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[VIC, Preowned] Haworth Zody Chair Red $50 (MEL Pickup) - Delivery by Quotation @ Sustainable Office Solutions


At Sustainable Office Solutions we are bringing back the $50 Haworth Zody deal for a limited time.
Used RRP $125-$250 each, now only $50 each.

If you are after a delivery, please contact our office on 03 9312 6341 for a quote.
We still have over 1000 in stock.

Chairs don't include arms.

We are a second hand furniture reseller and all items for sale are second hand.
Pickup available from 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West.

Best to call ahead as we only stock limited numbers on the showroom floor. (03 9312 6341)
All items are second hand/pre-owned and may show signs of wear (i.e. scruff marks and scratches)

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  • I know one of the big 4 banks use these chairs in the office and they are really sturdy, good value at $50

    • I think in a previous thread it was mentioned these probably came from a big 4

    • NAB

    • We use them at our office and I've got one at home as well. After another one but on the wrong side of the city for this deal. $50 is a bargain.

    • Westpac use them too. I've seen it at their offices.

      • I believed NAB wrote off its furnitures when they moved to their new office. Check the SMH ariticle: “office furniture headache: 15,000 unwanted desks..”

    • These chairs are from our NAB project, details are on our webpage

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    I had it for a few months… this thing was so uncomfortable to sit.

    Sold and bought second hand Aeron.. and never look back.

    • +3

      and never look back.

      That's dangerous if you are pulling away.

    • Its what you are comfortable with I have two of these Zody's and they are pretty good.

      • I went to pick up 2 chairs today. They are pretty good and comfortable too. They looks new too. Good for a price.

  • Seems like good deal hopefully not a case of only the crap ones left

    • All the chairs that are reduced are still fully functional & in great condition. Purley on sale to clear warehouse space, you are welcome to inspect anytime during our trading hours.

  • What's postage fee to NSW?

    • unfortunately you are out of our delivery area we only deliver with in Victoria, your welcome to organise a courier to pick up from our showroom at 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West Vic 3020 - Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm. Pick up's will be ready 48 hours after invoice payment has been received.

      • Just confirming you will package it up and label it with the connote we provide for the courier to transport?

        • +1

          We can arrange to have it wrapped if you email us the transport info Label we will print out and attach this no problem.

  • +3

    Anyone been to there warehouse?
    I felt that they did not want to sell any items in both visits there. I went on a Saturday in both visits.

    And had noticed that they say what ever you see is only what you get.
    I went to grab some cabinets and did choose a cabinet from the show room and came with my car as rest of the cabinet were already sold. ( I was after 3 cabinet and was planning to get a van to move them)
    Then they gave me a one from the warehouse next it and if I was told that I can have all three cabinets I would have taken a van there.

    And they seems to be pushing people to come over on a week day when you visit on a weekend.

    Not happy with the customer service over there but happy with item I got .

    • +1

      I ageee they have horrible customer service.

  • is the cushion infused with fart of previous owner?

    • No, that costs extra.

    • Ex NAB staff so smells like roses.

    • NAB hot desk too

      • multi fart

  • wow thats a lot of chairs, too bad its not in NSW

  • +1

    As I stated in last thread….. I bought two of these, fairly good condition but I can feel the base through the padding as the padding on the seat isn't thick. Note I am 100kg's so for lighter people this may not be an issue. I also found the back to not be the best support. The Lumbar adjustment is more of an annoyance than a help so either remove it or slide it down out of the way. You also cannot adjust the vertical height of the back.

    P.S the only chair I have truly been able to sit hours on was an Aeron a few years back but at current prices of $2500 new and half that second hand I wont be getting one soon so I am stuck with finding something that is bearable, the hunt continues.

  • What's the width of the seat at its widest point ?

    • The width is 500mm.

  • Delivery fee to your area is $100.00

  • +1

    Can confirm their customer service is extremely poor. Was referred to google to search for my own information on the products quoted when their website had incorrect dimensions.

  • Can you disassemble this and take away in a car ?

    • It will fit in a car, easily in the front seat of a vehicle.

  • +1

    Any idea how old these chairs are?

  • +1

    Had a look at the chairs last time. 20 on floor but many had issues especially lumbar support that had come loose and looked broken (i.e. wobbly, easy to disconnect from chair, sitting in the railing on the back unsecured). It should be impossible to wobble or disconnect as with the ones I ended up picking. So you have to pick carefully.

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