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Acronis True Image Home 2012 - Growing Discount up to 50% off of List Price AUD $69.99


Back by popular demand (seemed to get to the 50% discount pretty fast last time, and i missed out)…
"Each new registration takes one cent off the regular price. So the more people to participate, the more the discount grows.
On June 28, 2012 or once we reach the maximum discount (50%) – whichever happens first – the game ends, and you get an email with your final price and purchase link. Then you simply click through to buy True Image Home 2012 and save like never before."

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    save like never before

    Think before you post, because you yourself wrote:

    Back by popular demand

    Just saying… :)

    • This offer is both new and improved

      • new and improved ?

        Last time the best price you could get was ~ $35, which is the same now.
        Whats the improvement ?

  • isn't 2012 buggy as hell?

    • i've used 2009 and 2011… they are both fine as they are

      dont need this 1yr 'updatitis' with new, improved bugs

  • Bit of a silly idea if you ask me.

    They expect a whole bunch of people to buy their product at close to normal pricing, so some other person can come along and get it heaps cheaper?

    Usually, if you look around, you can get it much cheaper with codes etc. I remember getting an upgrade offer that was more expensive than what I found a code to buy it for new!

    I still use ATI Home 2010. It works for me, so won't be upgrading, as apparently, 2012 requires online activation.

    • Everyone who registers gets the lowest price. So if the ~3,500 people required register then everyone gets it for 50% off.

  • +1
    • And I'm removing my pos. Thanks.

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