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[Prime] Western Digital 20TB Elements Desktop HDD $475.42 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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I'm not sure if this part of the Black Friday sale, but it Llooks like the WD 20TB Elements Drive is slightly cheaper than the deal by $10.01.

If you're in need of a new 20TB and missed out from the last deal, get them before they sell out.

Work out to be $23.77 per TB.

Maximum 5 units per customer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Was only $99.43 last night


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    Just use price protection ☺️

    • Did anyone lodge price protection with payment provider while the prices were active

      • +1

        Not this time but I do it from times to times when there is a price error.

        You don't have to know it's a price error 😂

        • +1

          How does this work? Thanks!

          • @snoopydoop: You need a price protection insurance and you can claim the diff when you buy a product and see it on sale anytime within a year (up to $1000 per item).

        • Yep did it with the dell monitor deals… $400 back on the 27inch.

        • +1

          Price errors are not covered, technically. So you run the risk of whatever claim paid to you being charged back to your card.

  • this is a very good deal, and hopefully a real one this time :P

  • What kind of drives are inside?

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      Not certain in this model, but I have the 14TB version of this, and it has the helium filled ultrastar drives. Excellent drives.

    • +2

      20TB is a relatively new model. if this is the same case as other 10~16TB, most likely a firmware-limited (lower speed, but still have ~200MB/s) helium Ultrastar HC550/560

    • +3

      @fruitloafer confirmed it's WD200EDGZ inside, as on Reddit

  • Is it confirmed SMR yet?

  • Is it a single drive inside?

    • Yes single drive.

      • Thanks. Was hoping to use as a backup but seems risky to put it all on one drive.

        • Put a backup on one drive + at least 1-2 online backups.

    • single drive multi disks.

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    Must resist. Still have 14TB left in my NAS plus 2x8TB drives in storage.

  • +1

    No, not after last nights trauma.

  • Are these shuckable without doing that silly power pin mod? Thanks

    • All depends on your PSU. Mine have all worked without an issue

    • Depends what it's going into. Synology NAS, doesn't need power pin mod

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    Boo!! Hiss!

  • +2

    Boooo! I've seen it as low as $99

  • Thanks for posting OP. Works out cheaper than the group buy, plus get Amazon warranty, and AU receipt so can claim on tax, and can shuck and reuse the enclosure for the 8TB drives that are currently in my NAS. Makes it a great buy.

    • How do you claim this on tax? Office equipment?

      • +2

        I give it to the accountant under computer repairs’

      • +1

        Most people can't claim this on tax - because the first rule is that you need to be using it for work purposes.
        Generally if it's not helping to generate income, then it's not relevant for a tax claim.

  • +3

    Was expecting an apology email with a $250 Bunnings Gift Card. Got jack $#!+!
    Must boycott Amazon.

    • Nice drone though :)

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    18TB is 429.40 from the same vendor too.

    Personally, I'd wait for the Black Friday sales.

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    Dont buy, Wait for black friday if they have lots of stock by then they may discount even more.

  • Not a deal. We all know these go for $99

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    Be very careful ordering drives from Amazon UK. They ship them padded very badly so they bounce around and are usually damaged, last few had disk errors when tested, one had visible damage (!). Amazon returns though are really good so you should be fine if any issues.

    • +2

      True, they just throw the item in a brown envelope.

      But I would say Amazon probably send thousands of these and they would know if they are getting a high rate of return. In any case, mine were fine after the standard sector checks, R/W passes before I put mine in service. The drive itself is mounted on rubber mounts inside the enclosure, and the enclosure itself is supported by a plastic frame which allows a bit of flex. All of this should absorb the G's through transit and usage. I suspect WD have put thought into this design, they don't want the RMA's.

      IMO you have nothing to worry about. But in the odd chance you get a DOA, you're protected anyway. But don't let the brown paper bag stop you from getting a nice deal on a HDD.

      I’m waiting for the 18TB to be the same as better than the last Prime Day which was ~ $384.5.

  • +1

    Does anyone know whether you can use 18TB and 20TB drives in the below Orico NS500C3 HDD enclosure ? The product description says it's limited to individual drives of 16TB each for max of 80TB (with all 5 drives installed) TIA

    ORICO 5 Bay Type-C Enclosure Aluminum 3.5inch USB3.1 to SATA III Hard Drive Enclosure for Tool-Free Installation HDD SSD Storage Case Up to 80TB - NS500C3 https://amzn.asia/d/iSlHUly

    • If you want RAID…
      this is done in your operating system. This unit is not hardware RAID capable.

