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Complimentary $50 Facebook Ad Voucher + 4 Weeks Phone Support ($1500 Minimum Spend Required)


Start to Success requires a minimum daily spend of AUD 50 for 30 days (minimum spend of $1500)

Signing up for the Start to Success program and getting your AUD 50 credit is simple. Just fill out this form and a Facebook expert will contact you within 1 business day.*

You can also call our toll free number in Australia (1-800-088163) or New Zealand (0800-445150) for immediate assistance.

  • 4 weeks of FREE phone support from Facebook experts
  • Solutions customized for your business
  • FREE AUD 50 coupon to get you started

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  • +2

    SPAM Alert!

    Wow, they have Facebook experts.

    Says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8huXkSaL7o

  • +2

    It reeks of spam!!

  • Is Facebook Start to Success program actually run by Facebook?

    Also for the "free $50 ad voucher" you need to commit to spend at least $1,500 ($50/day minimum for 30 days). Not really a freebie.

    • "Not really a freebie."

      That's an understatement!

    • :O good god.

  • i wanna know who gave +1 to this deal

    • Posts automatically get a +1 which would count as the poster's vote.

      • lol, I didn't see the minimum commitment.

  • How can this be a bargain when there are no other sellers of the same product to compare it to?

  • This shouldn't even be listed.

  • spam

  • Free $50 play money voucher when spending $1500 in actual cash? Bargain what the? No.

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