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Ergohuman Fit IOO Office Chair $399 + Delivery ($0 to Limited Areas) @ Duke Living via MyDeal

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Limited areas appear to be eastern metro postcodes.

Plus $10 off first order (newsletter subscription) and potential 4.2% Cashreward (may not qualify if using signup code).

Sold and shipped by Duke Living. Not as good as a previous $349 + delivery deal, but this time includes free shipping.

This one appears to be the budget "Weight Balance" model (lack of recline tension adjustment dial, hence "auto" balanced):

There is another "High Back" version with aluminium base:, the armrests and seat mechanism look completely different, so it is not just the aluminium base. It is also on sale at MyDeal, but not as attractively priced, and shipping is not free.

Link to all variants:

2022-01-14 Update: try this $10 code "JESS10" if you don't want to subscribe to newsletter. Thanks websalad for this info.

2022-01-14 Update 2: if you are not sure about this one and want to check out other alternatives online, pay attention to the seat adjustment mechanism. A run of the mill task chair would have a tension adjustment knob at the bottom (centre) and a lever on the side for high adjustment, sometimes the lever also doubles up as tilt lock. This kind of design has been around for like forever and there's nothing ergonomic about it. Manufacturers may make them in fancy shapes, or wrap them in fancy looking mesh/fabric, and give them fancy names, beware.

2022-01-15 Update: if the numbers are correct, 700 units were sold up until 13/Jan, then increased to 800 units on 14/Jan, then 900 units this morning. As of 8:30am, 11 units left, lets see if they get cleared out today. Meanwhile I'm still umming and ahing, undecided. :D

2022-01-15 Update 2: this particular chair has since been removed from Ergohuman AU website (page not found). Possibly discontinued, hence the price drop, and likely last chance to purchase. Cached product page is still available from Google.

2022-01-15 Update 3: out of stock at around 12pm.

2022-01-20 Update: chair was delivery earlier today by Border Express to Sydney metro. Took 15 minutes to assemble, if you have access to 4mm (for headrest) and 5mm (for armrests and back) hex bits and a ratchet they can really speed things up.

  • The chair comes with a 4mm hex tool to secure the headrest, I didn't try it but I can imagine it would be difficult to use due to limited clearance. So, if you don't have access to hex bits and ratchet, get a 4mm allen key ready. All bolts have blue thread lockers, so they become pretty tight and can be difficult to secure all the way.

  • Overall quality is quite good and comfortable, back is a little bit wobbly due to height adjustment mechanism, but not a cause of concern.

  • Didn't used the included castors, transferred the fixed feet from the old chair. Don't like chair rolling around, and also for floor protection. They are around $22 from Amazon:

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  • +21

    Great chair

  • +18

    Horrible chair.

    Got rid of mine after 3 months.

    • +1

      What you replace it with

      • ZAPF-T BK BY INNERSPACE which was $375.

        • How's the ZAPF-T BK?

          • @frondono: Horrible chair.

            Got rid of mine after 3 months.

    • +20

      Care to elaborate the issues?

    • +78

      Lol @ the polarising first two reviews

      • +4

        Both got almost equal upvotes too. Who should we trust? Z80 or Lococard? Flip a coin?

    • +4

      Not sure what your issues are but I've had this chair throughout the pandemic working from home and it's bloody great.
      Never once had any pain or issues and I do nearly 50 hours a week some of those weeks

        • +1

          Interesting I've had mine for more than 6 months and use it as I described and do not have this issue.
          Each to their own

        • Had this chair, made me feel nauseous like I was on a boat. Every movement bounces. Was awful feeling.

      • +2

        Similar story to me, had the chair for 18months now and love it. Great chair considering the small jump in cost compared to standard Office Works chairs etc. All the lazy people who keep posting a link and not describing anything themselves, I've never had a issue with anything digging into my spine. I don't claim the one person who posted this didn't have issues but I can't imagine they'd sell any chairs if this affected everyone.
        -Solid build
        -Great support
        -Mesh build which makes it cool and comfortable

      • +1

        Same for me. I use the chair on a daily basis. V nice chair for a reasonable price when in the sale. No issues on my side.

