This was posted 1 year 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[eBay Plus] PlayStation 5 Disc Console + God of War Ragnarok Bundle $839 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Big W has dropped its price on the GOW bundle on their eBay store. Stack with the eBay coupon and gift cards for further savings

The Catch offer for $799.20 via Student Beans code is still valid

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +3

    Woah, a legit discount on the PS5!

    • +6

      I still remember when $844 was their normal price for bundles.

      This deal basically just cancels out the Sony $50 price increase on consoles.

      • Yeah. The recent inflation kinda sucks

  • +3

    rubs eyes

    is that…. a deal on ozbargain…. for a cut price PS5?!

  • +1

    only 2 more years till the PS6 comes out yay.

    • +4

      Yeah. I’m holding out. I mean I already waited so long to get a ps5 that now it’s irrelevant because I don’t play video games as often due to no more lockdowns

    • +1

      Not sure if joking or on some serious copium lmao

    • +4

      2 more years? I thought PlayStation cycle are somewhere between 6 to 8 years? A Pro model is released between that so around 4 years into its life?

      • -3

        technology moves quickly these days so life cycles are shorter

        • -1

          Playstation life cycles have been getting longer haha so earliest could be 2027 but if they get any longer then 28 or 29 are possibilities

        • +1

          There isn't any trend to support this for consoles… If anything it's getting LONGER between them

    • +1

      Yea but then you gotta wait another 2 years get stock so 4 years minimum. May as well buy a PS5 now and trade in later.

  • -1

    Wow PS5 discount when its still full price on Series X!

    • -1

      Because the PS5 bundles weren't popular as you May have noticed reading posts on this site.

    • +1

      Who did you hear it from?

    • +1

      You heard wrong - rumours of a refresh / slim maybe being announced this year but no pro any time soon

      • some articles suggest the opposite and the pro will use liquid cooling?

        • Likely clickbait - more reliable sources are suggesting no PS5 pro soon, or perhaps at all

  • Love playing PS2 on ps5, let's hope ps5 pro in April can do ps1, maybe ps6 in 2027 can play PS3.

    • Whats the point. By the time its ps6, no one would be playing ps3 games discs. Heck ps6 might not even have a disc drive. It'll all be on game streaming.

      • Maybe aliens be playing it on ps6 on ps7.
        Plus I've never once popped in a game disk in the series X, never only a pirated movie years ago. Plays like candy.

        But the reason you want the drive is so the resell values high.

  • Really looks like I'll get a PS5 when it's long out of date. I'll never pay more than $400 for a console.

  • Is this seller legit?…

    It’s cheaper here.

    • +2

      Did you look at the feedback that seller has received for PlayStation 5 consoles?

      • The vendor contacted me when they were aware the item wouldn't be available and cancelled the transaction. I had no issues with dealing with this vendor if something came up again that was of value to me I wouldn't hesitate to look at purchasing..

      • Got notified my order got shipped but shortly after it got cancelled. It looks like a recurring incident based on the seller's previous feedback. Future buyers beware!

      • I was notified that my order had shipped. I asked for a tracking number and then I was told my order was cancelled and refunded. I had already bought games to play. Very disappointing.

      • I really enjoyed the Macbook. Thanks ^^

      • Good on time

      • my order was cancelled

      • Good

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