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Linsar 82" 4K UHD Smart WebOS TV 2022 LS82UHDNF2 $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Got this in an email today from the Good Guys.

Hurry 1 Day only!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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The Good Guys

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  • +12

    I could probably spend $999 on something worse than an 82" TV

    • My thoughts exactly!

      • +2

        Yep, want a new TV for the toilet

        • +2

          You could replace your toilet door with this.

          • +1

            @locknuts: Should fit flush on the toilet wall

  • +16

    Click on 'Daily Price Check' , just above Buy It Now and it comes down to $979.

  • +27

    cheaper on their Ebay store with the code XZIP15. Comes to $904.15 delivered for me (Not Plus Member)


    • $999.15 delivered for me :/

      • +1

        Coming up as $849.15 for me. Ebay Plus, WA

        Edit: Missed the $55 extra for shipping :(

        • yeah…shipping is $150 for me

      • Postage
        Estimated delivery: 30 Nov – 5 Dec
        Standard Parcel Delivery
        AU $1,000.00

        I wish i was joking. Just south of wollongong.

        • +2

          That is insane.
          That price reads like they've got to genetically engineer a carrier pigeon that can carry an 82 inch tv.

          • +2

            @[Deactivated]: On the plus side, you wouldn't have to worry about buying turkey for Christmas

            • +2

              @Magpye: Turkey is cheaper than Argentina sometimes.

    • I was in the process but tgg took this down on their ebay store.
      Good work to those that got in early.

    • Ebay listing has expired. :(Was 18 units sold. I bought it through their store.

  • +1

    Any review on this? Need a cheapish TV to watch WC as i cant see how an expensive OLED is going to make the FTA SBS HD looks any better

    • Logically you'd think so wouldn't you?

      However FTA HD looks very good on my 83" OLED compared to cheaper TVs and non-OLED LEDs.

      Not sure why but it makes sports very watchable on FTA HD, the movement is still very clear (to the point you forget that you're watching FTA). I can't bear to watch FTA on other TVs.

      FTA SD on the OLED is still terrible.

      Can't help with the review on this TV.

      • +1

        A potato with brighter colours still looks like a potato.

        Watching FTA on an OLED should be a crime.

    • +5

      not really the OLED, but its the processor that will handle the upscaling on an 82 inch.. my guess is that it will probably wont be great..

      • -1

        They are all 4k screens, the TV size is not relevant.

        • +1

          Well I would say it is, because while the uoscalers might be good, of its poo then it will only look even worse in a bigger screen with the same res, and therefore bigger pixels

          • @Jackson: Only if you are sitting at the same distance

          • @Jackson: Doesnt it depend on the subject matter?

        • There are different ways to upscale (interpolate) 1080 or 720 onto a 4k screen. In theory different manufacturers do it differently - and more expensive TV's are better at it - but I couldn't confirm that.

    • Quality and reliability shouldn't matter.
      Its 82" TV for $900+ !

      There are plenty of use case for an 82" screen.
      Just buy it to replace the projector in the meeting room.
      You dont have to turn off the lights to watch the screen during meetings.
      It even comes with speakers, and you can watch Youtube or Netflix in the office after the meeting 😁

  • +1

    $904.15 (incl $55 delivery) when paying with ZIP through ebay plus.

    • don't need Ebay plus. I get the same price delivered and I'm not a plus member

    • $100 saving, looks like I need some of this ZIP - is it feeless? I've managed to skip using that.

  • Any reason why the good guys don't click and collect option for large items anymore?

    • +17

      Maybe because people do that, then rock up and demand free delivery when it doesn't fit into their Yaris.

      • +4

        Or becuaee they take the sealed 82" tv, layit flat in their Ranger, and then bring it back saying they were given a broken one

  • +3

    Didn't Linsar get sold to Tempo who apparently aren't honoring previous warranties? They're also not in supply of parts either according to social media complaints.

    • +3

      You can't take over a company and then not honour the warranties (legally) I don't think, although I am sure they might be trying this on people anyway

  • +1

    How's the image quality on this?

  • -2

    Was discussing this with my wife who said its better to spend this cash on a new ipad or laptop. Every one of us in my household prefers to watch different programs on our own devices at our own time. I think very soon the typical living room as we know will be a thing of the past.

    • +17

      So buy one of these for each member of the family? Got it!