    • agreed with you. had to get rid of it. Back height doesn't suit me due to that I am tall. It suit to someone who is shorter.

      • +1

        I've had no issues, I'm 6'4" and find the back to be quite comfortable when set to the right height, which isn't even at its highest setting.

  • Are there any particular stores that people know off that let you try these… Keen on purchasing but a few conflicting reports.

    • +1

      Not that I know of. Way back they have demo chairs at selected chiropractors, not sure if they still do.

      I randomly saw an Elite at an office furniture store, they just happen to have that one chair but they can special order (I can too, online :D).

      • +5

        I can't imagine paying $400 for a chair without being able to try it first.

  • I recently bought a Secretlabs chair. It's in the gaming category of chairs but probably the best one you can get (more comfortable than most office chairs I've tried).

    Pretty comfortable and lots of seating options. Next step up would be an Aeron but more than double the price

    • +3

      Which one? I bought the regular Secretlab Omega and I'm not that impressed..

      • Titan evo 2022. Latest model

    • +13

      Can't get over the look of gaming chairs, too much like car seats. :D

      But hey each to their own.

    • +87

      The best thing about gaming chairs is that they protect your spine and your virginity.

      • +6

        challenge accepted!

      • +1


      • Talk about a bargain, you saved $399 here by just using your personality to protect both :D

      • +3

        50%. They do not protect your spine.

    • +7

      I had the secretlab omega. The pu leather will peel off soon. Mine did after 1 year. Had zero lumbar support, i needed to buy a lumbar cusion off ebay for that.
      I bought the herman miller sayl last eofy sale for $700.
      Suprised at the quality of the lumbar support.
      Great chair, no additional accessories needed for it

      • My Omega came with a lumbar cushion

        • the lumbar cushion provided didnt do much for me, i started getting lower back pain. so bought a better one of ebay
          im comparing it to my Sayl that doesnt require any cushion at all.. il never get a secretlab ever again

      • -1

        I got mine in softweave. Latest model has lumbar support

      • What sale did you get your Herman Miller from?

        • +1

          Living Edge, last year EOFY sale.
          You gotta wait till mid this year to get it at that price or lower maybe

      • I have an omega too. April 2020. Came with two cushions. I dust and wipe it down,Maybe once a quarter. Don't do skin on seat contact. Looks as good as new. Plus they have a five year warranty. The OH LOVES it and stole it. I now have an office chair instead. So I go into work. 😅

      • where did you buy your herman miller from?

    • -1

      I have an older sayl and considering to buy a secret lab Evo for the higher back.

      Any places in Sydney that you can sit in a secret lab before purchasing?

      • +1

        Unfortunately not. I think the only showroom was in Melbourne when I checked so just gotta take a gamble. But their returns policy seems ok - their warehouse is in Sydney so return shipping shouldn't be much but just a hassle.

  • I noticed it mentions 'automatic lumbar adjustment' - does that mean it's one of those chairs that automatically rocks back and can't be locked into place, depending on how much pressure you are leaning back into it? We have those at work and I despise them.

    • +1

      No, it locks into place and doesn't have a tilt function when locked. No idea what the automatic lumbar adjustment is, but I still find mine really comfortable (got it in the deal last year mentioned by OP). Only downside is that the back's height adjustment is a ratchet system - being very tall, I prefer having this up high, but if I move upward and drag the back, it pops down to the bottom. Small inconvenience, but still one nonetheless.

      • Ah cool, thanks for the information. Definitely tempted by this deal, have been putting off getting a decent chair at home for way too long.. have you found it to overall be worth the money? Now with predominantly WFH I might have to bite the bullet and grab one.

        • +1

          Considering I had two crappy Officeworks chairs within a year, well worth the money. The build quality is very top notch, and for this price, very worth it. Comparable ones are closer to $800 (and over).

