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LifeStyles Regular Condom 1 Pack, 40 Count $12.95 ($11.66 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Are you newly married? Get your lifetime supply of "protection" at the very low price of 32c each (29c with S&S). As always, read the label and instructions before use. Jokes aside (for some), this is not at an all-time low price, but is best value for money… well, 'value' is debatable as well ;)

About this item (Direct from Amazon listing)
* LifeStyle Regular condoms are expertly designed to give a flared, extra comfort fit with a 54mm nominal width and a reservoir teat
* Shaped for you extra comfort, LifeStyle Regular condoms are lubricated and electronically tested to ensure high quality
* Designed to make them easier to put on and for extra comfort during use
* LifeStyles Condoms are ISO 4074 certified. LifeStyles is a Global leader in the sexual wellness sector striving to provide only the best for you. LifeStyles Triple Testing assures you ony the best of quality


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    I’m here for the comments 😆

    • +14

      Would you say you… came for the comments?

      • I came by the comments.

    • +8

      You came early!

      • +2

        And I came back for round two.

      • I am so NOT clicking that link. Describe it in words or it’s a no go. lol.

  • +5

    Still a bit expensive for 1 weeks supply .

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    I need a sale on XL, and Ultra Thin 😂

    • +48

      That is so nice of you to think of your wife's boyfriend like that

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          Come (giggidy) to think of it, proselytising kinda sounds like prostituting.

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          Thanks OzBargain user User786, your internet words are inspirational.

      • Pretty your @Adelv's wife's boyfriend prefers to go raw.

  • +1

    enough for a few years?

    • +3

      Are you newly married?

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Do they still make the spray on ones? 🙂

    • +2

      No but there's the Aussie traditional 'joke' of Gladwrap and a rubber band

      • Just remember to put it back over the salad afterwards. Don't want that drying out.

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    can't pass up on a deal even tho I raw it

  • $11.66 only for Suck&Secks?

  • +6

    Ah married life.
    A box of 40 might last a month in the first year and your whole life after a few years

    • Personal experience hey ?

    • +1

      Buy for your wife's boyfriends lol

    • I don't get it … isn't the point of getting married, so you don't have to use these? Why did you use them in the first month? Because you still had something on the side?

  • I just came for the comments….

    Oh wait….

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      That is what she said you came early

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    Be aware that some ladies are allergic to latex - my daughter included. She is very happy with the lambskin variant.

    • +55

      Tasmania has entered the chat

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        This one got me crying with laughter! Terrible, but so funny…

    • +2

      Lies. She was happy with these yesterday.

    • Ansell SKYN is their non-latex line. Also Japanese brands have ultra thin non-latex condoms as well but they are usually on the tighter side. I myself is allergic to latex, found out the hard way after using a condom for the first time when I was still a teenage boy, itching for almost a week I thought I caught some disease.

  • +2

    Envy the folks who see this as a purchase opportunity.
    Me — at current run rate, it's a 250yr supply.

    • If you live long enough. Probably not

      • +3

        Leave the remaining condoms in your will

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    Be careful - these are short dated. Most will go to waste.

    Q: What is the expiry date?
    A: The expiry date for this product is 31/12/2025

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      You can share with us

  • +5

    I think i'll pull out from this one, works every time. Saves a few dollars

    • Until it doesn't

  • +2

    Has anyone noticed the Subscribe and Save recommandation? 4 months(common)
    120 per year.Seriously ?? Lucky Dog. lol

  • +3

    54mm nominal width! What happens in the event, if you come across an engine with an oversized bore? Inexperienced mechanic asking for a friend.

    • +1

      @Nunga:You will need to get Back boring done.
      As it maintains the barrel's strength
      The oversized bores allow the wad to spread slightly reducing friction as it travels the length of the bore 
      The benefits are denser and more evenly distributed patterns; and a reduction in felt recoil

      • I’m more concerned about blow by

  • +1

    Reuse for even better value

    Still rockin mine from '18

  • +6

    Saves having to clean out the love doll once you are done.. good bargain

    • +3

      My wife has a name!

      • Momoka?
        and she calls you Senpai?

        Me to!

    • Lucky dogg!!

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    ISO 4074 certified, sooo.. there are ISO 4074 females ?? how to spot the diff ?

  • 40 counts should be 40 shots….

  • No stock

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