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Ergohuman Premium Fit IOO Executive High Back Office Chair Aluminium Base $499 + Delivery @ DukeLiving via MyDeal

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This is one of several variants of this chair, several on discount. This one reduced from $549 to $499. It has been cheaper (lowest $449 according to pricehipster).

I list this one as it the closest version to those sold in other stores. The other variants have reduced features.

As far as I can tell the "High Back" version with aluminium base appears very similar to these, but I'm not sure if identical (or a clone, or from some country with size tweaks, or some other differences):

Link to all variants

This old post has lots of useful information and comments on these chairs variants -

I find it hard to get reviews on this chair. There's many subtle variants. It's not as well reviewed as the $1000+ tier.

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    Important to check the warranty on office chair purchases.

    3 Years standard

    • You'd be going to DukeLiving for warranty as they have nothing to do with, which itself is just another authorised retailer.

      The listing claims 5 year warranty, whether or not their support actually backs that up is another question though.

      • Dukeliving is a pillar of western society and will definitely still be around to honour your claim in five years

      • well that's reassuring….the company that owns the domain is just a retailer? nuf said I guess. Pass.

  • that neck rest attachment, is it actually comfortable to lean back on?

    • I dont have any complaints with it, it is fairly adjustable (up/down, forward/back)

    • That is for protection from whiplash not resting

    • Yes quite comfy, this is the first chair I've really used the neck rest much - perfect height and depth for me.

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    Can anyone suggest something up to $300 ? I’m around 182cm and not very heavy if that helps.

    • +1… - maybe like this, obviously go try it, long as warranty, just remember to loctite the bolts

      • Looks worth trying. One of the responses from OW mentioned it has an upgraded base - recent reviews are good.

    • +2

      Popular at that price range is the Ikea Markus. I don't know if tall people have problems with it.

    • What about the non-exec model?
      $399 from $550 RRP

      • Want to write off for work from home on tax so < 300 is easier

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    I've been using one 8hrs a day for the last two years. Very happy with it.

    • Thanks for sharing - Do you have any feedback on the lumbar support/adjustment? Just the one thing I'm particularly interested in!

      • There is a little booklet for setting it up, once i set it up properly it felt so much better.
        Ive had mine for about 9 months 3-4 days a week usage

  • It’s very easy to get $10 off at MyDeal. Either setup a new email or use the App.

  • I have had one Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Mesh since 2017, it's still going strong. I now need another one for my office, is this a similar or an upgrade?

    • I think this would be a downgrade - it costs less (although on temple and webster the cost is about the same). If that chair is great for you, maybe get another…? The fit of a chair is important.

      • Thanks OP, I will give this a go.

  • Anyone have thoughts on upholstered version vs non-upholstered (the one posted in OP)?
    My thoughts were upholstered might be nicer/more comfortable?

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      Some people complain about "numb bum" on mesh chairs. Reviewers from BTOD are always going on about it, they seem to prefer an unholstered seat. On the other hand, so many mesh chairs exist, e.g. Aeron. So maybe it depends on seat quality, person, duration of use - I haven't figured out how risky it is. (

  • Not sure I want to buy from My deal.

    I need a new chair, the Ikea Markus chair I got is no good for me. Terrible seat cushion

  • Ergohuman v2 elite full mesh with separate foot rest bought in ~2011. Used for thousands upon thousands of hours (WFH).

    Comfy as the day I bought it (took about a week to adjust to mesh, about 2 weeks to properly dial it in, base angle is very important). No problems with the left arm pad only now starting show very slight wear on the edge. The metal on the base isn't mirror finish anymore (no rush just a looks a lot duller) but otherwise fine. No wear on the mesh parts. Lumbar support still works great.

    If it ever dies I'll be getting whatever their top of the line model is in mesh again. Best office chair I've ever owned.

  • i bought the non-exec version from mydeal for $399. Needless to say i was not that impressed. The packaging was super cheap. Random bubble wrap everywhere and different coloured electrical tape? Looked like it had either been returned or some parts were refurb. Either way the chair is OK. The lumber is quite annoying and cannot be adjusted. I had extremely high hopes for this chair as it looked amazing. The adjustments are good but you cant even use the upper back support as the back doesn't come upright enough. The mesh does feel very comfortable and premium so that's the biggest plus. either way i gave the chair to my wife and she seems to like it. I bought a secret lab chair and feels significantly more premium and is more comfortable as well, even if the chair is quite hard.

  • Could anyone please suggest a chair for someone with Ischial bursitis, I have caught it during covid WFH. I thought ikea Markus was enough for me

  • I have this model but the one with plastic feet. It's been great, it took a while to adapt to. But once I set it up correctly, it's been great!

    Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.

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