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Apple Airtag White 1-Pack $49.60 ($48.36 eBay+), 2-Pack $100 ($97.50 eBay+), 4-Pack $143.20 ($139.62 eBay+) @ GG Tech via eBay


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    I do know this is overpriced

  • How often do these 4-pack Apple Airtags go on sale? Planning to buy for my parents before their Japan trip this March.

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      4-pack was $99 on boxing day and consistently down to $115-120 once a month.

      • yes waiting for it to go back down to at least the 115-120 before pulling the trigger for an upcoming trip.

        knowing my luck though its probably not gonna go on a sale for a while now that I am looking for a pack….

        • Wish you all the best my friend :) (P.S. Have fun in Japan)

          • @cheapasiandude: Wrong guy - @sin069 parent is the one going to Japan :D but none the less thanks haha.

      • $127 was the lowest in the last few months as I know. Any price below that either was a pricing error or got cancelled. can have a look at the history here as a reference.

        I have been waiting for them to be around $30 each but not so much luck on this Apple thing.

        • I remember a $11X deal. It was from a store on Westfield Direct, and WD had a $20 off $100+ spend code (sitewide).
          Deal was out of stock very quickly though. If orders were cancelled afterwards I didn't know about it.

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    Not really 20/22% off, considering their base price is way above RRP.

    Apple RRP GG.Tech After code % off compared to RRP
    1 Pack $49 $62 $49.60 ($48.36) -1% (1%)
    2 Pack N/A $125 $100 ($97.50) N/A
    4 Pack $165 $179 $143.20 ($139.62) 13% (15%)

    I guess they can sell higher than Apple RRP, cause it currently not available from Apple.

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      Price jacking in action!
      I wonder people still fall for this stupid tactic where u first inflate the price and then offer ridiculous discount to bring it slightly below RRP.

    • I don't really get the logic behind making one 2-pack cost more than buying two 1-packs .. lmao

    • An ACCC compliance issue, example of misleading price being displayed: Stating the sale price is marked down from an earlier price when the items were not sold at that price in a reasonable period right before the sale started.

    • Its available at Apple.

  • Is shopBack cash-back eligible with this coupon code?

  • $25-30 per airtag should be the right price to buy

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    Why is a 2 pack more expensive than 2 x 1 packs?

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      I don't think a 2 Pack of AirTag officially exist, so it either 2x Single or they split a 4 Pack.

  • 1-pack same price direct from Apple…

  • Damn got excited to see this to go down to sub $100 but that was a two pack

    • Yeah 2x for $100 is ridiculous. You are paying $2 over retail price lol, Apple sells them for $49 each.

      When it's 4x for under $100 then that's a deal. Basically 4x for the price of 2x so half off.

  • errrr waiting for price to get lower

  • Do these work with android phone as well?

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    Zero reason to buy from here. A mere 17 hours ago I ordered 2 direct from Apple, with free engraving, for $49 each.

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    single $46.95 on amazon

  • Paid $40 for 1 on Amazon AU. Personally I don't think the 1 pack and 2 pack should be included in the deal, seems like regular going price.

  • Costco have them back in stock for $139 delivered.

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