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Optus X Swift 5G $99 (Was $279), Vodafone Nokia C01 Plus $15 (Was $99, Limited Stores) @ Woolworths


Link to Optus X Swift 5G
Link to Nokia C01 Plus

Swift is 4GB/64GB with free 5G for 14 days or $30 recharge
Nokia is 2GB/16GB with included $30 SIM pack

Swift seems to be stocked everywhere but the Nokia just limited stores.

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  • think the nokia was previously on ozbargain on clearance so probably not likely to ever see it in stock again

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    Any easy unlocks?

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      • Curious… Has anyone tried and it worked

        • I've used that SMS method with another phone and gotten a code. Hopefully the code works when I get around to actually using it. One nice thing about it is that it retains the last code or possibly codes provided.

    • Try your luck with Optus chat and let people know how you go. If you know an Optus (prepaid?) customer they might be able to unlock it for free using the SMS method if you'd be up for a charge. The SMS method is quick and easy unlike having a conversation with Optus chat which can be slow and painful for many things as they seem to be even more limited as to what they can do than Optus telephone support is.

      • How much is the charge for this sms method?

        • It will tell you and I presume give you some method of paying if payment is required. The supposed charging policy is per the link seanbaussie posted above. If there is a charge try Optus chat and if you are lucky or tell the right story they won't tell you to use the SMS based method and just provide you an unlock code free of charge.

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      Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

      • Nah it's up down left right A+start

  • Does existing postpaid vodafone customer able to get free unlocks on their prepaid phone ?

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    Just as a reminder/warning for some: even if your store is showing as in stock, doesn't mean it's in stock.
    1 store was showing stock, just went there but they had none and they said : "maybe it's just online, maybe it's reflecting stock from another store".

    Anyway, no way of telling just by the app if it really is in stock or not.

  • Not dual sim if anyone is wondering.

    • Locked phones almost never are. Technically, many probably have the hardware to do dual SIM except for the SIM tray and probably could be converted to dual SIM with the right recipe. There's is known recipe and software that works for at least some Oppo and realme phones on Android 10.

      • Interesting.

        Weirdly, the box has two bar codes with the same IMEI number.

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          That would be problem if the phone could be converted to dual SIM. Unless you have separate IMEIs for each SIM it can be problematic using 2 SIMs while utilise the same underlying carrier.

  • Best to avoid any Optus X phone as they remove bands they don't use which they tend not do with branded phones. OK for use with Telstra on 4G but looks to be lacking 5G frequencies Optus currently or will in the future use.

  • Does anyone know where to get a silicone case for this phone? Almost impossible to find. Had to order from Aliexpress which doesn't even fit properly.

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    $79 now, just picked one up!

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