonadventure: "It's been on clearance since not long after it's launch." / "it's bargain bin"
                            "I'm not disputing that"

                            You've written all of that and I wasn't even disagreeing with you on that, so it was pointless, it seems like a ramble for your agenda.

                            It still is the 6th best selling PS4 game of the PS4 3263 games released and that was what what I was writing to the other user when you joined in with you piss poor understanding of my point and jumped to conclusions on what I thought of the game. It sold 4 million in its first 3 days and then an additional additional 6 million after that, so that means it kept selling in whatever fashion it did. I don't want to debate with you on this, since you don't even understand my view and are making poor assumptions based on your lack of comprehension skills.

                            • @FabMan: What agenda?

                              Only real reason i've stuck into anyone on this is because, i've pointed out critical flaws with this game and they can't handle it.

                              Due to the narrative of a very vocal minority this game is a masterpiece and a second coming of jesus. Awesome you enjoyed it.

                              What's annoying is that same group of people trying to co-opt a bulletproof shield over an average game because other people aren't allowed to have opinions contrary to theirs otherwise we're somehow bigots.

                              Tell me i've got no taste all day, tell me that the skybridge having known issues that even after all this time and several patches there are still a ton of known game breaking bugs on, tell me that my opinion that lev is the best written character in the game is wrong.

                              But claiming any critisism these people immediately put on bigotry is just lunacy.

                              • @typhoonadventure: "Only real reason i've stuck into anyone on this is because, i've pointed out critical flaws with this game and they can't handle it." Well you tried sticking it to me and I don't a have view on the game yet, you are making assumptions about people.

                                Have you tried relaxing and not worrying about what someone thinks of a video game? It seems too many people are worked up about it, some delusionally calling it a masterpiece and not accepting criticism as you say, others pathetically review bombing it giving 0 out of 10 because of whatever their fragile reasons are. I've heard silly arguments since the SNES and Mega Drive days regarding video games.

                                My problem, as I've said, is with making up bullshit to support a belief, regardless of the subject. I'd rather you didn't put beliefs into my, or others, mouth thanks.

  • +14

    It was $8 during prime day.

    • +1

      Really? Can't seem to find a deal posted on ozbargain for it?

      • +1

        Yeah, it was included in a bulk listing.

        • With other games or just other Amazon items? Can't believe no separate thread for that deal! Didn't find much things to get on prime this year.

          • @JL1: I created a separate one and they closed it down.

  • +1

    Can this be used in a ps5?

    • +3

      if you have the disc version, yes

    • Yes, the PS5 is basically a PS5 & PS4, there is only an extremely small list of games that aren't backwards compatible.

      The only exceptions are a few games from PS+ being blocked from PS5 when they are still playable with a regular version.

      This game runs at 60fps on the PS5, instead of 30fps on the PS4.

  • I enjoyed the first game, this one I have yet to finished

    In the open world parts I found myself just exploring and looking at the environmental story telling.

    Think I got about 1/3rd of the way through and haven't gone back

    I found with gunplay it was simply easier to just rush everything and melee them

  • +15

    Might be a minority here but I enjoyed number 2 more than number 1 - and no I'm not referring to this morning's bathroom visit.

    • +5

      Me too. Better gameplay, better graphics, better scenes, more variety. More interesting, emotional story as well.

      • -1

        You're absolutely brain-dead

    • -1

      Definitely a minority (and an idiot)

      • go get a life it’s a Saturday afternoon while you get mad online at people over their game choices, mor*n

  • +4

    I loved this game despite prefering the first. When you read someone says "not because the gay aspect" first thing you know exactly that's the issue for them. Personally I did not care, but to be honest I can't remember games with straight relationships showing so much affection. The only boring parts are the long ones at the acquarium.

    • +4

      It could also be that the games storytelling is considered not great and that criticism being unrelated to gay characters.

      Is it really no longer possible for a story to be bad if it has a gay character? Left Behind was good, it was centred around a gay relationship which had no bearing on the quality of the writing.

      • +1

        Of course, I simply think it's unnecessary to say first thing it's not for the gay story. The game is great, and that's objective. Then someone can dislike it, we all like different things, but it does not mean the game is bad. Someone can also dislike it for the gay character, legit but worrying. To me everything is great but the acquarium and maybe some too many "babe" calling.

    • So what's your go to when you talk to someone who's LGBTQ+ who didn't enjoy it and has issues with it's storyline or technical aspects?

    • People who love part 2 have a tendency to tag people who dislike the game because of the LTBGQ aspect. However, that's completely wrong.

