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Google Pixel 7 128GB (Outright) $749 Delivered @ Telstra


Select "outright" option, scroll down and select "next" (ignore the $999 price shown), and it will show up as $749 on the next page.

No trade-ins, no store credit, just a discounted outright price. Part of their black friday specials. Other offerings here: https://www.telstra.com.au/deals/black-friday

Pixel 6a going for $499, seems solid too.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • Telstra got some nice deals but still shows previous prices. Can't checkout. Going to the store tomorrow.

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      you go to the checkout page and discount applies there

      • Oh it did haha. Although it won't let me get the phone by itself without the plan. I already have an upfront plan. Need to go to the store. Haha

        • You don’t have to add a plan

    • I noticed some of the Samsung ones don't get discounted in cart, so maybe they need to fix up the website a bit.

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    $600 off the Samsung S22 Ultra range looks like a better deal at Telstra than OW

    • +5

      Only comes down to $1250….no thanks.

    • -1

      Samsung UI's performance is very bad. still using it and I do not recommend.

  • Can anyone make a Telstra ID to take advantage of this deal? Or do you have to have been a previous customer/user of some Telstra plan?

    • You need at Telstra service I am pretty sure. At least a $2 sim card.

    • Or if you are a Telstra customer by stealth e.g. Boost customer.

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        I'm a boost customer, anyone help tell me how I can find my telstra id?

        • Curious about this too

        • Pretty sure you need to create a boost id & that works as a telstra id

        • Should just be your email address you signed up to Boost with. You can also register on the boost app.

        • It is the same email address that you use on the boost app to check usage etc. You can log in to Telstra page then using the same credentials no problems.

        • Just a follow up. I walked into store and first guy said no, but second guy sat down with me to sort it out. I tried online getting the ID and was running into some issues.

          Happy owner of a pixel 7 but won't play with it till my spigen case comes.

          Thanks OP!

          • @corsairDT: Good one and that's wise - they are Bloody slippery suckers.. you could set it up just don't go off the carpet.

          • @corsairDT: Curious, was your device carrier locked or ran Telstra rom?

      • Does it work with Belong customer?

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    $250 off for p7p, $1049 after discount
    But not a great deal comparing to jb

  • Similar to this expired deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/732912

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      Except no need for points this time

    • +12

      I would recommend. I have no software issues when taking photos, probably the best photos I've taken on a phone. Guess mine got tested? =D

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      Had a 6 Pro for a year now; dunno what you're talking about. There's not an aspect of the device I don't like or have a problem with. At the possibility of sounding like I'm dick riding; it is the only phone I've ever had that I haven't wanted a single thing different about it. I didn't even have trouble with the fingerprint reader in the first few months like a lot of people did.

    • +2

      I've got the P7 and I haven't noticed this. Will keep an eye out tho.

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      Have both a pixel 6 pro and pixel 7 pro. No issues.
      Son has pixel 6- except the usual battery life, no issues there too.

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      My Pixel 6 Pro has definitely had more bugs than my Pixel 2XL. It has been an inferior user experience. That said I still think pixels are great phones.

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        Same here.

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    Pretty good price considering pixel 5 was the same price

  • Pixel 6a 128GB is $499 outright from Telstra right now if you want to save another $250 from Pixel 7 :)

  • Bah, Telstra's address checker is saying my delivery address is invalid, even though it comes up in Google Maps (and I get everything delivered fine), and the useless online store agent is telling me to try another browser / they can't help manually put in the address :/

    • Same with my address (the last time used it). It showed up on the drop down but when I selected it, a different address came up on the firm. & if I entered/ modified it manually, the system wouldn't accept it. It's a complete joke.

  • Nice Black Friday deal. If you are a valued Telstra rewards member, the Pixel 7 only costs: 5,500 points + $984 ;)

  • Pretty good price if you missed the JB hi-fi deal.

  • So if you're a Boost customer, can you still buy the phone outright? Also, would you guys say this is the best phone to get at this price point $750?
    I was previously looking at the S21 FE deal from the other day. Not sure how much better the Pixel 7 is, though.

    • Or just get a pixel 5 for $250-350, very similar (and in most ways preferred it).

      • Why did you prefer it?

        Edit: other than what you've mentioned in another comment

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          Why did you prefer it?

          Not OP, but I prefer my 5 because it's a better size (ie it fits in the hand and pocket much better than all the new oversized phones), lighter, and the rear finger printer sensor works so much better and faster (ie it is tactile so I don't need to look at the phone each time to see where to press).
          Also, they are dirt cheap these days so you get a great phone for peanuts.

