This was posted 1 year 8 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Large Meat Lover's Pizza $5 Pickup (Between 3PM - 5PM) @ Domino's


Some appy-hour notification on the app for $5 meat lover's pizza.

Expires 5PM in your local timezone.

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  • Maximum 3 per order

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    " This voucher can not be used at this time of day" Possibly targeted?

    • Same. Doesn't say "not valid at this store" or whatever their generic reply always is at my loc to any decent deal.

      Dinner time only?

      • +3

        You need to select pickup within 3-5 only. Else it wont let you order.
        I had the same issue. Then changed pick within 3-5 and it worked. Added 3 pizzas for pickup.

        • Thanks. I tried for immediate pick up for lunch, or 6pm for dinner

  • +11

    I was wondering where to eat for my wife's anniversary

    • +6

      wife's anniversary? Not both of you ?

      • He didn’t say ‘wedding’ anniversary…

        Anniversaries could be about more than one thing 💀. lol

    • her anniversary?
      Maybe you should ask her if you can tag along?

    • -2

      I know something you can eat that she might enjoy…..she will still be hungry afterwards though.

  • +1

    Ain't working on my end, just says not accepted on device.

    • +2

      Needs to be the mobile app. I had the same problem with ordering through the browser.

      • Gave it a try and worked now, cheers

    • same

    • From mobile didn't work when I selected 4:45, but accepted immediate

  • Thanks OP. Dinner sorted.

  • -3

    After looking at the app reviews and the permissions required (sharing and collection of personal and financial info), a $5 pizza isn't enough to bribe me to download it

    • +3

      Permissions to see personal info? I don't need to share a thing and I've never even had my real name in the app, not to mention the phone number or email.

    • I'm not across the policy there, is there anything specific to be concerned about? Without looking into it, collection of personal and financial info sounds scary but if you order a delivery from them they will need your address and payment to actually make It happen lol

  • +2

    App only for me.

  • Did not work on website but worked on mobile app for me

  • Cheers OP

  • Thanks OP

  • ty oppa

  • The last time I had dominos with vouchers, I felt like eating only dough. There wasn’t much toppings. And I don’t blame them.

  • Pepperoni also $5

  • +2

    Will only start soon in WA, not expired for us here :-)

    Just tried a scheduled order for 4:45pm pick up, voucher was accepted.

  • +1

    Cries in WA time.

    • +2

      Late lunch, early dinner
      Only 12 minutes to embrace it fully

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    Not expired!
    It's working now in WA for the next 2 hours

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