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Silicon Power UD90 1TB gen 4 M.2 SSD $109 + Delivery @ Mwave


Mwave is selling it at $109 + shipping. Looks like a bargain there when everyone else, including Amazon, is selling it for $159.

Its gen4. Mwave says 4800 MB/s read, 4200 MB/s write. So its not the fastest gen 4 SSD, but its the cheapest one that runs at gen 4 speeds.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • Shame on the shipping costs but not a bad price.

    • 11 bucks to NT

      • Shouldn't it be $5.95 postage or is that not on special/sale items?

        • maybe just coz not used to paying shipping. amazon lol and waiting for that super amazing blk fri deal on an NVMe

          • @wshinji: Yeah i'm not gonna hold my breath for one of them. I scored a WD SN850 1TB for $109 delivered from SE due to a pricing error which they honoured. Usually, someone will have a ripper NVME m.2 sale/price, but only have a few available. Going off last black friday, it was shite. This BF, i think will mainly be AMD 5series cpu's, mobo's and a few ironwolf/nas hdd's. Tbh i'm not even gonna bother with the sales (which have been dragged out to 2weeks instead of 1day)…. typical. Soon the BF sales won't hqve any meaning as there'll be a sale on every week. EOFY, boxing day, xmas, fathers day, mothers day, valentine day, Australia day, bathurst sale, easter, mid-year, new year, chinese new year, long weekend sale, sale of the freaking egg baking in the sun sale…… list can go on lol

            • @teddiebear: If they're gonna have sales all year, shops should simply lower the prices to sale prices all year around. They might stop a few people buying online and start shopping at shops again. But Harvey will find a way to f**k us around again lol

  • +1

    Damn, and I was betting someone would ask whether it would work in a PS5.

    • Gen4 should be fine for PS5

  • I know what silicon is, and power, and the letters U and d and the numbers 90 and 1, and gen which I'm guessing must be short for generation, but could posters please make it clear what is being sold in the title because these words and numbers all written together mean nothing to me

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