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[USA] 15-Day Free Trial eSIM-Only Mobile Plan Unlimited 5G Data + Talk + Text (Inc Tethering) @ Visible by Verizon


Thanks to Big Paddy who shared this tip in the T-Mobile deal.

Free 15-day trial of the full Visible plan (on the Verizon network), including unlimited 5G data (inc 5Mbps tethering, one device only), unlimited talk and text with the US. Doesn't require a credit card etc, apparently quite easy to activate.

If you are in the US for a longer time, you might be better off with the T-Mobile deal (which gives you three months of service). However, that deal doesn't include calls, texts, or tethering (and possibly throttles video to SD), so for a shorter trip this one is pretty appealing!

FAQ about the Visible deal here: https://www.visible.com/help/free-trial

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  • Unlikely any Australian phones will be compatible. Verizon uses the CDMA network which no aust phone will support.

    Enter your imei below to check compatibility:


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      I can confirm the iPhone 11 my wife was using worked fine

      • I guess iPhones generally only have 1 variant which works on all networks. Whereas android phones has multiple variants.

        I've checked the imei of a S22, S20+ and a Pixel 6 pro. None of these are compatible.

      • Can't speak for right now but I have used multiple Australia-bought iPhones over the years on Verizon in the US.

    • +2

      Isn't their CDMA network on 3G? I thought they had 4G LTE and 5G NR.

      • No idea on this one sorry. We did have 4G display on the phone but that could be anything

        • I thought that some Aussie phones should be able to work on their 4G and 5G, good to know it works for you.

          In saying that, their phone compatibility checker shows my Pixel 6 pro as incompatible and it has one of the most 4G/5G band compatibilities in an Australian phone.

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      They can just add the IMEI in store to their network, and have done so for 2x Australian iPhones for me before. The guy had to call tech support and I had to wait around at Verizon for them to figure it out though.

      • Ah, probably why my IMEI doesn't show as compatible.

    • Says that Xiaomi Redmi note 9t 5G is not eligible

    • That site says my Pixel 5 IMEI is incompatible but after downloading the app (from APKMirror) it says "your phone works with our network"; I haven't tried setting it up yet though.

      • It doesnot work as its going to ask for IMEI at later stage.

    • +3

      CDMA is history, most carriers now converge into 4g and 5g upgrade of GSM path. But due to frequency differences it might not work in the US

    • Verizon no longer use CDMA

    • It doesn't matter as verizon now mainly uses LTE/5g and will be switching of its CDMA network at the end of the year. Most of its radio frequencies are dedicated to frequencies that are commonly supported by Australian phones.

  • Tried to get this setup on my Pixel 6 Pro last week and it wouldn't recognise the IMEI for an esim so results may vary.

  • do they give an actual mobile number (not virtual) which can receive 2FA codes?

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    Can this be activated from Australia?

  • +4


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      I know right. So many USB cables, USB again and again.

      • USB! USB! USB!

  • Does the trial start straight away?

  • Can i recieve a call for amex usa application while in oz?

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    Is there anything free + useful for anyone outside of the US with this deal?

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    I’m stopping in the US for 3 days in December - I can’t see anywhere how long the deal is active for if I order Sims now?

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    Don't confuse that with Australian 5G.
    Verizon's 5G is really 4G LTE.

    Verizon's 5G UWB is proper 5G


  • Is that compatible with Xiaomi Poco F3?

  • Is this still working, I don’t see option to download any app?

  • +2

    Cheers OP. Using this now. Grabbed the app from the Aus iOS store, activated it when I touched down in the US. Working like a charm.

    • What did you have to do to activate it?

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    Am now in the States and wanted to use this but the app is so janky I literally couldn't even enter my zip code to get a number. It kept throwing me back to the previous screen.

    Tried doing it through the website but it would just send me to the app telling me I had to complete the activation process there. Shame.

    Ended up going with the 3HK deal as I will be in Canada as well, decent deal.

  • Says my imei is not available

    • Same but I wonder if it will activate in usa

  • +1

    Can confirm this still works. Just returned from a week long visit to Hawaii (Oahu). Used an iPhone 11 and was fast and reliable.

    • Did your IMEI work on the website?

      • Yes worked fine for me but I see that others haven’t had success.

  • Can anyone confirm if this deal has worked for them in the past few weeks/months on an iPhone? It rejects my IMEI

  • +1

    Just got this working on iPhone. Wasn't able to download the Verizon and T-Mobile apps and this didn't need a credit card like Google Fi does

    • Hey mate did you activate in Aus or did you go to US and activate

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