Nvidia GTX 690 for $1399 @ NetPlus

Yes an expensive video card that is not for everybody. But for those with large displays (ie 27") or multiple displays AND into gaming this is for you.
I have seen a few comments about this card when bargains for the 680 were listed so I figure some one might appreciate this. Qty is limited - as it is everywhere for this item.


Thought it worth a post in the forums for this card as it is very expensive to get locally and this is the best price I have seen. Actually I think they might even have lowered it on my request :) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/73595 as it was $1499 last Thursday.

IF you can (?) get it from overseas it might be a little cheaper but factor in a freight / forwarding costs and Import tax for over $1000 value, plus warranty concerns and I think this looks pretty good.

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  • Ouch! But yes, it looks like the average price is around $1,600.

    I see that Techradar's review states "The big issue we have with the GTX 690 is the appearance of the GTX 670 just a week after launch. A pair of those far cheaper cards will give you incredibly close performance compared with the more expensive card".

    • is this card double the performance of a 7970 or a 680?

      • Close, but not quite double as I think the clock of each of the two cores is a little lower then and individual 680.
        Main benefit is
        - quieter fan. Better quality build materials.
        - uses less power then two individual cards.
        - only 1 PCI-e slot used, and one set of power cables for those with limited existing space or cabling.
        - at this price it is basically the same as 2 680's

        A 680 or 7970 will easily do for anything under 27". But if you have a 2500+pixel screen or multi monitor setup for gaming this card should help run games on full settings.

      • http://www.hardocp.com/article/2012/05/03/nvidia_geforce_gtx...

        Not exactly double the performance of a single GTX680 as you get diminishing returns for each additional card you add to the configuration. However you will get similar performance to running 2xGTX 680's in SLI. Check the Apples to Apple's graph in the HardOCP review.

      • Techradar's review says it's about on par with (or very slightly faster than) SLI 670s.