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[Price Error] Crocs Unisex Classic Slide Navy or Black $0 + $7.99 Delivery @ Anaconda


Price error on Anaconda, ordered 2 pairs as I wasn't sure what size I am and reviews say they can be big.

Description: Ever-comfortable with the supreme quality the brand is known for, the Crocs Unisex Classic Slide gets the customization upgrade fans have been asking for. Each slide has room for 13 charms so you can load up your sandals with tons of personality. Original Croslite™ foam cushion will keep you comfortably supported from the beach to backyard gatherings and beyond. Choose your colour and slide into a new favourite! Shop heaps more great Crocs products from Anaconda today - The First choice, One Stop, Outdoor Adventure & Sporting retailer.

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  • Sure. Why not!

    • +1

      Unzips… Here we go again.

      • +3

        You actually slip these on your feet

        • +5

          Maybe "you" do…

    • +8

      I always swore I wouldn't wear them. Suddenly I turned 35 and thought I will get some for the garden and hanging the washing out. Now I'm not going to lie on several occasions they have left the house and made a trip to the supermarket with me.

      • +6

        But you swore.

        • +4

          Apparently I have no more f**ks left to give?

      • +1

        It's a slippery slope.

        Next thing you know, you'll wear socks with the Crocs and pull them high up the knee so everyone can see.

        • +1

          I actually wear socks with them but don't own knee highs. Do I need to upgrade to knee high socks?

      • I'm in my 40s and out of shape and I'll be damned if I'd go near them.

    • that's what everyone says until they wear them


  • No stock near me

  • +1

    In it to win it

  • +5

    can't seem to pay. could be different if deliver.
    Edit: confirm can be ordered if deliver only, not click and collect.

  • +2

    Error when checking out for click and collect

    • +1

      Resin profile pic…

  • +1

    Unable to checkout for Click and Collect, possibly fixed?

    • Total must be more than $0 for click & collect.

      I added a $2 thingy and it would let me go to payments and then it refreshed and removed free items from the cart as none left within those 2 minutes. Haha. Well !

      Update: Changed size of one of them and able to order click & collect after adding a clearance $2 item (not sure what that is, some kind of a shackle for 2 bucks and free thongs.

      • Ahh no worries, I unerstand. I'd have probably tried harder if I truly needed these, but best of luck with them honoring the deal!

  • Waiting for refund

  • Oops I want black but didn't see the option. Bought blue. It's fine if will get refunded anyway

    • -2

      Oops I want black but didn't see the option.

      once you go black, you never go back…

  • +1

    Can't wait for the the angry comments when they're cancelled. Worth a shot though. Thanks op

    • Just got the order cancelled. Won't complain and won't be angry.

    • Not angry but they've cancelled the part order only, left the unwanted $2 item to collect and cancelled free thongs. They should've cancelled the complete order.

  • on no. error!!! LOL

  • Unable to purchase unfortunately

  • Ordered 😂

  • Ahh already broken by the looks unfortunately.

    Won't let me proceed with either Google pay or PayPal.

    Such is life

    • I just paid by google pay lol. Worked for me

  • +5

    More holes than Angela White

  • -2

    Hahaha bought 3. Was going to buy 4 but at checkout smallest size sold. Thank you OP! Hahah

  • -2

    I got 4

  • -1

    Got 3, let see how it goes :)

  • +11

    A wise man once said…. "Buy first, worry about refund later" - Sun Tzu

  • Needed some. Thanks, OP!

  • Paid for shipping via paypal. Worked for me.

    • Same. Waiting for confirmation email..

      • order confirmation took a few minutes for me.

        • Got it. Let's see if it gets fulfilled.. hmm.

  • Thanks! Had to order for delivery as no sizes available in local stores

  • Yay, let’s see what happens / when I get my refund :)

  • Thanks added $2 item for CC

    • What you order for $2¿

      • click sale and sort by price

  • Almost zero chance of being fulfilled now you've posted it here lol

    A pair or two they might have let "slide", but the container load that ozbargainers will want for free I doubt will fly.

    • +5

      Thanks ordered 100

  • Ordered 2 pairs on delivery, let's see if it get cancelled tomorrow !

  • +2

    Even at $0 it’s a no from me.

  • Can bought them with Apple Pay.

  • Payment wouldn't go through selecting Click and Collect. However, was successful when selecting delivery. Four pairs of thongs for $8, thanks OP!

  • -7

    Ordered 10 $7.99 for shipping lol i await the cancellation email 😆

    • +4

      Shieldsy, I think I remember you from high school - you were the dude with 20 feet right?

      • +1

        Lol i have 7 kids so xmas sorted if they ship em 🚢

  • Managed to grab a pair. Not sure if I ordered the right size. M11 what usual size is it? Btw thanks OP.

    • +1

      Size 10 UK

    • Crocs seem huge sizes, so prob one size bigger than what you think.

      • +4

        If I get them and not the correct size, I will gift them at Salvos. No biggie.

        • Great idea

        • Good on you.

          My son takes size 13us and he tried crocs (original shape seem to be on trend). Size 11us was too small, size 12us was huge.

    • Same, not sure about the size. Calls for a megathread to swap.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Don't forget the cashback rofl

  • black gone in a mins

  • Don't even know what happened. Checked out and paid, was loading and then taken back to homepage? Didn't mention error or anything though.
    Edit: Nevermind, checked order history and it's there as processing

  • +4

    Other styles available if you missed the boat

  • Nice

  • Thanks heaps OP !~

  • Managed to get it after trying a second time. But can see it will be cancelled

  • Here we go again. Waiting for that refund email any minute.

  • Does it come with a stick, to keep all the ladies away?!

  • +1

    Some other crocs are $0 as well try your luck
    Highly doubt they will honour it

    Order cancellations in 3…2..1

  • +1

    Hmm received this "Thank you for shopping with Anaconda, your order has been successfully received and will be dispatched shortly." Mission successful?

  • +1

    I think for free because they wanna clear all old stock…

  • -4

    Realized just in time that these are gay AF and closed the payment screen.

    • +1

      You don’t have sex with them, you store them in the closet where it sounds like you store a lot of stuff

  • +4

    I love it. 3,580 clicks in 27 minutes!!
    There will heaps of dudes walking around in terrible looking shoes if this deal is honoured.

    • +3

      Perfect with the Amazon paddle board

    • +4

      Next beach day they'll be 100 people wearing these under their yellowtail coolcabanas lol

      • +1

        Those cabana things are actually amazing, great deal. Got to flex on the brother in law with how cheap it was.

        • +1

          Sad I missed the deal. Can't believe years ago it was even 30% off compared to now

  • And just wondering… how many pairs did @Broden buy 🤣

  • all gone, Donkey Kong

  • 8 dollars too much

    • not if you order 100 😉

  • spot the ozbargainer if it gets honored :)

  • +1

    Sorry, the payment gateway is experiencing difficulties processing your order. Please try an alternate payment type.

    Tried all three methods. :(

  • +1

    Can't be processed.

  • Ordered four.. Shipping charge only..

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