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Manila, Philippines from $291 Return on Cebu Pacific [July-Aug] @ Beat That Flight


Big sale on to Manila, Philippines with Cebu Pacific!

Cebu Pacific is a cheap and cheerful low cost carrier, so carry on luggage by default.

I recommend hopping on over to Palawan - google search El Nido, Palawan and you'll see why!

Hotels can be found at up to 60% off as well

Examples below. Always check two one way tickets as well as sometimes it can be cheaper.

Sydney to Manila

Dates: 1 July 2023 - 31 August 2023

Cheapest is $310

Melbourne to Manila

Dates: 1 July 2023 - 31 August 2023

Cheapest is $291

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  • Anything for Bali?

    • Lots of flights go to Bali

      • that's what I thought

        • It's a fact.

  • That's cheap.

    Is it a safe place for an Australian to go on holiday though?

    • It's definitely not great. Smart Traveller says exercise a high degree of caution, or worse for some parts.
      See here

      • -1

        "Violent and other serious crime is common. Many crimes involve guns. Gangs often drug tourists before robbing or assaulting them."

      • +1

        Talk to the people there instead of being a sheep and looking at smart traveller. They had the same thing for fiji when the military took over yet is was the safest it ever was.

        • Talk to the people there


    • +5

      Palawan is soo relaxed, friendly, fun and cheap. Highly recommend it. Manila is like many big cities, exercise caution.

      • +5

        You are safe pretty much everywhere other than Mindinao….

        Also far southern Palawan is a bit dodgy unless you practice 1 particular religion.

    • +1

      I suggest spending the bulk of your time outside the cities (Cebu, Bohol, Palawan) then maybe just a day in Manila. The places I mentioned are regarded as safe compared to Manila or Mindanao

      • +2

        I'd probably only go to Manila when it's time to fly back, and stock up on folders before I go.

  • +3

    Where is the Cebu flight for $291?

  • $114 extra to take a bag!!

    • or wear a trenchcoat, camo pants and take a backpack and a laptop bag

  • +1

    Just a heads up, this is typically rainy/typhoon season in the Philippines so plan your trip with some flexibility in mind.

    • +7

      You go to an island and its cloudy most day's during this time. It rains for about 30mins and stops. You're on a kayak, it starts raining then you touch the water it feels like 27 degrees so you jump in! Its an amazing experience. ( I was there last July. Can post some gopro vids if anyone wants to see how awesome it is)

      • I want to travel solo for the first time, any tips on how to do that? WHat to plan for and things to avoid?

        • +1

          Book a ticket, read a guide book and figure it on the fly. The doing is much less scary than the thought of it.

        • Honestly as long as you have passport, travel insurance and access to money if you need it, solo travel is fun, work it out as you go. I've been to 80 countries, many of those solo, and sure I've gotten lost, had a scam or two, robbed (got my stuff back) and missed flights, but any time something goes wrong, it's usually a story you get to tell later :) It can be hard, but it's so worth it.

  • @dbeatthatflight price increases to almost double after filling out all details and click on payment (final step). I have tried 4 times with different dates / cities. This is so dodgy.

    • with which provider? Mytrip? Gotogate?

      We can only cache the price they provide us, and they'll have data from the airlines. However if there's limited seats, some dates may be sold out at the cheap price and only update when you get to the checkout when they do a final poll of the airline GDS for the price. I've already seen someone book successfully in our logs for this sale, so some dates are working at least :/

      • Both myTrip and Gotogate did the same thing. At least after refreshing it should let me book at the displayed price. But it I kept getting the message at final step that 'Price has increased'.
        I had the notification on and started booking straight after your post, still I couldn't get the advertised price. It got so frustrating at the end that I gave up on beatthatflight and booked on Kiwi.com for $350 instead for return trip.

  • +1

    Arrived in Cebu last December.
    Still here.
    But the flights advertised is to Manila and need a connecting flight to amazing Cebu.
    Beach and night life both here. Cebu R Resort in Tabuelan is nice.
    Just search Cebu

  • No way CebuPac 🤣😷

  • Error 404 when you look up the main link, the flight links seem to also not be working, just showing Malaysian Airlines with not so cheap flights.

    • 404? It's working for me. And the $291 ones are still showing for me from MEL.

  • https://beatthatflight.com.au/index.php/2023/01/17/manila-ph… this link doesnt work. So no more flights from Sydney?

    • OK that's really odd, I can reproduce it from a different server. Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to have to look into it tomorrow. Hoping it's just our host and they'll come back up shortly.

    • That took hours of research yesterday, but I believe it's fixed. Please could you check and let me know.

      I suspect I'll be moving to a different host in the near future.

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