      • +5

        A typical room has four walls. A typical family has four people. Coincidence?

      • Adults already have phones & laptops, kids have their laptops/ipads.

    • +11

      why not let the family use their tinys screens and you monopolize this bad boy?

      • Living room has no privacy.

        • what are you watching on 82" that needs privacy :o

    • +1

      Sounds kinda sad. We often all watch different stuff too. I wish entertainment would bring people together not drive them apart.

      • +2

        We mostly all watch the same stuff. I spend heaps of time with my kids and now they are into a lot of the things I am. Spend more time with your kids people! (although maybe not all of it in front of the box!!)

        • What are you watching with the family? I have a 5 year old. Only thing we can watch together is sport, but then my wife isnt interested.

          • @brandt: Pingu

          • @brandt: One of mine is just bit older than yours and one a bit older than that, but we watch practically anything star wars, some Disney stuff, we watch a lot of 3d movies just watched Captain America 1, it's probably the tamest of all marvel films. For a 5 year old you can't go past the Studio Ghibli movies, those are great

      • It can, but it depends on how you do it. If everyone is watching there own thing, then it will separate. But it is possible for you to be in the same space that someone else is watching something whilst you are doing something else (like reading a book, knitting, wood carving, taxidermy etc.). This is called parallel play and is a critical part of both normal childhood development and healthy relationships. If you can take the time do this, it can be a great boost to the family unit.

      • buddy, my wife watches 90 Day Fiance and Terrifier………… let me tell you, the less of her TV I consume, the better I am for it.

        (P.S Watch EdgeRunners!)

        • +1

          Yeah I have no desire to watch 98% of the stuff that gets watched in my house. I usually just work while it’s all happening. Gotta make that $300k median Ozb income somehow.

    • +2

      If you are all sitting their on your respective screens, are you really living anyway though?

      • Thats what the world has come to now lol. We do play board games and have meals as a family but dont need a tv for that.

  • +8

    Nothing for or against the TV itself, but I would caution against buying anything from The Good Guys that has a higher potential for having to make a warranty claim. Nothing but trouble and they are more than happy to breach Consumer Law repeatedly to avoid giving a replacement or refund (experienced on 3 occasions in different stores over the last few years, not just a one-off). I will happily pay more anywhere else now just to avoid them.

    • It might be better now that they are no longer franchised

      • Wow, this is news to me since when? Wast hat part of the JB takeover?

        • Yeah it was

      • Nope, probably worse… 2 of the experiences were post-takeover. One was only a couple of months ago and was the final straw

        • +1

          I dont buy from them at all because of this sort of thing. Safer to buy from a retailer that doesnt screw you over.

          EDIT: But this tv is hella cheap

    • This is with their extended warranty?

      • +1

        Extended warranty doesn't mean anything unless consumer law doesn't cover, it's just an upsell from businesses. ACL will cover you in 99% of cases that their "extended warranty" covers. If you want some light reading:

        Link 1
        Link 2

    • Just realising this now. I'm trying to get warranty on an item from Good Guys. Wow… it's been like pulling teeth and they don't give a flying fish about ACL. It's not even 6 months old!

      • +1

        Be very firm, do some reading (see links I replied to ChickenAdobo) and let them know exactly what they're breaching. Don't take no for an answer, harrass them until they do the right thing. Only way I've found that works.

      • Yep I had a Bosch dishwasher from TGG and they showed no interest at all in helping with warranty and don't seem to acknowledge/care about their obligations under ACL. No point buying appliances local for me then, cheapest price off the Internet from now on.

    • +1

      Yep. We had this issue with Good Guys Oxley about a year ago. Bought a top of the line LG washer and dryer and the dryer was faulty on arrival (not DOA, just didn't work properly or consistently). They repeatedly tried to fob us off to the manufacturer until I started quoting the consumer law about retailer responsibilities. Eventually the store manager stepped in and sorted it out, but it took weeks.

      May as well have just bought from Appliances Online or something, the only reason to buy from brick and mortar is (in theory) better service.

      • the only reason to buy from brick and mortar is (in theory) better service.

        I thought the only reason was that you can touch/try before buying on the spot.

        Why would you assume better after-sale service?

        • It's harder to ignore a customer that comes in person I guess. At least that's my thoughts

          • +1

            @lancesta: yeah I suppose. But I think it comes down to the person(s) you deal with and the general attitude/culture of the store. I think we've all had both terrible and fantastic experiences, whether in-store or online.

