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[SA, NSW, VIC, ACT, WA] 20% off All Liquor (Max Discount $50) + $20 off When When You Spend $250 (Expired) @ Coles Online


Get 20% off your liquor orders max discount $50 until 27/12 on Coles Online.

Offer stacks with $20 off when you spend $250 as well, code FESTIVE, which ends 13/12

Happy Shopping!

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  • Offft, Laphroaig Select Cask comes down to $64.80, all time low?

    • taken off instantly

  • +1

    Glenmorangie 18
    Macallan The 12YO
    The Balvenie 12YO

    any of them good?

    • +1

      Yes to all 3.

      • $194.40 total for Mallacan and Belvenie

  • Thanks OP, first time I've actually been able to get some craft beer with the 20% off, usually shows temporarily out of stock!

  • +2

    Looks like SA too if you wanna change the title

  • Great find. I'm in WA and it's not showing on any banners, but the discount is there when you check out.

  • Should stop buying whisky)) Great find though!

    • it's a disease isn't it?

  • Thanks OP, bought 4 JW black 1l for $210

  • Thanks, got some even though a lot of things were suddenly changed to "temporarily unavailable".

  • Timely.

  • +2

    WOW great saving and better than waiting for your cashback through shopback or cashrewards.
    saved $70

  • I can never remember how to get this archaic Coles website to display alcohol. I'm in Vic, there's no restrictions. Tried two stores, nothing.

    Maybe I have to login? Or tap my head three times and do a backflip simultaneously?

    Edit, couldn't do the backflip, logged in set a store and time window for C&C even tho just want to look. Still doesn't work 🤦‍♂️

    At one point I saw the the Alcohol Specials banner, clicked it and it went to a page showing only Non-alcoholic drinks… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • They definitely make it difficult. Yep, login. Perhaps move to Click & Collect from Delivery. Don't need to set a slot, just select location.

      • I did all that, still can't see alcohol. I think I recall I had to set certain store in my area… Still trying ha ha

        Edit. Finally got it! Seems only 1 store (set for C&C) in the area will let me see alcohol. Painful.

    • Click on Everything or Specials from the menu bar at the top of page. Just below the coles sign. That will display a drop menu. Choose Liquor.

      • I later replied to say I got it working (again).

        Yeah, nah.. It doesn't matter how or what liquor page I try to go to, it will never display any alcohol until I set for C&C and a very specific store in my area. It's demented.

        It happens every time, which isn't often I even bother.

        The store is not the closest to home, it's just broken. The whole Coles website / checkout experience is not even worth the effort.

        • Hmm, strange. It thought it may be working smoothly for me because of cookies so I removed all Coles cookies.


          Still works smoothly. Must be my lucky day.

          • +1

            @shaybisc: I'm on Chrome mobile, not sure if that's it, but pretty sure was the same on desktop Chrome too.

            Out of about 5 stores (all have a Liquorland in them) only one let's me see alcohol.

            I don't think setting delivery works, until after selecting this store… Or maybe at all.

            Cookies wouldn't make sense in my case, my Chrome experience is synced across devices and I rarely delete cookies.

            Selecting stores, timeslots, cart the whole exp is sub-standard and everything reloads all the time.

            I work in IT and have a thorough understanding of technology and how things work, Coles is shit, plain and simple.

  • If you use FESTIVE, looks like it reduces $20 before applying the 20%. i.e. they're not independent.

    Auto alcohol discount was $44.54.
    But 20% of my alcohol total ($242) was $48.40
    If I take off $20, 20% of $222 is $44.40, closer.

  • +4

    Just picked mine up and they upsized all my 8 bottles to 1ltr size from 700ml bargain 👍

    • What did you order?

      • +1

        Jacks , Baileys , Jameson, vodka 👍

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    The FESTIVE code has expired, but there is a new GIFT10 $10 off when you spend $150 available. NB: Ends 20/12/22.

    Still worthwhile, but maybe adjust your total to $150 instead of $250 to maximise the discount

    • +4

      I just spent $253, used both codes plus the 20% discount. 8
      'GIFT10' $10 off $150 spend &
      'GIFT25' $25 off $250 spend.

      • +2

        nice…i didnt think of trying that. seriously though, screw coles…..lol

      • +1

        Very nice.

        Spent $170 saved $130 - that really got my ozbargain juices flowing

      • +1

        Just did similar
        $260 turned into $180 after all 3 combined

        • +1

          Trolley total: $267.00
          Enjoy 20% off liquor -$46.40
          GIFT10 -$10.00
          GIFT25 -$25.00
          Order total: $185.60*
          Total savings: $123.40

          Thanks OP and @NoEyeDeer

          • @lordra: One of my $50 bottles was out of stock, so even better as all discounts remained, they just charged me $50 less

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