      • Most people playing part 2 already know Ellie. And, the first promo video way before the release of the game had Ellie and Dina dancing.
      • The most frustrating part of part 2 for people who dislike it is actually the LTBGQ parts are far more organic (like Part 1), so it is annoying the "rest" of the story couldn't be more like that.
      • The irony is that the LTBGQ group (the Q group) are unhappy about the way the story has gone about it, The writers probably thought they are doing the Q group a favour, but they (and we) are actually clueless on what the Q group actually want.

      The main issue with part 2 for me is that Naughty Dog tried to show that they can do so many things better than other developers, so some of the cut scenes, plot twists are overdone causing me to tune out of the story. The relationship / affection cut scenes, come on, we know which game it is trying to top (and that's a bit sad to be honest - part 2 just has to be the best in everything?). The golf thing I have no issue, but part 2 ending with mission unaccomplished yet again is too predictable. Also, it is far too obvious part 2 cast are people who the VP / main writer likes.

      I know Naughty Dog brushed aside majority of the negative comments. That's fine. However, if they are serious on tackling the LTBGQ issue, then they need to remember to treat them all equal, not just LBG are treated like normal people, but Q group are discriminated in the story. To be fair, I didn't realise that until the Q group complained.

      100% happy for people who love this game. Like Troy Baker said, you either really like or really dislike the game, there is no in between. Just don't try to assume you know exactly why some people don't like it.

  • +9

    This game is a masterpiece. Highly recommend

    • Agreed. Loved both the original and the sequel.

      Naughty Dog rocks. Hope they dust off Uncharted again for an outing on PS5. 🤞🏻

      • +1

        Really hope Naughty Dog would do another Uncharted for PS5. Unfortunately, I am not having high hopes. I suspect Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Neil Druckmann don't get alone that well. In all Nolan North's retro replay episodes (where he played Uncharted 1 to 3), Neil never appeared as a guest. Also, no Uncharted 4 playthrough from Nolan so far.

        Maybe it is still possible, but perhaps without Nathan Drake as the main protagonist.

        • +1

          i'd be surprised if anyone gets along with Neil Druckmann lol.

      • -1

        The sequel is trash and so is Naughty Dog

    • -1

      Said no one with a functioning brain ever

  • +2

    Years on, the butthurt bigots are still complaining about this game

    This (objectively fantastic) game lives in their head rent free.

    • +1

      People who love game 2 don't need to trash people who don't like it. Don't forget a lot of people who dislike part 2's story love part 1.

      Cut scene quality, graphics - top notch. Gameplay - improved. Story, that's the bit where people don't quite agree.

      This game was selling for $8. People are ready to move on for quite some time. Naughty Dog, can you PLEASE release something new, rather than milking people for Uncharted 4 remastered, Last of Us Part 1 remake, and Part 2 Factions?

      Sony, your number 1 studio shouldn't be so fixated on remake and remaster titles. Nearly 2 years since PS5 was launched, your number 1 studio is still updating PS4 titles? Microsoft doesn't do this. It's time to tell Naughty Dog to move on and do a proper PS5 title.

      • God of War (2018) is $9.

      • +1

        Number 1 studio isn't naughty dog lol.

      • "People who love game 2 don't need to trash people who don't like it"

        That's what they do though

    • +2

      You do realize a lot of the people your calling bigots loved the first game and it's expansion right?

      It really comes accross as buthurt when you've got burned on die hard supporters convinced that anyone who viewed a political game objectively found objective critisism with it.

      But no it had to be the politics, not the game crashes, not the technical issues or poor character development and plot that only shined in small areas, or the trauma porn.

    • This game is objectively bad and always will be no matter how much you delusional shills say otherwise

  • Loved the first game. Got probably 3/4 through the second but got bored and haven't finished it

  • +2

    GOTY and well deserved

    Gameplay, story, graphics and animations are top notch

    • Objectively false 🤡

  • +2

    Replayed the original this year and this for the first time. Think I prefer the original for what I think is a stronger story, but the sequels not bad. Did feel maybe it was a tad longer than needed and I didn’t find the characters who are so driven by revenge as interesting as the motivations for progressing through the first game.

    Sequel is technically impressive and I’m looking forward to seeing what the upcoming remaster of the original does to build on that. The second also introduces some good gameplay mechanics, even if I prefer the original.

  • jb hifi got it same price. on top of that, its on the 2 for 30 category

  • Payed $8 on prime day so definitely not the lowest price

  • Bought for the same price a year ago..

    Still plastic wrapped unfortunately..

  • hey guys - are the returns with prime membership charged? First time returning an item & $7 is the minimum i see - Parcel point or Austpost drop off? Thanks?
    i thought returns were also free.

  • Garbage game at any price

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