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Google Pixel 6a 128GB (Outright) $499 Delivered @ Telstra


Lowest price so far for a Pixel 6a Au stock outright, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • Do you need to add a plan?

    • nope, just need a Telstra ID

  • Do you think JBHifi will price match?

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    • Rejected. Called and they said because requires being a Telstra customer

  • I am not a Telstra customer at all. Can I still buy it outright from Telstra?

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      Get a $2 Telstra starter SIM — and now you are a customer.

    • +1

      I have a Telstra account. I wanted to buy a 7 Pro for a relo who doesn't have a Telstra account.
      Telstra want me there to show ID when they deliver it. Interstate. FFS.

      Yes could do the $2 starter SIM thing or just buy it at Officeworks for the same price (unlike the 6a, Officeworks is the same price for the 7 Pro as Telstra)

      • Ugh. I wanted to do the same thing for this 6a, even if the end goal is just to help keep a Christmas present a secret.

        I do see that listed as delivery condition on the website when trying to place a mock order, anyone have personal experience on whether the courier actually enforces it when delivering?

  • EBay seems to be flooded with new, boxed P6a’s at this sort of price- for some strange reason😉

    • +1

      From the Optus deal few weeks ago.

      Lucky for the scalpers who sold Pixel 7 for $950 on FB markeplace/gumtree/ebay and sold Pixel 6a for $550.

      Netting $450 profit combined or getting massive discount on each phone.

  • This or 7 for $250 more?

    • +2

      I have the 6a and 7 Pro. Both great phones, can't go wrong with either. Are the pros of 7 worth the $250 difference for you?
      - High Refresh Rate 90Hz vs 60Hz
      - Better camera
      - Better AI features
      - Better screen
      - Newer processor
      - Face Unlock and better fingerprint scanner

  • Any chance Officeworks would price beat this?

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      They won't

      • Are you saying this from experience? Genuine question…

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          Can confirm OW (in VIC at least) will not price match this deal as of Tuesday afternoon.

  • looks like device is locked?: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/739039

    be cautious.

    • +1

      It is not locked, Google phone are never locked.

  • I noticed the Pixel 6a on Kogan for $489.99 (First member) $506.99 Non-Member.

    Anyone know if JB or OW will price match Kogan? Free delivery on both offers too.

    • nope, they treat them as grey imports/marketplace now. Also your link says it's sold by Heybattery

  • Anyone know if the 6a from the previous Optus free from buying 7 deal is unlocked? My work mate wants to sell his to me but can't verify that, as I am on Boost.

    • its easy just open the 6a box and put your boost sim in it.

  • Anyone manage to price match or beat at Officeworks/JB HI FI?

  • Was able to get JB to price match and also got a free Chromecast 4K.

    • Was this in store? As I tried online and they refused saying you need to have an account with Telstra to get the deal.

      • In store. The guy asked if I had a Telstra account (which I do). Didn't ask to see anything though.

  • -1

    Is it too late to get price match?

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