        • Just for more info - this chair is aimed at taller/heavier folks (I'm 195cm/115kg), but my wife (pretty smol) still finds it very comfortable as well.

    • +2

      I think automatic means it conforms to your back by tension, but can't lock it at a fixed position.

      • I actually wondered that as I was replying above. Either way, I've found the lumbar support good for me - ymmv.

      • +1

        Yep thats it .. i got the one without headrest on the last deal. Pretty good chair.. aggressive lumber support but i like it. You can also adjust the back piece including the lumber support vertically into 3 different positions, i guess based on your height and where you want the lumber support to sit

    • It's got a two-part back, where the lower part has a bit of springyness to it. It's essentially non-adjustable lumbar support which is separate from the rest of the back. I find it quite comfortable.

  • +1

    anyone know if it is worth the extra for the elite v2?

  • +2

    Looking for a new chair but know nothing about chairs yet - current computer chair is a $5 dining chair, for reasons.

    How does this compare to something like the aeron, a name I hear bounced around here a lot?

    Is the extra price at around $1000 worth it if you can afford it?

    • My workplace has Herman Miller Aerons and I've found them to be fantastic for very long periods of time spent sitting (often 12+ hours with a few breaks). Having said that, I'm in the market for a chair for the home office at the moment but I don't think I can bring myself to spend ~$1400 even though I probably should. I'm keen to hear from anyone that can suggest alternatives. At the moment I'm thinking of giving an IKEA Markus or similar a go for a couple of hundred bucks.

      • I was in the similar situation. I found the Miuz ergonomic mesh chair to be a pretty decent find. I am 185cm tall and this was the best option for me as it has adjustable depth.

      • I'm sitting in my chair for a significant portion of the day (Office worker moved to WFH, who also enjoys playing the occasional game), so I definitely feel it is worth the 'investment' in my comfort.

      • +3

        I have the markus and I can't whole heartedly recommend it. I don't know what it is but it isn't comfortable but neither is it that uncomfortable…

        • I bought a Markus last week based on seeing it pop up here so many times. I find it uncomfortable. Don't seem to sit back far enough on the base. I also hate the auto locking castors. Every time I go to slide it in or out without sitting on it, I have to lift the chair up to move.

          I was in a rush and sat on it for 20 secs as I whizzed through the store. ALWAYS TEST THE CHAIR for a decent time first. I don't have a local IKEA, my nearest is 3hrs away. Looks like I am stuck with it. I regret my purchase.

          • @RoosterBooster: Didn't realise the castors were 'auto-locking'. I thought mine just had some problems.

            • @krnjoejoe: Yeah I don't get the point of it. When I first used it I thought it must have had a manual lock (which I would have preferred). With the auto lock the only way to engage the wheels is to sit on the chair. When it is pushed under a desk, you need to pull it out first (whilst the wheels are locked which is difficult due to the weight of the chair.

              When finished, you hop off to push it back under and have the same problem. Its not like the chair is on a slope or side of a hill and I don't want it rolling away when I hop off. I just can't see a point for the locking castors.

              • @RoosterBooster: Isn't there an easy return policy with IKEA?

                • +1

                  @confidantduk: Yes, 365 days I believe which is quite generous. Although I have only ever visited IKEA twice in my life and probably won't be near one for quite a while.

      • Considered getting a second hand aeron? These things are built to last and almost every part is replaceable (piston, lumbar support, foam cushion, etc)

      • I have the Markus and my partner has the Ergohuman and although I'm not a fan of either, I think the Ergohuman is designed much better. You can't adjust much on the Markus, especially the lumbar support so unless it's the perfect height for you, I wouldn't suggest it.

    • +4

      Salesperson is gonna tell you that Aeron will last 20 years and beyond, if you seat on it 5 days a weeks, 40 weeks a year, it only costs a dollar a day. :D

      I have tried Aeron at Living Edge, while it is quite comfy, I don't think it's that much comfier to justify the vast price difference.

      Its reputation comes from lots of product experience and R&D to design a chair that suits 99% of the population.

