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½ Price Chobani Greek Yoghurt Varieties 170g $1 @ Woolworths

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    better than half price

    • It is definitely not Greek Yoghurt though…

      • What is greek yoghurt?

        • Higher fat, lower sugar, lower protein. Creamier texture. Slightly sour. Subjectivity a more pleasurable experience to eat.

        • It is whey better for you.

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    Was Chobani ever any good? Personally think they are rubbish now.

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      It was always rubbish. The only good brand was that one in the flat round tubs with the foil on top, really thick and airy look mouse.

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        I think you're referring to Tamar Valley. Yea they're awesome. Dairy farmers and Gippsland dairy are great too

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          Tamar Valley. Yea they're awesome.

          If you like eating sugar loaded food.

        • No, it was in a wider/shorter tub. And it was light and fluffy like chocolate mouse. I can't remember what it was called.

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      If you are looking for yoghurt that isn't just sugar, chobani, siggis & yopro are the only 3 good options in the singe portion tubs.

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        Alright, just think they taste nasty. Shame there's not too many decent options in the single serve tubs.

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          Curious, what tastes nice to you then?

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            @Melencir: Jalna

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              @TEER3X: Jalna plain Greek yoghurt 10g fat and 7.1g saturated per 100g. Chobani plain Greek yoghurt 0g fat and 0g saturated per 100g.



              I think the fat adds to the flavor in jalna as we naturally get better flavor when fats are added. (Eg butter on bread vs no butter).

              • @ibuy:

                Jalna plain Greek yoghurt 10g fat and 7.1g saturated per 100g. Chobani plain Greek yoghurt 0g fat and 0g saturated per 100g.

                Neither taste good…

                Try Procal… but they don't come in small tubs.

                • @jv: I don't think procal is available in VIC

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                    @TEER3X: It sure is.
                    I buy it all the time.
                    Woolies sell it as well as many delis.
                    It’s made in Campbellfield, Vic

      • What's low sugar in larger family serves? Everything is gone low fat high sugar.
        I tried some plain greek yoghurt (?) once but it tasted super sour and I couldn't eat it (can't remember brand)
        Then the popular stuff is so sugary.

        What % is considered low or high sugar?

        • Gippsland (which is my favourite) is high sugar. It says 90gr is a single serve has 15g of sugar (depending on the flavour). 15gr is a tablespoon of sugar. Sure, some of this is in from the fruit but lets be real, it is pretty freaking sweet lol, its def added sugar. Thats also 16% sugar.

          Jalna pot set greek strawberry is 8gr of sugar per 100 which is better. I can eat it but sigh… Gippsland is tasty, so I continue to eat it in moderation.

          Plain greek yoghurt is best in terms of sugar content but I cannot eat plain greek yoghurt either, it's hella sour for me but some people add honey or jam to their taste.

          • @ippy: Is it sour because greek or sour because low sugar? I just was shocked how sour, I'd never had before.

            • @furyou: Its sour because of the process. Thats just how it is. But I think Chobani is extra tart/sour because its so low fat, so I think jalna plain is worth a punt.

              The other thing is personally I find sour notes to be more repulsive than the avg person, just the way my taste buds go. Like i find beer sour.

        • Honestly those 3 brands are the best ones for big tubs too in terms of flavoured yoghurt with low sugar. There are some other brands that aren't quite so bad that only come in big tubs but I cant remember them off the top of my head.

          The only other real option is go plain & add in different flavours/fruit yourself.

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    I forgot how easy it is to ferment milk until the recent half price easioyo starter culture deal. Be a true bargain hunter and make your own. Works with the recently finished free Coles glasses.

    Heat up milk to 50°c, mix 1/2 spoon of the culture, pour into the glass and put a plate to cover the top. (Cover, not seal.) Let it sit on the kitchen counter for a few days and you have some real yoghurt.

    The good thing is you get to choose the milk (cold pressed raw), and how sour/sugary you want it to be. You can also impress a lot of people with glass-set coffee yoghurt lol It tastes very interesting and takes a bit longer to ferment, presumably because of the coffee.

    Fermented food should never be put in plastic containers anyway. But if you cbf to make your own, at least get full fat yoghurt and give your body an insulin break.

    • Why would full fat yogurt give you an insulin break when it still has a similar amount of sugar? What am I missing?

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        Usually the low fat yoghurts have a lot of sugar to compensate. Chobani is actually one of the better options, along with siggis & yopro. Most other yoghurt on the shelf are close to ice-cream in terms of sugar content.

        • Agree however when you buy the Chobani flavored tubs the sugar jump is about 3 x the plain flavor. The sugar content varies from about 17 to 19%. The plain runs just under 5%.

          • @ibuy: Good point about flavors, but that would probably happen with full fat yogurt too if you add a bunch of fruit sugar. To be fair, you'd want to compare with the plain chobani which is 3.3g sugar per 100 gram according to this post.

            Maybe it would have been more fair to say that you should stay with low sugar or with Greek yogurt (which is usually low in sugar) or something as I don't think it makes any difference whether it's full fat or not. Not that it matters, the phrasing just confused me.

      • Fat does not spike insulin, it's the basis of ketogenic diet. Fat free yogurt has a higher insulin index, probably also due to the reasons mitt mentioned in their reply. Body building might look like playing the marco game, but all that in the end is to control insulin. And it's more than just the numbers, because real food carries information, and the information triggers your body to react in different ways. You'd want to check out the insulin index of the food you are consuming, if you haven't done so already.

        Of course, all the mainstream insulin indices are presumably done on US Caucasians, which may or may not work for you. The best things to look at is referencing back to your ancestral diet. For example, Asians will likely have a much lower insulin response to white rice because it's likely to be part of their ancestral diet.

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    Gippsland is the way to go

    • -2

      If you are into buying local it is better too, as Chobani is US owned.

      • +1

        Gippsland Dairy is owned by chobani

      • Chobani is US owned.

        but made in Dandenong.

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      If you want no gainz. Sure.

      • Bro, do you even lift?

    • +10

      Gippsland is delicious but twice as many calories on average and more sugar.

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    I like eating ass. I don’t like eating this.

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    For the haters these are great if you want to stack on muscle full of protein. Much better than your protein bars

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      I'll stick to chicken thanks

      • -1


    • Agreed, this and farmers union clearly the best when it comes to ingredients and taste. Everything else is watered down goop. Odd that people prefer them over actual yoghurt.

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    My fav flavour lemon yum yum!!! 😋😋😋

  • showbunnies are really good yoghurt.

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    Perhaps its an acquired taste but I love this stuff. 4 times more protein and 4 times less sugar than other yoghurt.

  • I prefer French yoghurt like Yoplait as I find it delicious

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