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Toy Story TV Plug-in Game Just Pay $2 Shipping after Coupon


Toy Story TV Game. Motion activated. Great distraction for the kids / decent gift to stick under the bed for xmas.

This is already basically a give away at $4 with just $1.95 shipping. But use this coupon code: TVTOYTIME

That takes $4 OFF and makes it $0.00 with $1.95 shipping. Useless toy, but that's pretty damn cheap?

Best way to understand the product is to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDDS4WtlfsM&feature=player_em…

The product is on the top line on our toy clearance sale, accessible here:


Limit one per member.

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  • +15

    It's not very often you find somebody advertising what they're selling as useless. Whatever you think works for you.

    • I agree, honest advertising who would have thought of it. Still at $2 they got my business.

  • +2

    $1.96 with paypal :)

  • +9

    It's not often I +ve COTD…

  • -1

    This is the first time I have seen a COTD rep posting a bargain here…and that too..a good bargain…

      • +3

        your link just proves his point ya goose

        • +4

          This is the first time I have seen a COTD rep posting a bargain here…

          I'm with jv here, how does it prove the point?

          you must be new then… http://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/9689/nodes

        • By jv saying that "he must be new here" proves the point that it's the first time batrarobin has seen a COTD rep posting here.

        • Wow lol this makes no sense? why is jv being negged?

      • +9

        Lay off the $9 printer guy…

        • he paid too much. he needs reminding it's OzBargain don't ya JV?
          <shakes head> $9 printers….must be made of money

        • I should rather be given a badge of "most popular deal of the year" ! ;)

  • Ha I remember playing this (full size version anyway) at Disney World, lots of fun :-)

    • Is the full size version for adults?

      • It's for everyone really. I think it's aimed at kids but hey, at Disney to get to be a big kid for the day :-)

  • less than $2 then why not?

    my last COTD purchase was a 32 inch conia lcd TV for $500 in 2007

    • LOL - you made me look at my account history…

      Order Date: Friday 27 August, 2010
      1 x Quad Induction Wii Remote Charger $29.95
      1 x 30 Finish Powerball Dishwasher Tabs $9.75

      The charger was absolute crap, pretty much never worked. I forgot to return it, and still have it in my "gonna sell this at our garage sale" box.

      • went to buy another one and realised I hadn't changed my address since 2007.

        so the package is going to Albury rather than BRisVegas.


        ordered another.

  • How to retard your children in one easy lesson.

    • +2

      Don't judge COTD on previous 'bargains' and whatnot, we're here to judge the deal itself which is pretty good, give them a break. If you don't like the deal then just move on.

  • +3

    Great distraction for the kids

    They get it after I'm done with it.

  • +2

    was gonna order but then see it requires 3 x AAA (sensor) and 4 x AA (controller)!!!!
    thats a lot of batteries….
    good bargain for $2 but the batteries cost scares me away.

    • +6

      then look at all the Eneloop deals posted recently!

    • bunnings varta alkalines are around $8 for 30 batteries…

    • That is why the rep said a decent present for xmas. To give away to those have rechargeable batteries

    • If you are an Ikea Family Member, you can get their pack of 10 AAs for $2.99. I have been using them for sometime and have found them to be almost as good as Duracells.

      Here's the link:

  • Picking this up for spare parts; hoping the sensor bar works with a Wiimote.

  • +1

    I bought this for my niece's birthday for 35.90 last Nov, ouch!!! :(

    • then get another and halve your losses…

      • or buy one and resell it on ebay to get your money back.

  • +1

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    • +4

      88% polyester 35% elastane

      That's a bit of a stretch…

      • That's what he said.

  • I like the look of the TRON 12" figure bundle for $30+$9 postage.

  • GRRR - added things to my shopping cart. Go to checkout, and I have to log in… then it EMPTIES my shopping cart and boots me back to the homepage!

    Bad site design - I wonder how many people would just click away and never come back?

  • paypal not accespted. Being ask to use alternate mothod of payment.

  • Just ordered one, using PayPal, thanks.

    Would that coupon works with other items? (Not as per my random test with a 8$ item)

  • +2

    This is great! If anyone's been to Buzz Lightyears Toy Story adventure arcade thing at Disneyland (LA or Orlando or Japan) you would really appreciate it judging from youtube video. It's like a direct replica! NOSTALGIA.

    • -2

      I rode the Buzz light years ride at Disney land a few months ago. It was about 3000x more fun than this looks.

      • -1

        Negged because I said that a ride in a different country, in a theme park that costs $100 to get into was likely more fun than a $2 game and probably shouldn't be compared as "a direct replica"? Come on.

        • -1

          I negged your second response just for the hell of it.


        • Plus 1 for honesty lol

  • is it sold out? i cant find it nomore :(

    • +3

      Still there for me, it is the first on the list.

      • Cant believe i missed that. Thank you :)

        • lol

    • Still there for me too, just got one.

  • Going to give this to my tightarse brother

  • Looks like fun for two bucks. So I bought one. =D

  • +2

    Catch of the Day - Great distraction for the kids / decent gift to stick under the bed for xmas.

    I normally put the presents under the tree.

    • decent gift to stick under the bed for xmas.

      what's wrong with a Xmas tree ???

      • You already have the xmas tree set up in your family room now? It is still 5 months from xmas.

        • You already have the xmas tree set up

          i haven't taken it down yet, I'll get around to it soon… Been too busy posting here…

        • well I don't want the kids under my bed opening presents at 6am Christmas morning.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered one. How long is delivery?

    • +1

      Let's put it this way…it's July & this is being touted as a Xmas gift! :p

  • Thank you so much. Just purchased one. Sharon.

    • +7

      On ya Shazza…

  • got one for me nephew :)

    thanks QQQ

  • hmm think i'll buy one…
    yeah right, when pigs fly!!


    add to cart.

  • Awesome, just bought one for a 4 y.o nephew thakns for the coupon, usually COTD is rubbish inflated rrp to make it look like a deal.

  • I am geting this error message everytime i use PAypal account:

    Payment Information

    Error An error occured when we tried to process your payment.

    Transaction cannot complete. (10417)

    The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method.

    • if you encounter this messages, check your details in paypal… need to update the details such as new card no/expiry date or address and it went thru.

  • Just bought one. My 3yr old will love it.

  • If this is a gift, it should come with a disposable battery. Where can we find now cheap batteries?
    Batteries seems more expensive than the toy itself.

    • Where can we find now cheap batteries?

      Bunnings or Masters…

  • This is perfect!..thanks op!

  • Good bargain $2 is cheap.

  • +2

    Wow..I've got it delivered to my home this morning.. Speedy delivery from COTD.. Unexpected.. Two thumbs up.. :D

    • Yep, haven't fired it up yet but looks way bigger and better I thought it'd be. The packaging measures 40x20x12cm. Nice one COTD.

  • +4

    Me too… Fastest delivery from COTD ever !!!!

  • Got mine delivered this morning (SA). Super fast delivery.

  • Got mine this morning too (Melbourne CBD). The box was bigger than expected and so was the game. =D Now for the batteries…Fantastic Delivery COTD!!!

  • +2

    Got mine too could be deal of the year (Comparing size of box)

  • Got mine delivered today. Agree with BALLE BALLE. The box is big.

    • +1

      yeah got mine yesterday too

      got these emails tracking the delivery too… never had that before with COTD

      • Same…I'm flabbergasted! Thumbs up COTD! :)

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