            I guess in-store you have the option to stand there and chuck a dummy spit to get what you want, but that's not the same as 'better service'. Personally I'd rather send a few messages online to sort it out, and reserve the in-store dummy spit as a last resort.

            • @andresampras: Agree completely with that. A great online store is far more convenient

  • do you get an invoice from Good Guys or from Ebay (if bought on Ebay)? And if you buy through eBay are you eligible in any way for the good guys storecash? Thx

    • +1

      All my precious orders with the good guys via eBay came with normal good guys tax invoice but not sure about store cash etc

    • you get an invoice via email.

  • And sorry, another one. Has anyone done any research to indicate who makes these panels? It says direct lit, but I don't think a major panel maker has made an 82" since Samsung in 2020. Previous deal comments indicate that some of these no names buy the lower graded panels from leading manufacturers. Just trying to see who may have made this panel. Says direct lit, but again no reference as to any dimming features.

    • I don't know about linsar, but Jvc and Bhaun were using Samsung on their smaller panels, and plenty of epple happy with them. I think some other cheapies are using changhong or whatever they are called now

    • +2

      Linsar appears to just be re-badged Vestal. Vestal apparently makes TVs for other brands, like Toshiba, Hitatchi etc (other cheap TV brands).
      A brief browse of reddit etc, it appears most people recommend steering away from Vestal if you're not price-sensitive and prioritise quality, but it appears they're okay if you need a cheap TV.

      Unfortunately, I couldn't find the specifics of this TV's panel, however the TV's manual has this number (1300 886 649) for technical enquiries. Maybe they could provide details (I can't really be bothered calling since I'm not interested in buying the TV).

      Hope that helps.

  • +2

    I just purchased a 75" of linsars last month. Web OS is a touch slow but 100% not a issue for me, as is picture quality, speakers are also fine. Ive since hooked up to sound bar.

    Im half tempted to buy this one just cause.

    Mine has 4 hdmi ports including 1 ARC.

    • I'm going to go out on a limb and say, unlikely this sucker is HDMI 2.1

  • I wish I wasn't a sucker for good picture quality, because damn that's an incredible size for the money. The picture can't be good, ok at the very best.

    • should be fine for netflix

      • As opposed to ?

      • Buddy I've still got a top of the line Panasonic plasma.

        No LCDs do it for me :(

        Thank goodness I got the 65inch, it's still very usable and looks great to this day.

        But man 82 would be grand!

    • Half the people I visit haven't even bothered to set up the picture on their TV properly, so this TV at someone's house who cares to do that will give you a better picture than half the households out there. Not bad for that size for under a grand

    • You could say, whats the point of quality if its not big enough?

  • +1

    I have had no luck finding additional specs or right manual. Wondering if this has eARC, and/or Dolby Atmos. Thx

  • The domain https://linsar.com.au/ is owned / registered to Tempo…

    Domain Name: LINSAR.COM.AU
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
    Last Modified: 2020-11-17T02:30:40Z
    Registrant Contact Name: Ian Aikman
    Registrant Contact Email: [email protected]
    Tech Contact ID: CR451058356
    Tech Contact Name: Ian Aikman
    Tech Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrant: Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd
    Registrant ID: ACN 106100252
    Eligibility Type: Company

    • Aikman Name Meaning
      Americanized spelling of Dutch Eyckman or Yckman (more commonly Eyckmeester), a 17th-century occupational name for someone whose job was to maintain standards, especially of the contents of wine casks, from Dutch ijken 'calibrate', 'measure', 'gauge'.

      Hmm, tv meets standards that is expected of it? Or should I just buy wine instead.

  • 4 way split screen, everyone get's their own 42 inch TV!

  • +1

    Is it good for playing ps5 game at 4K?

    • Depend on the game.

  • +1

    Anyone got this yet? If so, what are your thoughts?


  • Mine turned up and has a faulty display, a line going through the picture vertically. At this stage just trying to get The Good Guys to respond…

    • Dang. Any updates?

      • Ended up calling local store, emailed details and now the TV is being swapped over Monday - they bring the new one and take away the old. So, if that happens as they claim I'll be quite happy with the process.

        • Great. So was it sorted out as planned?

          Mine seems to be in backorder, so no delivery updates yet.

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