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20% off Eligible Items, 22% off for eBay Plus Members, Max $300 Discount, up to 5 Uses Per Account @ eBay Australia


Here are the codes for the next eBay 20/22% off sale that is kicking off from 10am AEDT on January 16 to 11:59pm AEDT on January 29. When the promo is live you'll be able to find and search for eligible products here.

To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code BTSR22 (Members) and BTSR20 (Non-Members) into the redemption code box during checkout. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period

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  • +40

    Jacks on the way!!

  • +20

    Let's see how many will be found as "eligible items" this time 😜

    • +24

      *Eligible - stuff nobody wants to buy.

    • Like that time with handbags. Probably the most niche item to buy on OzB

    • +7

      Timmy from ebay searches the 10's of 1,000 most popular ebay items!!!
      Timmy then inverts that search and applys eligiblity!

  • +3


  • +1

    I Smell Jack

    Love it when people can’t take a joke lol

    • I hear he likes to get into the Jack Daniels. Something the neggers could do with to calm their overzealous emotions.

    • +1

      Just to give the neggers some context, me and ISP and along with some other OzB help each other, so this is just friendly banter haha

  • Hopefully I can use it for beer 🥰

  • +5

    Guess who's back?
    Back again
    Jack is back
    Tell a friend…

    • +5

      guess who's back?
      guess who's back?
      guess who's back?

      undun undun undun

      • +2

        I've created a monster
        'Cause nobody wants to see Jack no more
        They want real Deals, I'm chopped liver
        Well, if you want real Deals, this is what I'll give ya
        A little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor
        Some 20% unjacked storewide that'll jump start my heart quicker

  • +1

    Jack will be in town from monday

  • +4

    Oh, I miss last week's $50 off $100 spend hahaha

    • +2

      That was epic. Spent $500, saved $250. Can't beat that!

      • +3

        And I was half expecting mass cancellation of orders but all mine were surprisingly delivered mid week!

        • What deal was was that? It seems I completely missed it

          • +5

            @deals4amar: It was one of the annoying 'Spend $X save $Y' variable deals with the cryptic codes. Someone at eBay stuffed up the Home and Garden category one and instead of it being $50 off for $1000 spend, it was $50 off for $100 spend. So we all went crazy over it and brought tons with it and it didn't seem to have any limit on the number of transactions either…

  • +15

    Dad, what's an eligible item?

    Well son, it's not quite this..and not quite that…so to answer your question, I dont know.

    • +1

      Emperor Jack built a wall to keep em Ozbargainers out 🤣

  • +11

    eligible item - item that you buy when the item you want is not eligible.

  • -1


    • Jack’s not my friend!

    • +2

      Capitalisation is important. It makes a big difference in a sentence like "I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse"

  • +1

    Uncle Jack back from leave?

  • +1

    Fingers crossed for a Dreame v9 and miband 6!

  • Hopefully a good deal on the hydraulic Jack

  • Nice

  • Gives them enough time to jack up the prices!

  • +3

    Thanks … !

    It looks like you are taking over from @dealbot .. !!

    • +2

      I heard jv was dealbots successor

    • +3

      His worst nightmare.

  • Let's see. Want to buy Vitamix. The price is not friendly for a long times.

  • +1

    Nintendo switch (OLED)!!?

    • cross finger hopefully there's a good deal :/

    • Yes 650 before discounting

    • fingers crossed

  • +4

    Daddy needs PC parts!

  • +1

    Pour me a Jack while I wait.

  • They're letting Jack the Ripper out for some air.

  • We need a remindme! bot like reddit

    • +3

      You can just click the reminder button under the OP.

  • There's just no pleasing this crowd!!

  • +2

    Ah explains rtx4070s sudden price jumps

  • Do the sellers get informed about this promo or just ebay takes the cut?

    • +4

      Sellers participate in the promotion and they fund most of the discount. It's part of the reason price jacking does occur since eBay isn't funding the whole amount.

    • +5

      These are co-funded events (50/50) normally, hence the "eligible" items first. Participating sellers tend to jack up the prices because:

      • They are not willing to fully fund their part for some of the items, but they still want to test the market to see if eBay funding their bit is enticing enough.
      • Easier to jack up prices on some items than pulling them off feeBay and re-list after the promotion events.
      • +3

        It's not often the share is 50/50. Normally the seller bares a lot more of the cost.

      • +3

        Often what I find is with the 20-22% sales and pricejacking the price works out to be maybe ~2-5% cheaper than the average street price, still cheaper just not 20-22% thats being advertised which is a bit misleading.

        Sometimes there are some genuine bargains 20% off but usually thats cause the seller forgot to pricejack that specific item, if it get posted here the seller usually pulls the listing fairly quickly.

        • +1

          For beer and liquor that’s usually how it works out, you just need to do your research. Anytime I can beat Dans with free delivery I’m happy

  • +14

    Why all the upvotes without knowing the eligible products or the quality of the discount?

    • +1

      I was wondering the same.

    • +3

      Coz ebay bots are real

  • +2

    Hahah saw a previous comment elsewhere asking if there was a discount coming as they realised the price was going up lmao

    • Because:

      • Despite knowing Jack is lurking in the dark, there is always hope that they will be some items which won't be jacked.
      • A feeBay Plus event is better than no feeBay Plus event.
      • Deal is posted by clear.
      • +6

        So people are upvoting hope ?
        I'd prefer it if people were upvoting actual good deals.

        • Hopium*

        • Sorry, relied to the wrong comment, was meant for the one above.
          Anyway, OZB votes aren't that consistent and objective. Considered how many pricing errors deals got high votes initially, we do hope for sellers setting the price wrong and still honour those deals.

  • Thanks.

  • +2

    DJI mini pro 3

    • +2

      Yeah im waiting for that and maybe the insta 360 x3

      • I am waiting for that $1000 deal hopefully I can catch it

    • @WwDesi what price point are we hoping for?

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra here I come

  • +3

    Jack sh1t

  • Awesome

  • I have my eye on something.. Let's see if Jack messes it up for me.

    • Same, though not sure if seller will be part of the deal anyway.

  • +2

    Maybe eBay really hated the ending of Titanic and is punishing the world for it. #jackcouldvesurvived

  • +3

    Why so many upvotes? I mean look at the comments… Are people going loco?

    • Why no downvotes if it’s such a bad deal?

      • +1

        At this stage is zero good deals or bad deals since we don’t know what items are involved. Best to wait on the sideline.

        • It's a Schrodinger's cat deal.

  • -1

    The Jackalope - Myth, Legend, or Fact?

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