        • Yeah it was fine. Basically as per below. It was a bit smaller and lighter, battery good on both but bit better on Pixel 5, loud speaker quality better (although earpiece speaker volume better on P7).
          Suppose the pixel 7 feels a bit more premium but the is Mostly irrelevant as the finish is so slippery that you need a case 100%. The voice dictation is a fair bit better on the pixel 7, and 5 years of guaranteed updates. 4GB more ram in the P7, but i have noticed the chrome browser hangs or non-responisve on loading sometimes, have to close the app. The P5 was still very snappy with the last updates.

          Both are good for around $750 purchase price, just not really much of a/necessary upgrade.

          Who's the sod who bloody downvoted lol - probably some plonker that hasn't owned either.
          I mentioned both are good, just some real world experience but waste of time as usual.

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            @G-rig: Pixel 5 - last pixel with unlimited photo storage albeit storage saved mode.

            • +1

              @mmd: oh right guess they wouldn't know if you sold it privately or is it no longer an active device?
              I think i uploaded most photos anyway and not taken on Pixel 5.
              There's always the option to expand my google one with turkey lol, not that convinced but will wait till run out of room. Wouldn't want to lose the cloud items, but another 1tb be nice for cds etc.

              • +1

                @G-rig: No it's linked to the phone, that's why ppl were buying the pixel 1 OG earlier this year.
                https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/691137 Just add your account and you're good to go.
                Pixel 1 OG
                Unlimited photo and video backups at ORIGINAL quality
                I transfered all my RAW photos and go pro videos over.
                Pixel 2 to 5
                Unlimited backup at storage saved mode.
                Easier option for phone camera taken photos.
                Absolutely crap for any videos

                What's turkey?

                • @mmd: Yeah mate I suppose they should be full quality if taken on the pixel 7. I don't use another camera.
                  I mean storage is cheaper these days if you use those VPN tricks other country

                • @mmd: Wait - so i just load up my old Pixel 2, and add my account and instant unlimited storage?

                  • @jonnoyeo: Have to be taken by that phone.
                    And how would you add it to the same Gmail account?

                    • @G-rig: Then why are people buying Pixel 1 OGs? confused? Just to offset any photos taken by their Pixel 1 OG?

                      • @jonnoyeo: So they are uploading 50mp DSLR photos?
                        As long as the camera phone pics are updated at full quality don't think it matters to me.. storage is cheaper now.

                  • @jonnoyeo: Yes, turn on pixel 2
                    Add Gmail account
                    Then transfer photos to DCIM folder and it will upload to your gmail photos album.

                    Check here for further details
                    Use the syncthing app to sync the phones.
                    Bear in mind pixel 2 onwards is storage saved quality. pixel 1 is any quality.

                    • @mmd: Wouldn't storage saved quality be the max quality of your phone camera? Should be fine for most

                      • @G-rig: Not sure about iPhones, but on the pixel 5 there is an option to save photo as original which counts towards your Google one OR storage saved option.

                        100gb @$2.50 per month should be fine for most people but I don't need to worry price rises or if I go over 100gb. Also hate paying for a subscription.

                        • @mmd: Ok
                          Just cheked that setting, original quality by default.
                          Nothing to worry about mate.

      • Can you still buy 5 new and where from?

        • Check eBay or the internet (used/refurb/cheap new).

          I'm just putting it out there as a more budget friendly option for a similar phone.
          Wouldn't have normally upgraded but didn't really cost me much to get the Pixel 7 with the JB hifi deal:
          ($999 - $300 + $220 (trade) - $350 (decided to sell instead) -$100 (JB voucher) - $150 (JB free items sold) -$50 (pixel 5 case) = $270.

      • Where do I get the Pixel 5 for that price? Also, is there still updates left for it, or is it getting close to the end of it's update cycle?

    • Yes your boost id is your Telstra id

      • I didn't actually create one, though, as I'm just using prepaid on Boost. If I create a Boost ID, that will be good enough to get this offer?

    • You can buy the phone outright regardless of your carrier. If you're referring to locked phones, most outright phones are not locked.

  • unlocked, of course?

    • -2

      Dude obviously

      • -1

        Dude, where's my car?

        • +7

          Pepsi, where's my harrier jet?

          • @brotherfranciz: Netflix recommended shows is the new last night's movie on Channel 7. Seeing harrier jet references everywhere

  • The real question is it worth it ?

