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Sign up to nbn Superloop, Exetel, Dodo etc (New Customers Only) & Get $50 Woolworths eGift Card @ Econnex via The Wiselist App


My first Ozbargain post so apologies if any errors! I have previously signed up via Econnex last month during Black Friday for a $100 giftcard and noticed they have another promo, this time through Wiselist. I haven't received my giftcard yet (as they need to check if you're not just going to switch straight away) but the process was easy- had one call from Econnex and then Superloop emailed me.

The discount seems better if you sign up to a faster plan. In saying this, I am planning to get my mum signed up with the Superloop basic plan but I can't see the benefits for the referred person through their internal referral system. It may work out better if I refer her instead of signing her up through this, if we both get kickbacks.


  • This offer is valid till 31st Dec 2022
  • Your broadband service must be activated within 30 days from the date of application signup to be eligible for this offer.
  • If you are eligible, WiseList will provide you with a $50 Woolworths Store Bonus eGift Card by email between 90-120 days after you have successfully activated your service.
  • If your NBN™️ service is cancelled within the first 45 days from the activation date, the transaction will be deemed invalid and you will not be eligible to receive a gift card.

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    Are you sure you are not their affiliates? We have manyo spam ozb every fortnightly

    • Exactly what I thought as well… hmmmm

    • no definitely not an affiliate… I don't work for any of these companies. I got a notification and have signed up in the past. also I mentioned cheaper plans might be better off going direct with a referral..

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    Not worth giving them my number

  • I haven't received my giftcard yet

    @cazzamaphone i hope you get your gift card soon after this post ROFL

    • how long has it been? it does say it will take 90-120 days

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    Not sure why only $50, they normally offer at least $100

  • Shopback offer $63 cash (although I am unsure if Econnex jack rates through their portal)

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    I signed up to Exetel via Econnex in August. I did receive my $100 gift card my November but the email header and everything looked very spammy and I would have deleted it if I wasn't expecting it.

    • What was the email header?

    • Cool.

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    Header : You've received a Woolworths eGift Card!

    Body :


    Great news! You’ve received an eGift Card or Gift Voucher
    To help you get the most out of your gift, follow the link below to see where you can use your card.
    We hope you have a great time making the most out of your gift. Please read on for helpful tips to get you started.

    Our eGift Cards can be redeemed in store and/or online at particular partner’s website. If you purchased one of the Woolworths Group cards, click here to check where you can spend it.

    For your security, it is a good idea to delete this email as soon you've saved your gift.

    The Woolworths Gift Cards Team

  • Can anyone share the trick to not being stung for an extra month when cancelling Exetel and moving to another provider?

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      Don't you just have to provide 30 days notice? Arrange the new service for that date.

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