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Google Pixel 7 256GB for $879 (Outright) Delivered @ Telstra


Credit to Alzori but felt like this one deserved its own post.

Seems to be the cheapest price right now for the Pixel 7 256GB. Everywhere else (JB, OW) is selling at $967 after discount.

Please note this 256gb variant only comes in the black. Just purchased one myself

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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    Tell'em the price son! ($749 128G / $879 256G )

    • It shouldn't be locked. Post-paid phones generally aren't. I cannot see where it says locked

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      I got pixel 7 from Telstra outright few weeks ago during Telstra day promotion. My Optus sim works perfectly so I will say this is not locked to Telstra network.

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      I haven't seen a locked phone in a decade except those cheap prepaid ones.

    • The Telstra rep just told me it would be locked and would cost $80 to unlock

      • They just told me it is carrier locked as well and would need to be unlocked…

      • +4

        They're almost certainly wrong. Outright phones are never carrier locked

        • That would be good news. But I spoke to two reps and they both told me it would be carrier locked

          • @salami: IMO it is very unlikely that these phones are SIM locked. They would need to develop a lock specific to the carrier and device. They would also need an unlocked hardware revision anyway because existing Telstra customers are also eligible for this price and selling them a locked device would likely breach consumer law.

  • I am not a Telstra customer at all. Can I still buy it outright from Telstra?

    • Yes

      • Telstra online shop won't let you buy it unless you have a plan. Have just tried. :(

    • If you are with Boost, you can create a telstra ID and purchase.

    • get a $2 prepaid SIM

  • -8

    Very frustrating experience with "outright" purchase last time with Telstra. Sorry for the neg

    • +6

      what does that mean my man

      • they were asking for physical ID proof to buy a phone 'outright' - i don't know for what if I'm paying 'outright'. I did it at two Telstra stores but still didn't get the order through.

        • It says on the page when purchasing

          If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan.

          So it seems consistent with that, they probably can only do the sale if it's associated with your plan. Heavens knows why, but at least they're telling you.

          • @Alzori: Ok fine but they still didn't process the order even after ID verification. I finally bought the phone from jbhifi for a slightly higher price.

  • From my many of years Google phone experience, better buy from Google store if same price. A lot easy to deal warranty claim with Google itself.

    • I bought my Pixel from Telstra and warranty was dealt by Google direct with no Telstra intervention.

      • They're probably referring to Google Store's RMA policy - if you purchase direct, they can send you the replacement first before you send back the faulty device. If purchased elsewhere you have to return the faulty device first, which takes quite some time (you have to send via Toll to Hong Kong).

  • Does Telstra muck up the OS and any updates will then have to depend on Telstra mucking up the updates before releasing them?

    • Stock android is a selling point for pixel devices. Telstra will almost certainly add bloatware, but nothing that would interfere with your stock android OTA updates or there would be blood in the streets

  • Google price match with Jbhifi at $967 + 10% google one cash back + $250 credit is still way better, right? Pity Google don't match Telstra.

    • So Google will price match the JB HiFi price?

  • +1

    Officeworks not price matching with this Telstra deal since you need a Telstra 'subscription' :(
    Has anyone else had any luck?
    ETA: JB Hi Fi also not willing to price match! They said it's below their 'final price' for this product.

    Do I just have bad luck?

    • Nah I tried OW and was told no since you need to be a Telstra customer, meaning this pricing isn't available to the general public.

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      I just got JB to price match it for a 256gb - best to go in person and add it to cart infront of them

  • Is it unlocked or does it have custom Telstra ROM?

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      Not locked. No custom Telstra ROM

      • Thanks!

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          Be aware there is conflicting evidence on this. Telstra told me it's locked for 2 years.

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    Can anyone confirm (actually got the phone) that these are locked to the Telstra network.

    • Not locked.

    • I don't think it is locked to the Telstra Network BUT on the page Telstra does quote:

      "Min cost: $879
      If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan."

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    For anybody interested, Telstra currently has these on back order, and does not provide a fulfilment date when you make the purchase

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    Just came back from JB hifi and got them to price match it. Keep trying guys - be extra nice and they'll do it especially this weekend as they are quite busy and seem to just want to process customers as fast as they can…. that was my experience anyway.

    • Did you have to supply your Telstra ID?

      • I didn’t have to give a Telstra ID… just showed him the website on my phone.

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