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Free Sample Delivered @ Baby Love Nappies


Free Nappy Sample Delivered.
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Try BabyLove for free today. Select your nappy of choice and we'll send you a free sample – now that's baby LOVE 💜

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Baby Love Nappies
Baby Love Nappies


  • Is it just a single nappy? Looks like it from the image: https://babylovenappies.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/NP…

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      yes the samples are always a single wrapped nappy :)

    • It’s a wasteful for sure re postage but I found these samples great with a baby to put in the nappy bag. I had heaps when bub was a newborn from various promotions and saved them for outings.

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    I have a feeling that my Ozb friends will still order one, even if they don't have a baby bum to use it on :-)

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    lol, I love how you have to accept to receive email marketing in order to receive one free nappy!!!

  • one single nappy lol. we are actually looking at trying others for our newborn. been using huggies.

    any parents with recommendations? mate said aldi ones are not bad.

    • I've been relying on this review after seeing some poor reviews for Huggies on Amazon: https://www.choice.com.au/babies-and-kids/baby-clothes-and-n…

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      We've been really happy with Eco Originals, though we just use these overnight, otherwise cloth nappies are our main source.

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      Yea I didn't realise it was only one nappy. Totally not worth it.

      We've used the Aldi ones before they're not too bad. Same with Little Ones

    • We use babylove cosifit and like them. There are some decent bulk deals on Amazon. I'm not going to bother with a single sample though.

    • I tried little ones from Woolworths the difference is significant. My baby will cry and whinge due to wet nappy shortly after it's been soiled whereas she'd never complain when in a Huggies. Once I left her in a Huggies for 7 hrs and no complaint- the nappy was expanded to the max. Have gone back to Huggies ever since.

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      Tried aost all of them, settles in Woolworths ones. They do the same job, seemed to fit a little better and were 1/3 the price of Huggies :)

      Same with the wipes, a lot of the other brands come out the packet 2-3 at a time. We don't seem to have that issue very often with the Woolworths brand.

    • continuing with Huggies ultimate right from my babies' s birth. tried others, but huggies is so far the best.

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      Baby love were okay. Rascal and Friends at Coles are our preferred.

    • We've used huggies, babylove, and hugs&bubs (amazon). Now at 8 months we exclusively use hugs & bubs during the day, and at night we use huggies standard nappy with babylove nappy pants over it otherwise we often have leakage.

    • I like babylove as well as huggies ultimate/nappy pants. These are better than the Huggies essentials.
      Didn't like aldi or rascal and friends (too plasticky).

    • Huggies Ultra Dry. Huggies ultimate is also good but don't really see significant benefit for the higher cost. Rascal and friends is a pretty good nappy but the clips are quite sharp and can dig in, aldi smells like chemicals and gave a rash, babylove is okay for a newborn but you notice it doesn't hold as much once baby gets older, Coles is just an even lower quality versions of baby love.

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      I agree that Aldi are good and much cheaper. Huggies newborn are a bit smaller so once bubs is big enough Aldi is worth a shot.

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      We really enjoyed using the Japanese version of Pampers. Thin. Soft. No leaks. Bubba was comfortable and slept through night early.


    • Aldi ones are very cheap but pretty good.
      I use Aldi ones for newborn because newborn need to change nappy more often than toddlers and Aldi ones still good for 2-3 hrs which is the gap between changing nappy for newborn. Huggies is better but not worth because you have to change nappy more often for newborn.

      For toddlers, i use aldi ones for day time and Huggies for night time.

    • Tried them all, we use a combination of baby love nappy pants on special for overnights, and a mix of huggies essentials for the day for our 2 yr old
      for the baby, whatever weve been given by f&f, but we settled on the woolies ones. Made in Aus, and 1/3 the price of made overseas huggies.

    • We have been using these during the day, as we find they are some of the best fit for our 3 month old for preventing leaks and explosions. That said we don't find them quite as absorbent as Huggies, so we still use those overnight as our little one has started sleeping for longer stretches. Highly recommend giving them a try!

    • Aldi is good. Using aldi by day and Huggies by night for the extra absorbency over longer sleep. Baby love sucks imo. Really bad fit.

  • Good time to order one for the boss

  • Office secret santa gift sorted.

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    • What are you trying to say here? New parents should constantly wash unsanitary (non-disposable) nappies to 'save the environment'? Even though these, when properly disposed will simply go into landfill?

      Are you a parent yourself?

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        Yes yes and yes

        • I mean, that's ok for you…

          Going the non-disposable route adds in the cost of cleaning/sterilising - cost of heating water, adding detergent + even using electricity if you use a washing machine. You will likely find the environmental cost is similar or even worse! (not to mention used nappies in landfill are long term carbon storage lol and totally fine).

          That's not considering the emotional benefits of times saved for a tired Mum and Dad, which for this issue specifically are huge - I'm going disposable every time… I'm not seeing any benefit, environmental or emotional (only cost).

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            @The Wololo Wombat: Nah, it's not worth it. I tried doing the non-disposable thing, it took too much time, too much effort, with enormous amounts of laundry detergent, water and electricity until I gave up 2-3 weeks in.

            • @BargainCowboy: Wife is trying cloth nappies. I won't ever because of the huge effort for marginal payoff but some people are into it. There's a really good evidence based Facebook group dedicated to it called clean cloth nappies.

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    Too much labour for 20 cents Nappy 🤣

    • ^ this

      Ozbargainers (myself included) too often get caught up in a freebie/deal when if you calculate the effort to savings ratio it ends up being not worth the time

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