      Personally, I'd look to spend the extra and get a NAS

    • It'll probably work. Usually if a device can take giant 10TB+ drives, it'll take any size of giant drive…

      I'd look to spend the extra and get a NAS

      You buy the USB enclosure to connect to your NAS when you've run out of bays 👌
      When you're using a DELL micro form factor machine as a NAS, you reach this situation as soon as you've installed the OS 😁

  • Would these work well in a NAS Bay like the DS920+ as a Plex Media Server?

    • +1

      yes I have 4x20TB in my 918+,,

      • Thanks for sharing. I’m getting 4 of these for my DS916+ and wasn’t 100% sure that they would work.

        • +3

          Don't forget you'll have to pay import taxes on top this.

          I'd personal either send it under different names and addresses or buy one a time if you don't need it straight away or urgently.

          • @yolow: What if separate orders are made? How do they make you pay for the import taxes?

            • +2

              @donamique: As long as it doesn't exceed $1,000 AUD you'll be ok otherwise you'll need to pay GST.

              • @yolow: That’s great advice. But say if wanting to buy something over $1k, how does it work? Does it get stuck at customs until you pay up? And even then does Amazon contact you about it to request payment in some form? Thanks for sharing.

                • +1

                  @donamique: It will get stuck at customs, the courier company will be either sending you an email or give you a call on the number that you've provided. Once you pay for it, they will release the shipment to your nominated address.

                  • @yolow: Thanks that’s really helpful to know.

          • @yolow: Yeah, good point. I did 2 seperate orders, of 2 drives per order, to keep them under the $1K import tax threshold.

            • +1

              @m00seTheC0wSnake: https://www.abf.gov.au/help-and-support-subsite/CustomsNotic…

              Structured ordering

              Structured ordering is where multiple orders are placed with one supplier in a relatively short timeframe (for example, within hours or days), with all orders having a customs value at or below the AUD1000 threshold, and all orders arriving in Australia at the same time (or within a relatively short timeframe). It is not acceptable for an importer to deliberately structure orders in such a way as to ensure consignments have a value at or below the AUD1000 threshold in order to avoid customs duty and GST liabilities. Goods that are ‘known to be part of the same order’ are one consignment (even if the goods arrive in separate packages on separate days). If the total value of the consignment is over AUD1000, an import or warehouse declaration is required to be completed.

            • +1

              @m00seTheC0wSnake: Usually when you order with Amazon with multiple orders, they'll still combine them as one shipment and customs will consider this as one order and apply the $1,000AUD threshold.

              You'll need to order these drives separately and send to family and friends address to not pay import tax.

              • @yolow: Excellent, thanks for the advice.

                • @m00seTheC0wSnake: You're welcome! And if you want the AU plugs for these drives, just go on the WD website and start a chat session, provide them with the drive's serial numbers and they should be able to RMA and send you an AU plug as these will come with the UK plugs.

                  If you have an old element drives, rather than waiting for the above drives to arrive then request for them, you can just request and use the SN number on those old element drives that you may have now and hopefully by the time the drives arrived from today's order, your AU plugs will be ready and you can run a test to see if there is any issue on the drives if you are planning on shucking them and use it for your NAS.

                  • @yolow: That’s super advice! I’ve got a MacBook Pro and a Synology NAS. So my plan is to plug (via USB) the Elements drive into either on and run tests to check if they’re safe to use. Any suggestions on the software I can use to run the tests, and even what tests to do? The only one I can think of is the SMART test that the Synology does on drives.

                    • +1

                      @m00seTheC0wSnake: No, sorry! Maybe someone on here might be able to give you some recommendation on some of the tools they've used.

                      A quick Google search, a reddit post comes up in the search. Have a look at the thread and see if there is any software that interest you.

                  • @yolow: Any known issues with using the uk plugs through adapters, other than the inconvenience?

                    • +1

                      @donamique: I don't see any issues beside having a bulky adaptor plugging on top of the UK plug.

                    • -1


                      Any known issues with using the uk plugs through adapters, other than the inconvenience?

                      You don't need to do this, because WD will post you a new adaptor for free as per the post you are replying to 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • -3

    I'd like to offer $99 please

  • -3

    It was 99last night

  • Why does UK Amazon seem to sell HDDs for a much cheaper price?

    • Price error last deal

      • Nah I mean in general.

    • Little to no warranty if shucked, vs retail drives which typically carry 3-5yrs warranty.

      • +1

        Right, but what has that got to do with Amazon UK being cheaper than US or AU (and often just many other stores here in Oz in general) for portable HDDs?

        • +1

          I think its the weaker UK pound these days…seems to have started since brexit IIRC..

  • Anyone getting hit with an import fee when trying to purchase more than two? Looks like there's a $1000 threshhold?

    • to avoid those fees, you need to order two separate orders and send it to another address with one of your family/friend name

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