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Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam $109 (RRP $299) + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


The Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam allows you to make video calls and record high quality video clips. It has a Full HD glass lens for crisp, clear images, an autofocus and 2 microphones so you can capture the smallest details.

This webcam has 4096 x 2160 digital video resolution.
It connects via USB.
This webcam is tripod mountable.
It comes in a black design.
It comes with a 12 month warranty.

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  • +5

    That has to be a price error, get in fast!

  • +3

    Should be $199 lol..

    • +1

      Yep they seemed to be pricematching JB. RIP to whoever poor intern that entered the price.

      • I think he's saying other stores selling at that price not 299

        • +1

          Sorry I didnt word my reply clearly, I was saying that OW is likely pricematching JB which sells it for 199$, but whoever did the pricematching entered the price as 109$ instead of 199$.

  • Wow, hopefully they honour it!

  • +1

    Bought one of the for my work fom home setup. Great webcam, if you get it at this price jump in before its Ozbargained

  • Order placed. Fingers crossed OW doesnt cancel it.

    Never got in on a price error deal from OW before do they usually honour price error deals?

  • Thanks op, grabbed one!

  • +1

    Don't need another webcam but can't pass on this price. Hopefully they honour it

    • Time to get that onlyfans hustle going, perhaps?

  • Wow great price

  • +7

    Now my work mates can see all the sleep marks on my face when i wake up 5 mins before our Team meetings

    • -3

      A bit optimistic our ahem 'great' nbn network can deliver 4k videos to your colleagues, no?

    • Don't worry, Teams compresses the video feed hard to kill those details just for you.

  • +5

    They won't deliver but snagged one as pickup.

    Finally, a real Boxing day deal :P

    • Won't deliver because it's a Bargain Right Inside Officeworks.

    • Yeah very poor bargains

  • OOS on checkout for delivery
    C&C still an option

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed 2 between it ran out!

  • it says out of stock for me

    • Try click and collect

  • Bugger, got 'There was an error processing your order'.

    Oh well. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

  • too late. OOS

  • Ordered successfully for click and collect after others said it didn't work, YMMV but worth a try.

    • Same, Delivery is sold out but pickup is available for multiple stores even though it says limited stock

  • +5

    I hesitated because I don't really need another web cam. Saved $109

  • Bought one c&c but expectation is not high, have had all my previous orders cancelled by officeworks due to price error

  • Order placed with business account and click and collect

    Thanks Op!

  • did C&C but had to cycle through 6-7 stores before getting one that said in stock. Glen Waverley Officeworks

  • Order placed and confirmed with click and collect for tomorrow

    • I got a "Ready to Collect" message at 7:19am and picked it up around 10:30am.
      Been keeping an eye on these for the last couple of years but there's no way I could justify the price. For $109 it's a great Windows Hello device

  • +1

    Thanks placed an order for C&C

    • Same, wonder if they’ll honour

      • +2

        I hope they do. This has been my only purchase this week. No other bargains spotted

  • +1


  • Dammit I was literally in store today comtemplating whether it's worth the extra ~$100 over the $93 stream cam. Went with the streamcam and now miss out on this :(

    • Buy this, return stream cam

      • OOS locally. If anyone doesn't want theirs please let me know :)

  • +3

    Ordered fine after others said it didn't work. Some stores didn't work though.

  • Got one click & collect at local store & received conformation text message

  • Haha. Okay, tried click and collect, just as well I'm out of town for holidays. Woo hoo! Success! (until they cancel due to some sort of error…)

    • Picked mine up. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  • Should still be able to get in for click and collect (at least in Melbourne metro/city)

  • +23

    Still avaliable at the following stores for Click n Collect - https://officeworks.youinstock.com.au/search/INLOG4KPRO (scroll down) then when you are in checkout choose one of the stores on the list.


    • +1

      Doing the Lords work

  • I just managed to put a C&C on Airport West btw…

  • +6

    For those getting this for WFH - no one wants to see you up close in 4k

    • My manager?

    • +3

      For those getting this for WFH - no one wants to see you up close in 4k

      unless your job is onlyfans

  • Thanks op

  • Not oos just ordered one

  • ordered, not oos

  • +1

    Unfortunately, we have had to cancel and refund your order XXXXXXXX as it did not meet our customer privacy and security standards when shopping with Officeworks.

    Wtf is with this?

    • An excuse to cancel your order.

    • They try to blame you for their error

  • Same. Ordered 2 mins ago. Got confirmation text.

  • Thanks OP, managed to put an order for C&C at Geelong store. This is truly an awesome deal 👏

  • -1

    @bargainsgrabber did you grab any ;)

    • I did, for my duo wfh setup :)

    • @qzcbmo here’s your desperate @ mate

      • Thanks bought 15 and gonna sell on eBay @199

  • Ordered CC. Not OOS.

  • Ordered CC not expired.

  • I can't get c&c working :(

  • Thanks OP, was able to order C&C somewhere 30 mins away, lol.

