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WD Red Pro NAS 3.5" HDD (CMR) 14TB $388.18 Shipped, 20TB $565.25 (Expired) @ Amazon US via AU

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Massive price drop on this crowd favourite HDDs the 20TB is $565.25 down from $697.65 .. over $130 off and massively cheaper than any local stores

16TB $429.97 — 3 in stock — insufficient quantity product removed from title (Mod)
14TB $395.81

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • Can anyone comment on the noise that these create? I'm looking at expanding my 2-bay Synology but I'm worried they'll be a lot louder than the current 4GB drives.

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      I'm very noise conscious of my 4 8tb reds and they aren't 7200. I changed my DS918 fans to Noctua but the PSU fan on it overuns it regardless.

      No way I'd be putting anything noisier in. I just wish I could isolate it better but it's in the perfect environment, cool room etc etc.

      I'd highly doubt I'd care for the performance increase.

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      • Cheers for that. Surprising that the larger capacity drives are quieter than the smaller ones.

  • WD or Seagate ?
    IronWolf NAS Pro about the same price/TB for 18TB

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      personal opinion, based on previous experiences but I avoid Seagates at any cost. If they were given to me I would throw them out.

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        Yeah, I'm sure you'd throw away a 16tb Seagate drive….

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        or sell them instead of throwing them out

  • Add a $5 pens to reduce 20tb to $536.35

    Deal of the day: BIC Round Stic Grip Xtra Comfort Ball Pen, Medium (1.2 mm), Purple, 12-Count https://amzn.asia/d/elXuc0G

    • How does this work do you need to use a code or is it automatic.

      I added one now price still above $565

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    Have they improved packaging on these?

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    Best prices I have seen for mechanical hard drive is about $25/TB this sits at about $28/TB for anyone who was curious.

    • $24.789/TB if buying 2x16TB WD RED PRO in this deal.

      • Now just to find out which mechanical hard drive has the best $/TB/year(longevity)

        I don't really care much about speeds but I do care a lot about how long a drive can last.

        I would personally rather have a drive that runs at 10x speed for 25 years than a drive that runs at 1000x speed for 10 years.

        Convenience and endurance/longevity to me is king over speeds.

  • This group buy is currently running with WD DC and Seagate EXOS drives around $18-27/TB

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    16Tb in stock. Just bought two for $793.25

  • Eligible for redemption from WD?
    Edit: Just checked WD promotion is only available if you buy from six resellers (Amazon AU is excluded, let alone Amazon US).

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