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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mini $52 (OOS), Pet Marvel Pet Drying Box $319.20, Smart Cat Litter Box $479.20 @ ElectricUnicorn eBay


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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini SOLD OUT

Deal Price $52.00$50.70 with eBay Plus

Pet Marvel Pet Drying Box

Deal Price $319.20$311.22 with eBay Plus

Pet Marvel Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Deal Price $479.20$467.22 with eBay Plus

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

Deal Price $79.20$77.22 with eBay Plus

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

Deal Price $143.20$139.62 with eBay Plus

Triple Eight Retractable Dog Leash with Light

Deal Price $15.20$14.82 with eBay Plus

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  • If only all of these devices are combined as one.

  • Pet drying tumble dryer is that same thing if so i have one .

    • -2

      I once met these people whose cat went through the dryer and it survived but it was pretty messed up lol

  • +35

    I thought the dog was in a microwave.

    • +3

      That will also dry your dog. Follow me for more life hacks.

      • +1

        30 seconds on high?

        • +2

          4th picture shows 30mins..

    • -4

      Are there still countries that cook dogs?

      • No, this is 2023. Now served sushi or tartare style for entree or main. Old fashioned fondue for dessert.

      • -1

        Looking for holiday destinations?

    • hahaha Rep cant vote on comments otherwise I vote for you.

      It looks funny but does help small pet owners.

      • +1

        And small take aways

  • Read a pretty horrific story about one of those self cleaning litter boxes recently.

    Can find you some good hand scooper bargains if need be

    • -1

      Read the same thing but does not make sense. The thing stops even if you walk past it (Ive used both the petkit and the petree). The story in the media recently just doesn't add up to the way these things work.

      • +1

        it was the cleaning product/toxic poison that got on their coat which it lick that killed it.

        • -1

          Yes but they can't get to it even if it was toxic.

      • Someone link it please?

        • Found it with a quick google news search

  • +1

    Do not buy a retractable dog leash. They are very dangerous.

    • why?

      • retractable dogs bite.

      • +2

        Quick google search.

        Ask any vet or dog trainer.

        Strangulation, amputation, severe cuts

        • Strangulation, amputation, severe cuts

          I think you are using it wrong.

        • Are we still talking about retractable dog leashes? I've been using them for ages and not a single problem.

          • @DontNeedThis: It's like saying.

            I don't wear a seatbelt and I've been fine. No need to wear seatbelts.

            • @Thatbargainhunter: That's an unfair comparison. My dog doesn't just walk with me. He stops, explores, and sniffs around every 10 meters. Walking him was pure frustration for both of us before I discovered retractable dog leashes. Now he freely does his stuff, and I get to walk normally. I got the longest retractable leash I could find (8m).

      • Ask the baha men

    • I've always used one and never had a problem.

      • +1

        Just because you haven't had a problem doesn't mean the are worth the risk.

        Not to mention you cannot communicate via the leash with a retractable leash.

        Absolute terrible idea and encourage little happy dogs to misbehave.

        • -1

          doesn't mean the are worth the risk.

          There is no risk.

          You control if/when you need to retract it.

          • @jv: I'm sure you know more than every vet and dog trainer.

            • @Thatbargainhunter:

              I'm sure you know more than every vet and dog trainer.

              Maybe I do. How would you know.

              • -4

                @jv: Because you use a retractable leash. Enough evidence that you a clueless and irresponsible dog owner

                • @Thatbargainhunter:

                  Because you use a retractable leash.

                  Yes, for about 20 years without any problems.
                  They are great for dogs that enjoy sniffing around their environment when walking to see which friends have visited each tree.

        • +2

          encourage little happy dogs to misbehave.

          My dogs are happier when the are allowed to sniff things.

          • -1

            @jv: Please dont joke about dog.. they are living being…. you may make people buy that bad stuffs for their dog..

        • -2

          wow thanks i almost bought it i thought that thing is a good invention. so which one is the best? for puppy couple months small dog

          • @CyberMurning:

            so which one is the best?

            My retractable one is made in Germany. It has lasted almost 20 years.
            Have owned some cheap chinese ones but the springs break easily.

          • +1

            @CyberMurning: A flat nylon leash is the best.

            • +1


              A flat nylon leash is the best.

              Nylon can cause Strangulation, amputation, severe cuts

        • hah you obviously went back in time and copies my OzB username

      • why you put always in bold ? no idea

        • why you put always in bold ?

          not always.

        • some things are best left a mystery

      • And there, folks, is the best summary of the internet in two comments.

    • +3

      Seconding this. DO NOT buy retractable dog leashes.
      I spoke to a vet once who had to treat a dog whose eye came out.
      Apparently it started sprinting off to chase a bird, the owner his the brake on the retraction, the sudden jerk and pressure from the dog moving full-tilt to a sudden halt caused it's eye to just pop out of its socket.
      Awful, awful stuff.

      • +1


      • How is it different to a dog running full speed on a fixed leash and coming to a sudden halt?

        • +4

          Dogs never get up to speed on a fixed leash because they don't have the length, obviously.

  • Is the hand vacuum any good

    • ive got one bought it for about 63 off ebay. it's got decent suction.. had it for just over 5 months though .. remember to clean both filters .. fairly easy.. tap out junk/ pop in dishwasher.. wait for it to dry & ready to suck


      its been posted earlier so can read comments if you need more info. or go ozbargain style buy now research later

    • If you like brushing and cleaning the filter after every 2-3 times of use go ahead, lol.

      Get a handheld vacuum with multi cyclonic filters, like a dyson or dreame/xiaomi instead.

    • +1

      Big plus and minus.

      Portability, small form factor and convenience is a big plus for vacuuming high and tight spaces. Suction when empty is good. Most notably it can pick up clay cat litter pellets whereas my old Animal 7 Dyson struggles with that.

      Minuses are pretty major. Short use time.. Not because of the battery but because the filter clogs relatively quickly and tends to shut down from overheating.

    • I have one, still prefer Tenga

      • You got me, shouldn't have googled that

    • I found it underpowered and it broke. Dustbusters are better

    • Nope. this looks not a Xiaomi brand product, checked customer review photos seems a non-brand product

  • +1

    Mini is OOS

  • This would be such a terrible idea of it wasn't real. Now, it's a terrible reality.

  • Genuine question; how many of those pet dryers have you sold?

  • OPs picture looks like a dog oven

  • I usually just use the microvave

  • +1

    Pet Marvel Pet Drying Box

    Expensive device for something that pets do themselves naturally

  • Got my vacuum today. So tiny…you could even say mini!

    • I'm sure the Vacuum has a great personality!

    • Do you rate it? How is the suction? Considering this to use around the home& car and to pickup hairs, food, grass, stones etc

      • The suction appears really good when you stick your hand on it, but in reality it is fairly limited in what it can do.

        It's great for picking up crumbs and stuff the kids leave around and to clean the keyboard etc. But when I tried it in the car it was almost useless.

        I think it's OK for the price, but I could probably have lived without it.

        The best part is now I can make the kids vacuum up their own mess because it's so light and easy to use!

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