      But if you can try enough chairs to find the one you like, surely there's a much cheaper option out there that's very comfy for 50% of the population.

      • Thanks for the input everyone.

        Sounds like Aeron is the absolute best with a price tag that represents it, but I could definitely find a cheaper chair that ticks most of the boxes.

        Just found an Aeron store close by, I'll go test it out in the next few weeks.

        • Aeron isn't the absolute best and i'd say there really is no absolute best. Every single chair has pros and cons. There's so many features/aspects which can be done in so many different ways, you may like one feature but dislike another.

          I use an aeron and it took me 2 weeks to get used to it, this is why many bigger stores let you try for like a month before buying. I love it but it has some drawbacks.

          • you can only sit in one position (forward)
          • no native headrest, best third party one from atlas costs a small fortune imported from the US
          • armrests are fairly basic (classic model)
          • lumbar support not very adjustable
          • backrest tilts back a smidge too much (classic model, fixed in the remastered)

          With that said, I will still be using it as my main home chair. I have the atlas headrest which really completes it, very comfortable when reclining.

          I'll actually be buying a steelcase leap next to use in my office/workshop. That is a very different kind of chair with a more traditional cushion seat that's great for moving around in. It doesn't tilt like the aeron and the headrest is very basic if you get it.

          • @FiveDarrah: Good insight. If you're keen, I'm looking for an opinion on if I could buy this for say $800 second hand ('good' condition) would that be the best bang-for-buck considering these options (for the average man).

            Paying more than $500 is stretching my ideal budget, but as I work from home (9-10 hours) and continue to sit in the same place to play video games; I am willing to invest more.

            • +1

              @DrSwag: I would say yes, it may take a little while to find one at that price locally cos it seems like most people are pricing them stupid prices close to retail.

              But at 800, it should be easy to sell again if you find you don't like it. This is one of the reasons I bought an aeron, I can sell it for at least what I paid.

              Before buying, you should know that there are two versions, the classic and remastered. If they don't say which version it is, it's probably the classic (remastered retails over 2k). There's also three sizes (A B C) for different height people. In person, you can feel the back rest for dots that indicate the size (google to find a diagram).

              The classic version has a foam pad under the seat mesh at the front. This is the first and only component that degrades and needs replacing. When picking up and inspecting a chair, give the chair a reach around and see how the foam feels. Is it breaking apart? Dunno how long it takes but I would say maybe 10 years. Mine disintegrated and fell out on it's own.

      • +1

        I bought my Aeron back in 1997 and it's still as solid as it was new.

      • The Aerons are robust. I bought mine some time back in 2007. It's still going strong.

  • +1

    $80 shipping to Perth

    • +2

      Thanks for noticing. It says "limited free shipping", I thought limited time, turns out limited places. :D

    • $98 to Tassie

  • Does anybody find mesh chairs hard to clean? After a while there's dust that hard to get rid of by just wiping. Compared to leather or may be hard surface chairs they can be easily cleaned.

    • Why not vacuum it?

    • I basically never clean my aeron's mesh… probably should. Dust is only visible at the very edges where it meets the hard plastic. Vacuuming has already been mentioned. If that doesnt work then dunno.

    • Vac plus soft brush on both sides at the same time. You an also try a damp cloth, to pick up leftovers.

  • +5

    Do not buy a chair without testing it at least, the longer the better, so find somewhere that will allow returns if you arent happy with it.

    I made the mistake and bought an ergohuman chair based on pictures, right when covid hit and we had to work from home. (not this exact model but a similar looking one, for $750). After a few days it didnt feel right but I put up with it for 6 months. I reckon I aged my back 10 years.

    I've since moved to a Herman Miller Aeron with no issues

    • It definitely depends on your frame, and Ergohumans seem more suited to narrower frames. I have had my Ergohuman Elite V2 for 4-5 years (bought for $500ish from Temple and Webster) and I love it. I have spent a lot of time on Aerons, both in offices as well as on my Father's and I find for my skinny/tall frame, the Ergohuman gives me much better support and is considerably more comfortable. Plus it is in as new condition after years of daily use.

