Android tablet with Video out under $100

I am looking for a Android tablet to store video files on and can take to mates house to play video via video outjack (plug via composite), hopping to get one for under a $100 ??

This was good but no video out:


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    Just buy a media player if all you need is storage and playback on a TV.
    Opens up your options significantly and you'll get a branded product and a reasonable life expectancy.


    Yeahbut really looking for device that i can carry around easily and not bulky with no remotes.

    Simply an android tablet with a microsd card slot and video out, dosnt need to be 1080p


      As below, I doubt you'll find an Android tablet with component out.
      If anything, they'll only have HDMI out.

      Have you seen the size of an AppleTV? The other brands are no bigger.
      Very easy to carry, plus no fragile screen. Get one with a credit card remote, or use your phone as a remote (for some models).


    The higher end Ainol tabs have HDMI output. Like the Aurora, Aurora II and ELF II. See Johnns comment:

    I don't think tablets do composite outputs natively (I don't think it's a feature of Android at all) so you're going to need some kind of adapter to fit a TV that only accepts composite inputs.

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    Rasberry Pi???

    Might have to wait a bit though, there are others out that cost more.


      I've just recieved an email telling me 11 more weeks for my slice o' pi. :'(

      Still faster than COTD though! :p


      Still needs a mouse to navigate, unless you're running Raspbmc, in which case you could use the xbmc remote app on a phone.
      Plus it's analogue video is composite out… Eww!

      If we're pulling back to composite, what about old Nokia phones with video out?

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