    • +4

      Depends what you're using now and how much you want to spend.
      Got to weigh it up with the alternatives, they are solid phones, not perfect but 1/3 the price of an iphone.
      Pretty good discounts straight off the bat considering it's a new phone. Paid $800 for the Pixel 5 last time, and got this one much cheaper (with all discounts, vouchers and sold my pixel 5 on ebay). You'd be probably just as happy with a Pixel 5, slightly smaller screen (but same quality, hardware fingerprint scanner was much better. Face unlock is handy on the P7 (during the day), P5 loudspeaker better quality, Camera a bit better on Pixel 7.

      • +6

        not perfect but 1/3 the price of an iphone.

        This is the crux of it. Are you really getting that much more value from spending 3 times as much for an iphone? No, you're not.

        • +2

          Agreed, hard to justify $1800-2300 on a phone, but i've wasted worse money.
          I like the simplicity of the Pixels, pretty solid
          I've haven't had an Apple since the iPhone 3G, back in the jail breaking days haha.
          You have to commit to the ecosystem once you get one.

          • @G-rig: What have you wasted "worse" money on…? 😏

            • @Craze: Anything you can think of ha

          • -1

            @G-rig: Why do you insist on comparing a 6" phone to a 6.7" phone with twice the memory?

            "You have to commit to the ecosystem once you get one." - exactly. And the Apple ecosystem shits on Android. Neither are perfect.

            I'm not a fanboi - hardware agnostic.

            • @foursaken: I'm comparing the Pixel 7 not 7 pro, never mentioned that one.

              Ofc it's newer and better just not a night and day upgrade.

              Btw Pixel 7= 6.3" vs 6.0, both 8Ggb

      • The top end iphones maybe, but not the standard versions. I got an iphone 12 for my wife for about $970 a few months ago. I'm not a fan of iphone myself but its very decent and obviously well built.

        I don't know how the pixel compares to the standard level iphones but I may be in the market for a new phone soon and either the pixel 7 or 7 pro are of interest, especially as there seem to be some good discounts emerging.

        • Yeah wasn't bagging them, the hardware and support great. Just easier if all your devices are apple after that, but of course don't have to.

          • @G-rig: I was interested in trying an iphone a year or so ago, but I have streaming apps I use from the US, and I would assume they'd be hard to install/use on an iphone? For example, with Android, I just sideload the app, turn on the VPN and that is it. Would it be that simple with Apple, or do you have to change the region to be able to download the app? Can you sideload on Apple different region's apps? I am guessing I should stick with Android.

            As for the phones, where can you get the Pixel 5 from at the prices you mentioned above?

            And if comparing the S21 FE ($594 for 256GB) to the Pixel 7 ($749), would the Pixel 7 be a much better phone?

            • @Ice009: Yeah you probably need an apple USA account at least.

              I sideload HBO and use a VPN and all works well, less locked down with developer options etc.

        • that's actually a decent way to compare base iphone with base 7.

          I wonder who wins out between iPhone 14 base and Pixel 7
          Looking at camera, battery life, screen, performance

  • +1

    Will jb or office works price match this?

    • just go and try it on, i had OW price match Telstra before, but a lot of them don't do it for some reason (have to be a customer). Surely if you bought a telstra/boost sim as well then you would be.

    • worked for me to price match office works an got a better deal for the pixel 7 256gb obsidian an paid for $835.05 but didnt have it stock so i just piad for collect so the send it to the store next day for me to collect

      • was this over the phone or which ow store?

  • Missus has Samsung S8 - its stopped updates so looking for a new phone. She's not a heavy phone user, and plays minimal games on there.

    Anyone recommend Whether the Pixel 6a ($499), vs S21 FE ($587), vs Pixel 7 ($749) would be the most suitable?

    • I mean, the Samsung will be the most similar experience if she liked her last phone. Otherwise they're all very capable phones, maybe just have a look at them in store and see what she likes?

      • I'd go pixel 6a cause I am biased towards smaller phones, but all 3 are fine. The S8 was quite compact and newer phones are getting a bit on the big side.

    • Pixel 7 is a good choice; it would be more future proof with 90hz, 8gb ram w tensor g2

    • -1

      Games tend to take up space. See if you go up in capacity or find one with and S D card slot.

  • +1

    Will this have Telstra brand all over it? (Physically and OS)

    • No, and maybe

      • so potentially delayed Android updates? or is that no longer an issue?

      • Gutted if it's Telstra branded etc.

    • +1

      Got my wife the 6a from Telstra about 4 months ago and there was not a trace of Telstra branding.

      • Thanks. Not even telstra logo on screen when startup? checking if they mess with the OS, appreciate your response

        • +4

          Pixels have never had carrier branding

        • +2

          For the 6a, I can confirm that there is no Telstra branding on startup or any software preloaded. There was nothing on the box either. The only place it says Telstra is the receipt. Mrs is on AldiMobile.

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