    • +1

      I wasted so much time and money trying to find something nearly as good as an aeron, only to finally give up and get one anyway. I tried everything and the only cheaper option worth considering is a second hand mirra.

  • +3

    There is an additional $15 cashback ($120 Spend) Mydeal cashback via ShopBack, look for the challenge under the Earn More / Brand Challenge sub menu. You'll earn this on top of the regular cashback rate.

    • If you use the sign-up coupon code will it likely void any cashback?

    • can I pay with afterpay?

  • any recommendations on home office chair for less than $150 (after sale)? nothing fancy…good cushion is the only thing I look for.

  • Lumbar support on this chair is abysmal.

  • is this brand better than Steelcase?

    • +1

      No, but its cheaper

  • +1

    I'm sitting in one right now. Love it for comfort. I have the platinum colour and the leg rest and the laptop table additions as well. The quality is exceptional, made from proper stainless steel which doesn't rust in our sometimes quite humid location in Queensland. Had it for several years. Still looks brand new. Should have a pretty good resale value if ever I decided to offload it.

  • +2

    I have had this chair for 2 years. The tilt-lock is broken and it's heavy but that's the only negatives I have for this chair. The lumbar support is great and it has maintained its comfort. My GF has a Ikea Markus chair and we both think this is better in almost every way.

  • +1

    Anyone have any suggestions on a gaming chair that ISN'T fake leather and cost an arm and a leg? I've been buying $100 chairs that just peel after a short while. Would be good to be environmentally friendly whilst being cheap as well. (ozbar-ment ftw)

    • Secretlab has softweave. Got one a few days ago. Comfy. Gaming chairs get a bad rep and I agree 99% of them are junk.

  • I have had the ergohuman elite V2 for close to 8 years amazing chair, but the bloody arm rest pads don't last i think i am up to my third set

  • +1

    Chairs are one those things you have to try for yourself and trust no one, hence the mixed review, everyone has a different body and so different chair preference.
    I’ve tested all the high end chairs for months and at the end of the day, what matters most is movement, so make sure to take regular breaks.

    High end chairs are built like tanks nowadays so the best option is to do some research and buy second hand for a good price (Making sure it’s working properly). That way you can resell it if you don’t like it.
    I’ve learned that chairs requires weeks to get used to, it may be comfortable for the first hour but after a few hours/days, it will feel different.

    As for this post, it’s a pretty generic chair… great if it works for you, but I’d rather buy a second hand Steelcase or for a bit more a second hand Herman Miller (Tho I think these big names are overrated and overpriced)
    If you want specifics, I’d recommend a second hand ‘Haworth Zody’ as they are pretty common from office clearouts.

    • Appreciate all this information!
      Have you tried Haworth Fern?…

      • No, I would love to try it but haven’t been able to find any in the second hand market. I’ve heard good reviews about that chair fir taller folks

      • +1

        This was the best chair I tried at Officeworks, but if you add the cost of arm rests and lumbar support, it can get quite expensive - close to the price of everyone's favourite, Herman Miller Aeron.

        • The Aeron is very hit or miss, there are countless post of people returning it.
          I’d say the Zody is similiar to the Aeron as the fern is similiar to the embody.

  • On the topic of office chairs anyone got an IKEA jarvfjallet? How are they?

    • I have one.

      It's a nice chair and sufficiently lower back supported at a good price. Mine was had at $159.

      However, the head rest is slightly tilted forward (or protruding for wanting a better word) effectively making your neck position slightly awkward (slightly crutching forward). This is especially so if you engage the recline lock.

      A better proposition seems to be Ikea's latest gaming chair which is called Matchspel. I road tested this just before Christmas. The head rest was far more comfortable. However, I don't like the arm rest but that could be because of my work table which is a static 74cm height when most of the demo workstations were either 72-73cm and that apparently makes a difference for my arm position.…

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