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Ergohuman Fit IOO Executive Office Chair $349 + Delivery @ Duke Living via MyDeal

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Been looking for a decent office chair and went to my trusted source for all things, OzBargain. Just missed out on a few sale on the Steelcase but seen the Ergohuman mentioned a lot. Cheaper than the last sale, just ordered one. Hope this helps anyone else that's in the market for an office chair.

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    ~$145 shipping to WA metro…

    • ouch. Was about $60 for me to Sydney CBD less $10 email sign up voucher.

    • And I thought my $28USD shipping was bad…

    • we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to this!

    • $160-190 to North QLD.

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    I've had this chair for a few months now for the home office, the seat cushion is quite firm, but comfortable; some parts are height adjustable (lumbar, arms and headrest) however the arms are a bit loose/wobbly, though this is pretty much a non-issue for me.

    • Was it hard to assemble?

    • yeah, my arms jump about a bit and need a lot of tweaking. But it's a pretty good chair given I almost live on it

    • Same here. Right arm looser than left. Not a huge issue but a bit annoying.

    • I fixed my arms. There's some skirf(?) skerf(?) whatever the word for material that leaks out during the casting process that needed filing back where the base of the vertical part of the arm interfaces with the rest of the chair.

      All good now.

      Everyone should be aware that they aren't branded Ergohuman or Ergofit. Mine is branded 'ComfortComfort' and I wasn't expecting this when I got it (especially given how MyDeal advertised it). They assured me they come from the same factory and wouldn't budge on adjusting the pricing.

      Still comfortable AF though.

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    How reliable and trustworthy is mydeal? Does anyone know?

    • +1

      I used them through eBay and they were fine. Got my order in around 24 hours

      • Thank you! I have been meaning to buy stuffs from them but have been a bit reluctant since there isnt much known about them

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      Bought wifey the white version to WA. Took about ~2 weeks. Very good build I must say.

    • +1

      The usual online retailer experience. I bought from them on ebay and direct through their website.

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    With delivery doesn't quite work out as cheap as before. But comes close. Last time it was $395.20 delivered.
    As per CPT dumpling the arms rotate a little too easily but a very comfortable chair that even my wife who doesn't need to use it often is found sitting on it

  • Definitely a nice chair, very comfortable. Not as comfortable as the herman miller aerons we have in the office but for the fraction of the price, worth the money. Purchased from the deal last month, got the aluminium base model which has a slightly different arm rest. has both depth and width adjustment for the armrest, this one only seems to have depth.

    As mentioned above, the armrests do wobble a little. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but at any height above the lowest for the back rest, it does wobble a little in it's socket area, although it's also very minor as well.

    • Can you lock the width adjustment on the armrests for the aluminium model, or do they slide if you lean on them too far?

      • +2

        there is no locking mechanism for it, so if you push with enough force from the top of the arm rest with a weird enough angle, it will move.
        For normal use, you most likely won't accidentally slide them.
        The only time i have slid them was accidentally from the inside of the armrest

  • I'm in the market for a new office chair. Definitely keep this one on my radar. Current price is ~$417 delivered so might wait a bit.

  • Are the arm rests removable?

    • +21

      everything is removable. With enough force.

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        My man. This is what I need to read with my coffee in the morning. Thanky you random OZB citizen!

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          @Faszkalap you are welcome. thanks for enjoying the laws of physics with me.

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  • Anyone experience these on hardwood floor? Considering changing the wheels if they are too slippery

    • +1

      I bought one of those carpet/mats (1.5x1.5m) for about $30 from Bunnings. Protects floor, provides a better resting spot for feet & stops random movements on hardwood floor

      • trying to avoid a mat, so considering getting the rollerblade casters from amazon

        • +3

          Keep in mind the rollerblade ones will raise most chairs as they are usually larger than standard. I'm using some rubber castors by Slipstick that look just like normal ones but with rubberized coating. Haven't scratched the floor thus far, although I was initially a bit paranoid about something embedding in the wheel and ruining the floor.

          There are other non branded ones available elsewhere, but I forget where (maybe ebay?). There are ones which look like rubber at bunnings but are just a hard gray coloured plastic wheel.

          • @zbys: Thanks for the tip. That’s a good point. I won’t have much under desk room already so don’t want to add any more height.

          • @zbys: Am I right to assume the diameter is standard 11mm?

        • Rollerblade wheels are life changing on an office chair. So bloody good. Definitely give them a go

  • Is it 4D armrest?