  • +5

    Bought this with no genuine need. FOMO :/

  • Email and confirmation text received for C&C

  • Just ordered C&C and got confirmation. Let us see what happens tomorrow morning!

    • Picked it up this morning, thanks OP!

  • Late to the party. Says 'Unavailable Online' now.

    • +2

      Check the link OP posted above. I was able to order one from Wodonga C&C lmao. Will pick it up when I drive interstate.

  • Just got confirmation via email for C&C. Wonder if I can call them to deliver instead … as the store is 30 min away. Don't really need it now but could not resist the deal.

    • +1

      Why did you buy it? What's the point?

      • +1

        I had wanted a camera for some time for Windows Hello so this price is almost the same as other cheapo brands that can do it, so I guess that's the reason. Not a big need but completes my desktop setup.

  • Anyone had luck getting a hold of Muzeeb?

    • He just recently got accepted into OW through his extensive experience as an ex Dell employee, purchased some for himself before handing in his resignation

      Onto the next job rn

      • His portfolio is incredible. He’ll be back on his feet in no time

  • +3

    Worth it just for Windows Hello. :)

  • I saw this in JB the other day and was wondering why it was so expensive.

    This price is much more reasonable and logical.

  • +4

    Still plenty of stock in regional stores

    Store State Quantity
    Bathurst NSW 3
    Lismore NSW 3
    Orange NSW 3
    Rutherford NSW 3
    Tamworth NSW 2
    Taree NSW 2
    Dubbo NSW 1
    Kotara NSW 1
    Port Macquarie NSW 1
    Wagga Wagga NSW 1
    Rockhampton QLD 4
    Rothwell QLD 4
    Bundaberg QLD 3
    Mackay QLD 3
    Morayfield QLD 3
    Warana QLD 3
    Cairns QLD 2
    Noosaville QLD 2
    Gladstone QLD 1
    Hervey Bay QLD 1
    Maroochydore QLD 1
    Pimpama QLD 1
    Robina QLD 1
    West Burleigh QLD 1
    Bendigo VIC 4
    Traralgon VIC 4
    Mildura VIC 3
    Wangaratta VIC 1
    Wodonga VIC 1
    Mandurah WA 4
    Bunbury WA 3
    Midland WA 2
    Albany WA 1

    • -1

      Frustratingly I was just in Bathurst today and could have picked one up in store. Grabbed the last remaining one in Kotara (hopefully) so guess I’m off on another road trip later today or tomorrow.

  • -1

    Phew… not the same as the one I bought the other day.

    The model number for this one is 960-001196.

    Whereas the “business” version with Windows Hello support and more resolutions is
    960-001105 or 960-001106 (also known as a Brio 4K Pro).

    Don’t feel so bad now lol

    • Who are trying to fool
      Product Code:INLOG4KPRO

    • +2

      Logitech’s site would beg to differ… as would Bing Lee. Seems the main difference in those product codes is warranty (unless I’m mistaken?).

      • Could be. The "business" one has a 3 year warranty whereas the retail one just has 1.

        As for resolutions and other features, not entirely sure. Googled the hell out of it and even asked a Logitech rep and they just said the 1105 is the "business" one for America/Asia, 1106 is also the "business" one for Europe and 1196 is a retail variant, but some people have suggested the retail version has fewer resolutions or is only 8 megapixel vs the "business" 13 megapixel version camera. I can't say authoritatively.


    • There is no material difference for consumers.

      The "business" version is certified for Teams and Zoom meetings, so businesses can order in large quantities with assurance. Higher price presumably due to licencing, but ironically they often paid less through their partner channels.

      The "retail" version works with Teams, Zoom, and many other conferencing software just as well. Why else people buy it?

  • Wish there was a way to get these shipped from in stock stores

  • +2

    Hey guys,

    Just to confirm I have now picked up from my local officeworks with no issues.


  • +1

    Just got the message stating the order is ready to collect. Good to know they are not cancelling the order.

  • +1

    Order is ready to pick up, good deal, almost bought the c922 pro but glad that I wait

  • mine got cancelled due to "unfortunately we are unable to source additional stock to fulfil your order at this time." :(

  • +1

    Just picked it up. Thanks OP, great find was shopping for webcams. Instore price on tag is also 109 so potentially not a price error?

  • Hmm. Everyone thinks this is a great deal but these have been coming down in price quite a lot lately. The initial WFH wave caused webcams to triple+ in price, and now that’s done not many people need to buy new ones any more.

    I’d be keen to upgrade my work laptop’s crappy webcam but I’m not going to spend much of my own money for that, $100 is borderline and hell, work can give me a better one if they want to see me better.

    • +5

      This is a great deal regardless of the "Webcam Crash". It's 4K and was selling for $200+ even before Covid. This model should last for a very long time too, just look at the Logi c920 which still sells well

  • Just got a text saying my order is ready to collect :)

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