expired In Store Specials at IJK.com.au Gigabyte 7870OC $350 and Gigabyte GTX 680 OC for $650 Today Only


In store manager's special today only,

Gigabyte 7870 Over Clocked edition $350

Gigabyte GTX680 Over Clocked edition $650

Also OCZ Agility 120gb SSD $100!!!

All ivy bridge CPU's are in stock including i7 3770k for $380 if purchased with anyone of the video cards above.

These deals are in store only.
We are located 230-236 Liverpool Road Enfield NSW 2136

More specials will be posted up on our facebook page soon if we get more likes :)

IJK Online

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    a lack of postage details for anywhere outside Sydney is a bit of a disappointment


      IJK postage is generally reasonable but they don't have a calculator on their site (need to place an order and they will reply with shipping options).


    Any special on the 690?

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    IJK are marginally better than msy for customer service. But they always manage to make me feel very unwelcome because I don't speak mandarin. MSY take the cake though. Couldn't help but smile when I saw they were fined 200k last month by Fair Trading.

    Sorry, very off topic. Nice prices!

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      I guess everyone's experiences differ, but out of the 30+ computer stores I've dealt with over the years, IJK always had excellent customer service especially when I would email them queries or send in a faulty item (this is where you really test the after sale service).

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      Customer service? The only thing i hear when i go to computer shops are "Out of stock" and "cash or credit"

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        been shopping at msy too much aye? hehehe

        if we don't have the parts you want in stock, we can always order one in for you.


    come on do a deal on SA -7850 OC as well !!!

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      I don't think i can do much of a deal on the SA-7850 OC.. $260 is the cheapest can do at the moment.


        did you JUST drop that?? last time i checked was $279!!

        ok some Z77 motherboard deals to seal it!!


          umm how about a GA-Z77X-UD3H for $181?
          if purchase the video card?


          evil Ron….i like you. My CFO won't

          left me crunch some numbers….now i need cpu,ram,ps, cpu cooler..

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    IJK service is general quite good,
    web order usually confirm within 10 mins, they wont charge (payment step occur after confirm in stock).
    Postage for (SDD+Graphic card) to 2176 is $9 via fastway courier and arrive next day.
    They answer phone pretty fast and i can amend order via phone quite easily.


    Ronaldo: is the sale for the video card today only? I get paid tomorrow so are you willing to extend the sale?… :)

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      Place an order online, email the order number to sales@ijk.com.au and write your nick name as well "oz bargains video card 1 day deals".

      After that your price will be adjusted and you can pick it up tomorrow.

      We are opened until 6:30 tomorrow.


    Can I order in Enfield Main Store web site but pickup from the branch store?

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