    • 3D it seems like

      Single Lever Control Mechanism (SLCM)
      Adjustable seat height depth and back tilt
      Seat slide
      3D Automatically-Adjusting Lumbar Support
      Adjustable Back Rest with 4 Positions
      NeckPro Neck Rest with Multi-Directional Dynamic Neck Support (MINS)
      3D Headrest with Adjustable Angle and Height
      Back Rest with Adjustable Height and Tilt Control
      High Back Design
      Fully Automatic Weight Balance Mechanism
      Waterfall Front Seat
      Locking Multi-Functional Arms with Soft-Touch Pads - Removable without Affecting Chair Styling
      Black Raised Nylon Base with 60mm Castors
      All parts of the chair are replaceable for a longer life-cycle
      Made with up to 80% recycled material and has 95% recyclability with Greenguard Gold Air Quality Certification
      You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind all Ergohuman Office Chairs purchased at MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.
      Detailed Specifications

      Product Code: IOOB-WBNF-3DHAM
      Meets EN 1335-1:2000 EN1335-2:2009 and EN 1335-3:2009 (Office Furniture and Office Work Chair safety requirements)
      BIFMA Cerified
      52.8% Plastic
      42.3% Steel
      1.4% Upholstery
      3.3% PU/Foam
      Overall: 72cm L x 72cm W
      Seat: 50cm L x 49cm W
      Maximum Overall Height: 126cm
      Mimimum Overall Height: 109cm
      Maximum Seat Height: 53.5cm
      Minimum Seat Height: 42.5cm
      Seat Back Height: 77.5cm
      Seat Back Width: 49cm
      Base Diameter: 65cm
      Overall Weight: 24kg
      Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg
      Simple assembly required

  • -1

    Make sure the height of the back chair need to be aware. I bought and tried it but it need taller back to feel comfortable. So I sold it. Suitable for short people.

    • Yes I am looking for something that suits 6'2" people and up. What did you end up buying?

  • Can anyone comment on the upholstered version vs the mesh version? I've never had a problem with overheating in chairs, would the upholstered one be more comfortable?

    • +1

      I really love my mesh chair, easier to clean with less smell (being my concerns). The big issue however is the headrest being mesh often catches my hair (short hair) so I made a cover for it. I've always disliked upholstered chairs, they seem to lose their plump after a while.

  • +1

    59.93 postage to melbourne… would pull the trigger otherwise..

  • +2

    Any idea how it compares to something like this? It's over $100 cheaper.


    • i would also like to know this.

  • Seems like a good price but the shipping kills it a bit. ANy ideas how to bring it down other than the 10 bucks off?

    • Email subscription will give you $10 voucher

      • yeah. i was hoping for something to bring the cost of shipping down massively.

        • Oh right, apparently it’s a heavy box so guess shipping cost can be high. With lock down prefer that than risk coping a fine for collection out of area

          • @Tadashi: Whats the warranty on this thing? I cant seem to see it on the site.

            • @rollin: 5 years according to MyDeal under specification;

              You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind all Ergohuman Office Chairs purchased at MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Been thinking about this or Aeron at twice the price…

    • Went through the same thought process. If I was a programmer and spend long period of time coding than perhaps you can justify the cost. I don’t spend that much time to justify the cost. Also prefer one with headrest for when I’m just relaxing and watching movies.

      Guess depends on your circumstances.

      • I think I spend long enough sitting to justify Aeron - I can get one at about $850 - I just want to know if there is enough of a difference. I wont use the headrest - wont be watching movies in it.

        • That’s a good price. New?

          • @Tadashi: No but hopefully good condition! I dont think I've seen any new under $1600.

            • @Geoff-bargain: Was about to go to auburn NSW today where they have loads of used office chairs like the Aeron and Leap than decided against it. Not worth risking coping a $1k fine to save $1k 🤔

              • @Tadashi: How much are they going for there?

              • @Tadashi: Is this the mob known as budget furniture direct or something on facebook? If so, their terrible reviews (rating system in marketplace) turn me off strongly for some reason.

                But yeah otherwise, I see Aerons from $600-1000

                • @dainese: Yeah I saw this on marketplace too, was looking at the Herman Miller Sayl chairs and I'm down the road. But something screams dodgy from the reviews, to the name… to the photos.

                  • @kwokstar: Exactly!

                    The Sayl looks affordable and maybe more stylish than the Aeron? But certainy looks like a firm plastic. Never sat in one but. Had an Aeron at old work for a few years, it was ok

                • @dainese: yeah thats the one. Seem ok on the phone was going to go there and see for myself. But not worth the hassle. Luckily found this and prefer to go with new for half the cost

  • +2

    I wouldn't recommend it, the mesh gets very uncomfortable over time, its not a fine stretchy mesh with give, its quite flat and rigid and warps over time.

  • Can this heal piles?

  • +2

    I'd suggest a Steelcase Leap V2 over this.

