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MSI Spatium M450 Gen 4 PCIe NVMe 500GB SSD $49 + Delivery ($0 NSW/VIC/QLD C&C / in-Store) @ Scorptec


Hey OzBargain, do you have the Monday blues?

Feeling down due to the drudgery of another week, albeit one with a public holiday on Thursday?
Well, let me cheer you up with this ripsnorter of an SSD deal.

Get a MSI Spatium 500GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD for only $49!

For perspective, that's half a basket of groceries from Woolies or Coles.

Who needs to feed your family when you could get MORE storage to fit your 124 Sims 4 expansion packs?!

This discounted price is running until late May, but we're limited to a certain amount of units. Whatever we hit first, that's when this deal is cast off to the abyss.

Hope you enjoy the week ahead, and happy gaming!

~ ScorpyBoi

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  • Compare to a ssd how does one install a nvme?

    • +3

      What does one want to install it into?

      This is an M.2 NVMe SSD. Whatever you want to install it into has to have an M.2 NVMe socket to plug it into.

    • +1

      Very simple, long as your motherboard has a slot. Or you can get external enclosures for them too.

      Long story short, if you can install an SSD you can easily install an nvme (again assuming you have a slot). Watch a youtube video if in doubt.

      • +1

        They are both SSDs

        • And? It was fairly obvious from context what was being asked here…

          • @Yekul: And we should stop using incorrect terms for things, and accept corrections from others when it's pointed out. You meant "if you can install a SATA SSD".

            • +3

              @GhostofB: Yeah, you should.

              You meant "if you can install a 2.5" SATA SSD"

              I just installed a "SATA SSD" yesterday and it was the exact same process as this one, because it was M.2

  • Most modern motherboards have a NVMe slot or two.

  • +1

    500gb is not so much of a spatium

    • parvum spatium?

  • At this price, should i worry about DRAM?

    • +2

      Use it as a boot drive and get one with dram as your main storage drive.

  • Is this good for OS installs and stuff?

    Or would a Samsung 980 be better?

    • Samsung would be better for a drive with lots of writing and reading. This is very good as your OS drive.

      • Thank you for the reply.

        So gaming/video editing/CAD would be better with Samsung?

        • +1

          In general yep. These drives will still do the job but if it gets full or close to full it will cause slow downs

  • bigger and faster than what came in my laptop, got one

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