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Lindt Gold Swiss Milk Hazelnut & Plain Milk Chocolate Block 300g $6 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Manufactured in Switzerland
Awesome chocolate at an awesome price.
NB the plain dark block is still full price.

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    Much better than welfare Cadbury choc!!

    That stuff has gone down hill.

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      so it's not just me that thinks Cadbury tastes different/ crap?

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        IIRC Cadbury been removing Cocoa and adding more sugar slowly over the years

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          I think the dairy content level is also down and they are putting in artificial sweeteners 🤮

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        Nope!! You also noticed it doesn't even melt the same way?

  • +2

    Damn, Lindt is ultra sweet. Just one and my pancreas is sweatin'

    • Frey range is half price too on the same shelf.

      • +4

        Frey is soooo much better

        • mi no lik frey

          • @Hangryuman: Lindt is actually not that much of a big deal in Switzerland, it is "just" a chocolate, they have much better than that.

            • +1

              @dosada: Which ranks higher there, Lindt or Frey?

      • Only half price? I thought this was frey

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    cheaper then the Factory , i think its like $20 for 2
    cheapest i have seen at the factory is 2 for $15

    • -1

      are you standing outside the factory - in Switzerland - now … ?

      • There is a lindt factory in Marson Park NSW

      • 16 Hollinsworth Rd, Marsden Park NSW 2765

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    I prefer the Whittakers hazelnut block because I find it less sweet and for whole roasted hazelnuts

    • +2

      Whittakers is great

  • +1

    They were handing out free Lindt chocolate blocks at my local Woolies today. Not sure if it applies to all stores.

  • Ah I bought this last week at our local Foodworks for this price (on sale).

  • +3

    The good old days when you went overseas and bought gifts from duty free at the airport where it was cheaper.

    Nowadays I just go Colesworth to stock up few weeks before my trip.

    Already got few $6 Toblerones ready :)

    • Agreed right who buys from duty free lol

  • Just bought one of these and about to crack it open.

    • does it taste worth $6?

      • Yep of course, it's Lind tans tastes like it's worth more.

  • +1

    aldi moser roth is amazing

    • mmm - the taste of regret - moser roth is not my cup of tea

  • +1

    mk - Lindt is my favourite chocoleet so I'll check it out if I find this - tx

  • This stuff is soo good. Just bought 6 packs. if you haven't tried real chocolate from the European alpine milk sources, you are missing out!

  • +1

    finished a pack in 2 days

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