    If you're in Sydney, there's a second-hand office furniture company selling them for $625. I purchased a couple through them without issue (I have no affilitation with them).


    • dang, that's a good deal actually. Would have seriously consider those. How was the condition? Are they able to provide a Tax invoice?

      • +1

        Yes, I received a tax invoice.

        In terms of condition - I purchased and picked mine up about 4 days after the deal was published.

        When I went to pick them up from a warehouse in Alexandria, there were about 100 of them there. They assured me that they are all in good condition, and that they were all only 2 years old (they are from a company that moved their operations online).

        Going through the chairs, they all seemed reasonable quality to me (including the two that I own now). That said, I only looked through 10 or so chairs.

        If 80% of them have been sold, it's possible that the remaining chairs might be the ones that have been left behind and not chosen by all the earlier buyers. I'd probably call them and ask how many are left - if it's only a small number, then I might be more worried that I'd be getting the dregs.

        • +3

          Good tip. Just rang. All gone. Guess I’ll keep my order

  • +1
  • +6

    If anybody is curious, I found the manufacturer's website which has a bunch of product details (e.g. what mesh they're using and the full product lineup). Note, the product listed on mydeal is the project IOO not the IOO (nylon base).

    Apparently the IOO isn't even part of the Ergohuman range and it's only marketed as Ergohuman in Australia. I don't think it matters too much here because it's clearly labelled IOO but other retailers like Temple and Webster just call it an Ergohuman (which it isn't).

  • +2

    I recently bought an office chair from Aldi for $99 that looks very similar to this. 10/10 very comfortable chair, great back and neck support.
    $350 is a bit steep for a tight ass like me!!

  • Has anyone received their shipping notification yet?

    • Nope and I’ve placed my order before submitting this deal in case it gets Ozbargained

    • +1

      just followed it up. Its still in the VIC depot for mine. So hopefully next week. Got the following response;

      "Upon checking, your order is in our courier's depot. Due to the unprecedented volumes of freight traveling through our networks due to the lockdowns, please anticipate delays in delivering your items in Sydney. For your reference, I have included your tracking details below; you may also reach them for the status and ETA of your delivery. "

    • Just got mine an hour ago after ordering tuesday

    • +1

      If yours is shipping with Allied express, I'm not sure they have the best tracking. My text message for "it's coming today" with all the authority to leave options came after it was delivered.

      • Good tip. Yeah same company. When I spoke to the call centre they said the delivery drivers also works on weekends so might get them over the weekend. 🤞

  • +2

    Just got this chair. Here's my thoughts:

    • The single control lever is super intuitive. Forward slides the base forward. Back reclines the chair back. Up raises the chair up. So much simpler than my Herman Miller Mira at work.
    • The auto lumbar support is quite strong. Not everybody will like it but it's ok imo. I already sold my kidneys to support my ozbargain habit anyway.
    • Build quality is pretty good. I'm coming from a $150 Officeworks chair so anything's going to seem good haha.
    • The first recline setting is too far back. Your choices are straight upright or reclining so far you can't type. Probably better for posture though.
    • The armrests are great. Super adjustable but don't reposition at the slightest touch. Looking at you Mirra 2.

    Overall happy with the purchase and we'll see how the mesh and foam hold up. If you're like me and get halfway though putting it together without instructions, they're in the chair back bubble wrap.

    • How are the wheels? e.g. slide okay, smoothly, too smooth?

      • Wheels are good. Fairly smooth. They seem to be a bit larger than the usual office chair wheel. I was considering those roller skate wheels but I don't think I'll need them.

        • are you using them on floorboards or carpets?

          • @Tadashi: carpet with one of those cheap plastic carpet protector matts

          • +1

            @Tadashi: Just received mine - using on floorboards and the wheels are surprisingly smooth (not too fast) and relatively quiet (benchmarking against a Humanscale Liberty).

            Installation was straight forward enough (about 11 screws or so), if you had to be critical - the look and feel of the mesh is not as 'premium' as you would find with a Steelcase or HM but for the price you pay here you can't really complain.

            • @purelycheap: Great to hear. Still waiting for mine. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon. Are you also based in Sydney?

    • Thanks for the feedback. I pulled the trigger and ordered one of these last week so im happy to hear they are of a good standard. I received my confirmation but nothing else so far.

      • I’m glad you like the deal

    • +1

      Using mine for the first real workday with it. I actually wish I could have it a bit more upright. I also have to lean right back to be able to touch the headrest, no matter how I adjust it. I'm about 190cm tall, maybe that's a factor?
      Otherwise I really like it.

    • Do you find that the lumbar moves by itself too easily?

      • Nah it's pretty firm

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